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10 Aug 2017
00:39rjohnsonstandups: research user-uploaded attachments (commented in, submitted
00:39rjohnsongood night mdndev
00:43wbambergdoes anyone know what to do if docker-compose pull fails with: ERROR: Get x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid?
00:55jgmizewbamberg: it sounds like your system clock is wrong
00:55jgmizeor possibly the VM's
01:38wbambergjgmize, the system clock does not seem to be wrong
01:39jgmizeare you using a VM for docker?
01:40wbambergnoI don;t think so
01:40wbambergthe cert became valid August 1, 2017, so far as I can tell
01:40jgmizewbamberg: are you on Mac, Linux, or Windows?
01:42jgmizewbamberg: have you tried stopping and starting docker?
01:42jgmizeif not will you please do so?
01:45jgmizeit's just a hunch, but that's the sort of thing I used to see with VMs that had the wrong date set all the time
01:45wbambergha, that worked
01:45wbamberg:) thank you jgmize
01:45jgmizeand docker for Mac uses a VM, it just hides it from you
01:46jgmizeGlad that fixed it
02:37viewsourcebot[viewsourceconf] jgmize pushed 1 new commit to master:
02:37viewsourcebotviewsourceconf/master 712c896 Josh Mize: Change to build dir before s3 sync now redirects correctly to which is now building correctly as of the job above
08:18interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #192: Back out zilla font (master...backout-zilla-font)
08:19interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling pushed 2 new commits to master:
08:19interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master fecf4e8 schalkneethling: Back out zilla font
08:19interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 71bbfae Schalk Neethling: Merge pull request #192 from schalkneethling/backout-zilla-font...
08:20interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from f3c757c to c383d4e:
08:20interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod c383d4e schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
10:45interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #193: Fix issue #128, fix tab order and state on CSS examples (master...issue#128-set-selected-state-on-tab-focus)
10:45interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling pushed 2 new commits to master:
10:45interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 93294af schalkneethling: Fix issue #128, fix tab order and state on CSS examples
10:45interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 9f562b2 Schalk Neethling: Merge pull request #193 from schalkneethling/issue#128-set-selected-state-on-tab-focus...
10:47interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from c383d4e to 481c4cf:
10:47interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 481c4cf schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
11:44fscholzwoah, ./ scrape_document, so good! <3
14:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #194: Fix issue #177, update readme with browser support baseline (master...issue#177-update-readme-with-browser-support-baseline)
14:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling closed pull request #194: Fix issue #177, update readme with browser support baseline (master...issue#177-update-readme-with-browser-support-baseline)
14:15interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling pushed 2 new commits to master:
14:15interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master af15f89 schalkneethling: Fix issue #177, update readme with browser support baseline
14:15interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master f85bad5 Schalk Neethling: Merge pull request #194 from schalkneethling/issue#177-update-readme-with-browser-support-baseline...
14:18interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 481c4cf to 9088a6a:
14:18interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 9088a6a schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
14:38jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:40jwhitlockstandups: processed email, including quick tasks like fixing bug 1382949, mentoring bug 1387505, reading and commenting on AWS work (@metadave and @rjohnson are making awesome progress)
14:40firebotBug is not accessible
14:40firebot UNCONFIRMED for installation of kuma on macOS, use &quot;curl -O&quot; rather than &quot;wget -N&quot;
14:42jwhitlockfscholz: glad you like it :)
15:06sheppyYeah, the ability to pull over documents is amazing.
15:06sheppySo, so helpful when working on a macro or whatever, and you need specific content.
15:25fscholzIt also seems that I can re-render a tree of documents easily when running this command :)
15:30rjohnsonfscholz, wbamberg: i just read the conversation in, and i&#39;m thinking of the best approach. i&#39;ll comment more in the thread, but just wanted to let you know i&#39;m on it! ;)
15:30wbambergthanks rjohnson
15:31rjohnsonfscholz, wbamberg: the quick answer as to why it&#39;s not working for wbamberg, is that the node_modules directory under kumascript is not the one that&#39;s used by the running kumascript instance in your local mdn
15:31rjohnsonmore later
15:32fscholzhm I think it works this way for me, but I don&#39;t now how I got there.
15:56mdnstagepushI miss jbalogh,but anyway, jwhitlock is pushing mdn-stage f042f89aff75ace88129480c54b7c06bded5253d
15:56mdnstagepushFinished: update_code (1.540s)
15:57jwhitlockthis is a testing branch requested by espressive, not going to production
15:57espressivethanks jwhitlock
16:00mdnstagepushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (f042f89aff75ace88129480c54b7c06bded5253d jwhitlock)
16:00mdnstagepushFinished: setup_dependencies (188.751s), update_info (3.608s), pre_update (193.900s)
16:00rjohnsonfscholz: hm, i don&#39;t know...maybe you and i and wbamberg should meet after this meeting for a few minutes to talk about this?
16:01mdnstagepushFinished: update_assets (94.682s)
16:01mdnstagepushFinished: update_locales (14.232s)
16:02mdnstagepushFinished: database (5.057s), update (113.972s)
16:02mdnstagepushFinished: rsync_project (8.301s), checkin_changes (8.335s), deploy_app (2.617s)
16:02mdnstagepushFinished: restart_web (4.280s)
16:02mdnstagepushFinished: restart_kumascript (19.004s)
16:02mdnstagepushjwhitlock pushed mdn-stage f042f89aff75ace88129480c54b7c06bded5253d
16:02mdnstagepushFinished: restart_celery (13.245s), ping_newrelic (0.391s), deploy (47.874s)
16:03wbambergrjohnson, I have meetings until 10.30 PST
16:04rjohnsonwbamberg: ok, no worries, i&#39;ll add a comment to the pr that&#39;ll hopefully get you going when you have time again
16:11interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #197: Fix issue #195, serve static examples to IE10 and below (master...issue#195-serve-static-examples-to-ie10-and-below)
16:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #198: Fixes missing semicolon on color CSS example (master...fix-missing-semicolon-color-ex)
16:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling closed pull request #198: Fixes missing semicolon on color CSS example (master...fix-missing-semicolon-color-ex)
16:15interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 9088a6a to 4144ceb:
16:15interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 4144ceb schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
17:05jwhitlockstandups: sprint retrospective and planning. Staging push for user testing
17:22rjohnsonstandups: sprint retrospective and comment on
19:20rjohnsonstandups: working on getting elasticsearch as a cloud-service working for mdn in aws, latest:
19:29* rjohnson goes for lunch
20:50rjohnsonjwhitlock: what version of elasticsearch do we run in scl3?
20:50* jwhitlock looks
20:52rjohnsonthank you!
20:52jwhitlockyou&#39;re welcome!
22:23rjohnsonstandups: got elasticsearch as a service working in our k8s deployment (
22:47jwhitlockfinished my &quot;weekly&quot; review, first in 5-6 weeks
22:49jwhitlockthere&#39;s a security update, git 2.14.1 -
22:51rjohnsonjwhitlock: thanks for the security update info, i&#39;m going to update my git client version right now
23:04rjohnsonstandups: updated git client, tried one of the elasticsearch migration tools on our trial service
23:48jwhitlockstandups: added Q3 deliverables to workday
11 Aug 2017
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