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11 Jul 2017
14:21jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:33espressivemorning jwhitlock
15:14jwhitlockmorning email processed
15:22jwhitlockstandups: Merged PRs #4303, #4267 after review by @stephaniehobson
15:22standupsOk, submitted #48067 for
15:23jwhitlockstandups: Merged @rjohnson's PR #4308, want to get this to production ASAP
15:23standupsOk, submitted #48069 for
15:25jwhitlockstandups: opened PR #4309, which I think is the last item on the papercut
15:25standupsOk, submitted #48070 for
15:51rjohnsonjwhitlock: thanks for PR #4309, am in processs of reviewing
15:52jwhitlockstandups: updated sprint boards. Still work to do, will review again tomorrow
15:52standupsOk, submitted #48072 for
15:53jwhitlockrjohnson: thanks! Let's get that ISE fix and redesign stuff to prod...
15:53rjohnsonsounds good
15:53mdnstagepushwhoa, jwhitlock is pushing mdn-stage 474c282aa3dc3f8f7b34b728fc155da6865aacf7
15:56mdnstagepushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (474c282aa3dc3f8f7b34b728fc155da6865aacf7 jwhitlock)
15:56mdnstagepushFinished: setup_dependencies (129.061s), update_info (1.916s), pre_update (132.548s)
15:57mdnstagepushFinished: update_assets (52.754s)
15:57mdnstagepushFinished: update_locales (11.643s), database (3.034s), update (67.431s)
15:57mdnstagepushFinished: rsync_project (4.101s), checkin_changes (4.137s)
15:57mdnstagepushFinished: deploy_app (2.985s), restart_web (2.303s)
15:57mdnstagepushFinished: restart_kumascript (18.542s)
15:57mdnstagepushjwhitlock pushed mdn-stage 474c282aa3dc3f8f7b34b728fc155da6865aacf7
15:57mdnstagepushFinished: restart_celery (13.521s), deploy (41.489s)
16:35jwhitlockstandups: attended SRE weekly meeting
16:35standupsOk, submitted #48083 for
16:36jwhitlocklet's see - it's stuff from the last 24 hours in this prod push
16:36jwhitlocka fix for bug 1375869
16:36firebot NEW, ISE when rendering error that isn't a macro error
16:36jwhitlockthe ckeditor / beta PR
16:37jwhitlockand flake8 for functional tests
16:37jwhitlockstage-integration-tests passed
16:37jwhitlockeditor looks correct in and out of beta
16:39jwhitlockno articles w/ errors on staging
16:39jwhitlockwell I tested this locally, happy to send it
16:39jwhitlocklet's go to production
16:40rjohnsonhmm, those docs must have been updated since the last db copy made for staging
16:42jwhitlockpush song is a live New Order, because it is shorts weather here:
16:42mdnprodpushguess what, jwhitlock is pushing mdn 474c282aa3dc3f8f7b34b728fc155da6865aacf7
16:43shobsonFirst comment on that video is: "most bands make it look so easy , i love the way New Order make it look difficult. hee hee" Which is *hillarious* and accrate.
16:44mdnprodpushFinished: setup_dependencies (128.124s)
16:44mdnprodpushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (474c282aa3dc3f8f7b34b728fc155da6865aacf7 jwhitlock)
16:44mdnprodpushFinished: update_info (1.966s), pre_update (131.103s)
16:45jwhitlockI like watching the drummer, and thinking about how my own job could be replaced by a machine
16:45mdnprodpushFinished: update_assets (48.659s)
16:45mdnprodpushFinished: update_locales (11.036s), database (2.897s), update (62.592s)
16:45mdnprodpushFinished: rsync_project (3.630s), checkin_changes (3.660s)
16:45mdnprodpushFinished: deploy_app (9.885s)
16:45mdnprodpushFinished: restart_web (11.544s)
16:46mdnprodpushFinished: restart_kumascript (20.234s)
16:46mdnprodpushjwhitlock pushed mdn 474c282aa3dc3f8f7b34b728fc155da6865aacf7
16:46mdnprodpushFinished: restart_celery (13.222s), deploy (58.546s)
16:58rjohnsonjwhitlock: yes! looks as expected, now to fix the doc
16:59rjohnsoni'm in storage in kubernetes meeting for next hour
16:59jwhitlockI'm doing the webdev meeting, will have to watch the recording (if you say it is worth it)
17:00jwhitlockstandups: pushed to production. Push song was
17:07standupsOk, submitted #48086 for
17:50rjohnsonjwhitlock: fwiw, i didn't find the "storage on kubernetes" seminar helpful. it seemed more targeted at those who create rather than use k8s clusters
18:12shobsonstandups: Present redesign beta at Webdev Extravaganza
18:12standupsOk, submitted #48089 for
18:13shobsonstandups: Process feedback on redesign from hacker news, blog posts, and bugzilla
18:13standupsOk, submitted #48090 for
18:16jwhitlockrjohnson: thanks, I will spend my k8s learning time elsewhere
18:52shobsonI guess I will go eat instead of trying to get started on something.
18:52shobsonI will review email again when I return from lunch and then I will log off for the afternoon.
19:00* rjohnson|lunch goes to find some lunch
20:30jwhitlockstandups: close bug 1375869 and dependant bugs. Still some documents with kumascript errors to fix.
20:30standupsOk, submitted #48093 for
20:30firebot FIXED, ISE when rendering error that isn't a macro error
21:22jwhitlockstandups: working on some GitHub signup issues, more to do
21:22standupsOk, submitted #48094 for
21:23jwhitlocksigning off for now. Good night #mdndev!
21:23rjohnsongood night jwhitlock!
12 Jul 2017
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