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11 Aug 2017
00:25rjohnsonstandups: ran integration tests against the k8s deployment (all good, have to run again with DEBUG=False)
00:25rjohnsongood night mdndev
00:29jwhitlockstandups: Added and updated some user stories for Q3
00:29jwhitlockgood night #mdndev
04:42github[kumascript] wbamberg closed pull request #282: Correction to links under menu item Distributing Add-ons (master...AltDistFix)
04:42github[kumascript] wbamberg pushed 2 new commits to master:
04:42githubkumascript/master 13ca973 Richard Bloor: Fix for - links under menu item Distributing Add-ons
04:42githubkumascript/master affeffa wbamberg: Merge pull request #282 from rebloor/AltDistFix...
04:42firebotBug 1386720 NEW, "For sideloading" & "For desktop apps" & "For an enterprise" links under "Distributing add-ons" are
06:43interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling pushed 2 new commits to master:
06:43interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 2519681 schalkneethling: Fix issue #195, serve static examples to IE10 and below
06:43interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 90bfd19 Schalk Neethling: Merge pull request #197 from schalkneethling/issue#195-serve-static-examples-to-ie10-and-below...
06:45interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 4144ceb to 9dae95d:
06:45interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 9dae95d schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
09:41interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #204: Fix issue #142, fix iframe height for CSS editor (master...issue#142-fix-iframe-sizing)
09:41interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling pushed 2 new commits to master:
09:41interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 176e539 schalkneethling: Fix issue #142, fix iframe height for CSS editor
09:41interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master cfbef3c Schalk Neethling: Merge pull request #204 from schalkneethling/issue#142-fix-iframe-sizing...
09:42interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 9dae95d to 2e9f482:
09:42interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 2e9f482 schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
12:33interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #205: Fix issue #202, show copied message below clippy button (master...issue#202-show-copied-msg-below-clippy-icon)
12:36interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling pushed 2 new commits to master:
12:36interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 098ca0b schalkneethling: Fix issue #202, show copied message below clippy button
12:36interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master a05ece7 Schalk Neethling: Merge pull request #205 from schalkneethling/issue#202-show-copied-msg-below-clippy-icon...
12:36interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling closed pull request #205: Fix issue #202, show copied message below clippy button (master...issue#202-show-copied-msg-below-clippy-icon)
12:38interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 2e9f482 to 7f98b37:
12:38interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 7f98b37 schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
12:38* metadave is copying attachments from SCL3 -> S3
12:38metadavein case there are any alerts for MDN services in the next few minutes
13:43interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #206: Fix issue #196, improve no js view (master...issue#196-improve-no-js-view)
13:43interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling closed pull request #206: Fix issue #196, improve no js view (master...issue#196-improve-no-js-view)
13:48interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 7f98b37 to 73c7622:
13:48interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 73c7622 schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
14:19jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:21github[kumascript] jwhitlock deleted remove-mozilla-only at 9dcd6e4:
14:21github[kumascript] jwhitlock deleted remove-html-el-nav at 3fe72e9:
14:21github[kumascript] jwhitlock deleted add-newrelic-1005013 at fb0c001:
14:21github[kumascript] jwhitlock deleted heroku at 05c3367:
14:22github[kumascript] jwhitlock deleted 1319259-update-nodejs at 0503c58:
14:22github[kumascript] jwhitlock deleted jenkins-macro-test-framework-924958 at 0145585:
15:15interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #207: Fix issue #201, do not execute JS examples on load (master...issue#201-do-not-execute-js-ex-on-load)
15:15interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling closed pull request #207: Fix issue #201, do not execute JS examples on load (master...issue#201-do-not-execute-js-ex-on-load)
15:16interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 73c7622 to 3bc8c14:
15:16interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 3bc8c14 schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
15:17rjohnsonmetadave: thanks for adding the attachments to your scl3->aws sync!
15:18metadavenow if only I knew how/where to host all these static files :-(
15:18metadavebut they're definitely easier to access via S3
15:19metadaveso we can probably get up to speed on whichever solution we choose quickly
15:23safwanjwhitlock: kuma will move to mdn organization?
