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25 Jul 2017
00:27rjohnsonstandups: submitted amends to
00:27rjohnsongood night mdndev
01:07shobsonstandups: add screen shots to blog post
02:23shobsonstandups: Fix small beta bugs
04:11github[kumascript] Fernandolrs opened pull request #254: Add translations for pt-BR locale (master...patch-6)
08:35github[kumascript] chrisdavidmills opened pull request #255: updating URL and status for Payment Request API (master...payment-request)
10:21espressiveAnyone here that can point me to a page where I can find an instance of the helpfulness survey?
10:22espressiveAh, looks like it is on article pages if the helpful-survey-2 waffle flag is on.
10:25safwanespressive: Have you found it?
10:25espressivenot exactly, just believe I know where to look for it ;)
10:25espressivesafwan: if you can point me to one, that would be great
10:26safwanHmm. I remember there are some waffle flag to turn it on in local
10:26espressiveyup, looks to be helpful-survey-2
10:26espressiveI am spinning up docker to give it a try
10:28safwanBoth have servey at the end of the file
10:28safwansorry, page
10:30espressivehmm, wonder if it is only shown to user who are not logged in
10:30espressiveI do not see those
10:37safwanespressive: Can you try in private browser?
10:37safwanor I am logged in, and its showing me
10:38espressiveyeah, I cannot not get it to show up even locally with the flag turned on
10:38espressiveI asked Stephanie on the PR what the steps are. Thx safwan
11:03safwanespressive: Are you sure?
11:03safwancan you try by a hard refresh?
11:20espressivesafwan: Yeah, not seeing it locally. Will see what Stephanie says
12:22github[kumascript] Elchi3 closed pull request #117: let WebExtensions/API pages fallback to English pages if localized pa (master...webext-api)
12:24github[kumascript] Elchi3 closed pull request #234: Add BeforeInstallPromptEvent. (master...inh)
12:24github[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 2 new commits to master:
12:24githubkumascript/master 3e43ffa Joseph Medley: Add BeforeInstallPromptEvent.
12:24githubkumascript/master 653c6f1 Florian Scholz: Merge pull request #234 from jpmedley/inh...
12:53github[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 2 new commits to master:
12:53githubkumascript/master 57474df Fernandolrs: Update DocStatusQuickLinks.ejs
12:53githubkumascript/master 2bf8e96 Florian Scholz: Merge pull request #248 from Fernandolrs/patch-3...
13:04github[kumascript] jwhitlock pushed 2 new commits to master:
13:04githubkumascript/master fdb4b21 rjohnson: bug 1368134: add tests for parts of some auto-loaded macros
13:04githubkumascript/master 227d3eb John Whitlock: Merge pull request #240 from escattone/add-macro-tests-1368134...
13:04firebot NEW, pages.subpagesExpand does not update in local Kuma instances
13:10557A76Z8B[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 2 new commits to master:
13:10557A76Z8Bkumascript/master 19635d3 Fernandolrs: Update Index.ejs
13:10557A76Z8Bkumascript/master 8ffe114 Florian Scholz: Merge pull request #249 from Fernandolrs/patch-2...
13:10203A9YX1Q[kumascript] Elchi3 closed pull request #249: Update Index.ejs (master...patch-2)
13:15github[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 2 new commits to master:
13:15githubkumascript/master 87e6f9d Fernandolrs: Update DiscussionList.ejs...
13:15githubkumascript/master e7f58b1 Florian Scholz: Merge pull request #250 from Fernandolrs/patch-4...
13:46github[kumascript] Elchi3 closed pull request #255: updating URL and status for Payment Request API (master...payment-request)
13:46github[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 2 new commits to master:
13:46githubkumascript/master f5ad83f chrisdavidmills: updating URL and status for Payment Request API
13:46githubkumascript/master bcc67ee Florian Scholz: Merge pull request #255 from chrisdavidmills/payment-request...
13:49github[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 2 new commits to master:
13:49githubkumascript/master b8e0926 Joseph Medley: Add navigation for streams.
13:49githubkumascript/master f933ea6 Florian Scholz: Merge pull request #253 from jpmedley/streams...
14:13jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:49jwhitlockstandups: reviewed and merged, reviewed ( but needs rebase), for bug 1368134
14:49firebot NEW, pages.subpagesExpand does not update in local Kuma instances
16:03jwhitlockstandups: attended functional team meeting, submitted PR #4328 to address CKEditor locale-specific content style (bug 1379288)
16:03firebot NEW, Mechanism to fallback to locale specific fonts
16:07shobsonstandups: functional team meeting
16:33rjohnsonstandups: functional team and SRE weekly meetings
16:34shobsonjwhitlock: are you handing this?
16:34firebotBug 1382949 UNCONFIRMED, Delete a duplicate account, or merge them together
16:34shobson(I thought you said you would at the traige)
16:35jwhitlockyes, I'll start on that
16:36jwhitlockshobson: let me know when you want me to start the prod push process
16:36shobsonI suppose I'll need to pick some music too.