15:53jwhitlocksafwan: yes, but not today. I need to do some cleanup of the mdn org membership first
16:02safwanjwhitlock: Ok. cool!
17:41rjohnsonstandups: meeting w/dave about mdn->aws
18:31metadaverjohnson: setting LANG didn't seem to help
18:31metadavethe filename is: attachments/2012/07/09/2752/1f21356b3a6bdd861a63f7433c5cfe01/Quran_Makkah_Tarawih_1428H-084 \u0130N\u015e\u0130KAK.mp3
18:31metadaveit pushes from SCL3 -> S3, but doesn't pull from S3 -> K8s
18:31metadaveI'm going to try s3cmd instead
18:32anthonyWe have islamic religion based content on MDN ?
18:32rjohnsonmetadave: damn, i hope s3cmd works
18:32metadavethe files out there, I have no idea what it is
18:32metadavethere are several files that fail to copy
18:33metadavewith unicode chars in them
18:33rjohnsonyeah, anthony this is user-uploaded content
18:33safwanrjohnson: Where do we let the user upload content?
18:34safwanI cant imagine why that file is in MDN
18:34rjohnsonsafwan: i think these are files attached to a doc, so i'm not sure that everyone is allowed to do that, but it looks like that file is from 5 years ago
18:35rjohnsonsafwan: i know, that file seems suspicious doesn't it?
18:35metadavethe real filename is Quran_Makkah_Tarawih_1428H-084 NKAK.mp3
18:35safwanrjohnson: I also think its suspicious
18:36safwanIts about a prayer
18:36safwanSome people listen the sound of prayer of Makkah
18:36safwanits just recording of it
18:36rjohnsonoh wow, that's strange to have on mdn, maybe it's not even used any longer
18:36safwanI think its uploaded to show any example
18:36safwanor something like that
18:37safwanthe contributor used to listen that, and while writing he only got that sound
18:37metadaveit breaks the awscli :-(
18:37safwanmetadave: Maybe unicode issue
18:37safwanawscli does not support unicode?
18:38anthonysafwan: About the github_url PR, i'll write a test to avoid future regression this weekend if I have time (I'm studying for my exams at the same time ^^)
18:38safwananthony: Cool. no problem. no rush
18:38safwantake your time. I am available in the weekend
18:38safwanSo you can knock me if anything is needed
18:39safwanmetadave: As far as I remember, in sumo once we faces some issue that taiwanese contributor could not upload file that has name in taiwanese.
18:39metadaveit may be that the target filesystem does not support it fully
18:39safwanmetadave: Then it may raise issue
18:39metadavebut I have to step away for a bit
18:40* safwan looking how we handeled that
18:49jwhitlockstandups: looked for a way to get Jenkins to test kumascript by checking it out as a submodule. I've spent too much time, haven't found a solution, asked SO Moving to testing KS in the kuma pipeline instead.
18:55jwhitlockmy guess is that the name will need to be NFD normalized to fit in s3 -
18:55jwhitlockencoded as Quran_Makkah_Tarawih_1428H-084 I\u0307NS\u0327I\u0307KAK.mp3
18:58jwhitlockmaybe we rename the file to get it to transfer
19:03jwhitlockmetadave: is this a blocker?
19:06* jwhitlock relocates
19:13metadavej whitlock: well, it's breaking the sync process from SCL3, but I'm sure we could work around it
19:47* jwhitlock trying something else w/ Jenkins
19:49metadaveok, here's the list of attachments that include non-ASCII chars:
19:49metadaveapparently all from 2012
19:49metadave(not the movie with Jake G)
19:49* rjohnson is looking at using WhiteNoise to serve diagrams/presentations/samples in aws
19:50metadaverjohnson: theres an older discussion on Whitenoise here:
19:50metadavesomething something calculating hashes
19:51rjohnsonmetadave: thanks, yeah i've been reading that one this morning as well
19:51metadaveso many details, I couldn't remember if I referred you to that one or not
19:52rjohnsoni know, i've been catching up on the conversation you all have been having on those threads
19:52jwhitlockmetadave: thanks. Is sync of these files an annoyance or blocker?
19:53metadaveI could move them out of the way
19:53metadaveto allow sync to continue
19:53metadaveor whatever you suggest
19:53metadavewell, it prevents me from fully syncing from SCL3
19:53metadaveand makes S3 unhappy
19:54jwhitlockthese files are from the mindtouch days, I doubt kuma fully supports them
19:54metadaveI can wait on this for a few days if you want to think about it
19:54metadavewant me to open a bug in Kuma listing the files, or just deal with it in the infra repo?
19:54jwhitlockit's all tasks, not code, so an infra repo issues assigned to me will work
19:56jwhitlockrelated bug 1271743
19:56firebot NEW, ISE when creating attachment with non-ASCII characters in filename
19:56* rjohnson goes for lunch
20:02metadaveah, all "broken" files are in the /2012/07/09 directory
20:02metadaveI'm going to try and manually exclude them from the sync for now
20:19metadaveok, I have a workaround that excludes those files, details in that issue above
20:27metadaveand I'll know if I'm unblocked in the next 20 minutes
20:35metadaveum, this file is causing a problem too:
20:35metadave-rwxr-xr-x 1 apache apache 20424 Jul 9 2012 The timing function is a smooth curve from point P0 = (0,0) to point P3 = (1,1). The length and orientation of the line segment P0-P1 determines the tangent and the curvature of the curve at P0 and the line segment P2-P3 does the same at P3.png
20:36metadaveso what happened in 2012??
20:38anthonyWasn't MDN on Mindtouch in 2012 ?
20:41jwhitlocklol that filename
20:41anthonyThen I think we know what happened in 2012, Mindtouch happened :p
20:43metadaveok, also excluded that file and I believe the sync process is happy now
20:43metadavewhich is a great stopping point for the weekend
20:44rjohnsonmetadave: nice, have a great weekend!
20:44metadavethanks! you as well!
20:47metadavejwhitlock: I am unblocked
20:47jwhitlockhave a nice kuma-free weekend, metadave
20:48metadavehaha, you as well!
21:32jwhitlockhmm closer but not that
21:33* jwhitlock afk for ~1 hour
21:34enderandpeterI have a random question. Some time ago, I remember some people saying here that Mozilla moved from Mediawiki to Kuma for the MDN site because Mediawiki was not as extendible as desired. Might anyone remember what Mediawiki could not provide that inspired you to make your own such thing with Kuma?
21:36jwhitlockenderandpeter: sheppy might be the only person left from that era
21:37jwhitlockthe history page doesn't say much -
21:38enderandpeterAh, I see. Well yes, I will inquire with him for sure. For one, I've been meaning to dive more into Mediawiki, but I'm wondering if I might focus on Kuma, or get a sense of the benefits of standing up a Wiki with Kuma.
21:41jwhitlockKuma is pretty customized for MDN, and is only a good starting place if you have the same needs
21:41jwhitlocklocalization in many languages, code samples, macro rendering, etc.
21:41jwhitlockit's not particularly good at those things either
21:42jwhitlockthere's some demand for a general-purpose wiki engine around Mozilla, I'm not sure I would start w/ Kuma
21:43jwhitlockgithub's wiki is good for a lot of projects getting started
21:43jwhitlocksorry, I have a lot to say, but I need to go
21:48safwanjwhitlock|away: Is not its summer vacation going there?
21:51anthonyWorking on a general-purpose wiki-engine around Mozilla would be so interesting
22:39rjohnsonstandups: looked into serving diagrams/presentations/samples via whitenoise, updated mdn-in-aws architecture diagram
23:13github[kumascript] jwhitlock created jenkins-ks (+1 new commit):
23:13githubkumascript/jenkins-ks 3937e18 John Whitlock: WIP: kumascript as submodule
23:16github[kumascript] jwhitlock pushed 1 new commit to jenkins-ks:
23:16githubkumascript/jenkins-ks 39d51a2 John Whitlock: WIP: missing }
23:27github[kumascript] jwhitlock pushed 1 new commit to jenkins-ks:
23:27githubkumascript/jenkins-ks e3870fd John Whitlock: WIP: kuma not kumascript
12 Aug 2017
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