16:37jwhitlockstandups: attended SRE meeting. Discussed interactive example hosting issue
16:39safwanjwhitlock: Possible to have a review today of my PR?
16:40jwhitlocksafwan: probably not, we're shipping the redesign to all users. It will be late today
16:40jwhitlockI'm negative on your solution - I don't want to require a login to get a locale preference
16:40jwhitlockand I disagree with temporary vs permanent redirects
16:40safwanjwhitlock: Cool. no problem
16:40jwhitlockbut I haven't had time to fully look at it
16:41safwanOk. Lets have a look in this week
16:41safwanjwhitlock: login is not required. If logged in, they should be taken to their locale
16:42safwanif not logged in, take from session
16:47rjohnsonstandups: read jwhitlock's reviews of and
16:48rjohnson(thanks for the quick reviews jwhitlock!)
16:48jwhitlockyou're welcome
16:50jwhitlockstandups: starting account merging process
16:57jwhitlockfor bug 1382847, is there a way to alert the German translation community?
16:57firebot NEW, Fix typo in German translation of MDN Welcome Email
16:58jwhitlockstandups: attended content bug triage and PR review. Found Pontoon string for bug 1382847, but didn't pretend to know German
17:02safwanjwhitlock: Topal should know German!
17:09jswishersafwan, jwhitlock: Also fscholz and sebo
17:12safwanjswisher: What about?
17:21anthonySpeaking german :p
17:21jswishersafwan: They speak German
17:56jwhitlockstandups: 1:1 w/ Ryan
18:01rjohnsonstandups: 1:1 w/John, started work on rebasing
18:02* rjohnson is meeting with metadave now..
18:06* jwhitlock is preparing for stage / prod pushes
18:09shobsonstandups: Review and address feeedback on PRs.
18:19github[kumascript] andrewtruongmoz opened pull request #256: Terminology update & removal of unused macros (master...patch-5)
18:20jwhitlockhmm conflict
18:29jwhitlockk fixed
18:30mdnstagepushlisten up, jwhitlock is pushing mdn-stage 5632df4b8a906697f76c156979d22fd8cc3e0d31
18:31mdnstagepushFinished: update_code (7.803s)
18:33mdnstagepushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (5632df4b8a906697f76c156979d22fd8cc3e0d31 jwhitlock)
18:33mdnstagepushFinished: setup_dependencies (139.695s), update_info (2.583s), pre_update (150.081s)
18:34mdnstagepushFinished: update_assets (84.105s)
18:35mdnstagepushFinished: update_locales (11.812s), database (3.220s), update (99.139s)
18:35mdnstagepushFinished: rsync_project (6.818s), checkin_changes (6.854s), deploy_app (3.842s)
18:35mdnstagepushFinished: restart_web (2.284s)
18:35mdnstagepushFinished: restart_kumascript (18.938s)
18:35mdnstagepushjwhitlock pushed mdn-stage 5632df4b8a906697f76c156979d22fd8cc3e0d31
18:35mdnstagepushFinished: restart_celery (13.451s), deploy (45.371s)
18:37jwhitlockthis push has a bunch of kumascript macro updates
18:37jwhitlocka fix for bug 1375416, bug 1376980, bug 1379737, and bug 1370594
18:37firebot FIXED [beta] username invisible in top nav after sign-in
18:37firebot FIXED Header is not responsive [beta]
18:37firebot FIXED [beta] Watch button menu is unusable at tablet size
18:37firebot NEW, shobson Update MDN to reflect new Mozilla brand
18:41shobsonjwhitlock: Staging looks good from my perspective
18:43jwhitlockjenkins seems to be sad, can
18:43jwhitlockI can't see the status of the stage integration tests
18:45jwhitlockoh well
18:45jwhitlockshobson: ready to go?
18:46shobsonjwhitlock: Yup.
18:47jwhitlockok push song is Electric :
18:47jwhitlockElectric Six:
18:48mdnprodpushoh nice, jwhitlock is pushing mdn 1a84cbe119d37149855286382ab9b52a2db8a3e5
18:50mdnprodpushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (1a84cbe119d37149855286382ab9b52a2db8a3e5 jwhitlock)
18:50mdnprodpushFinished: setup_dependencies (128.116s), update_info (2.909s), pre_update (134.618s)
18:51mdnprodpushFinished: update_assets (80.695s)
18:51mdnprodpushFinished: update_locales (12.590s)
18:52mdnprodpushFinished: database (2.989s), update (96.274s)
18:52mdnprodpushFinished: rsync_project (5.577s), checkin_changes (5.620s)
18:52mdnprodpushFinished: deploy_app (21.349s)
18:52mdnprodpushFinished: restart_web (11.592s)
18:52mdnprodpushFinished: restart_kumascript (18.460s)
18:53mdnprodpushjwhitlock pushed mdn 1a84cbe119d37149855286382ab9b52a2db8a3e5
18:53mdnprodpushFinished: restart_celery (13.324s), deploy (70.348s)
18:53fscholzomg that video :D
18:56shobsonThat probably needed a NSFW tag didn't it...
18:58jwhitlockI should have warned people shobson picked the song
19:05jwhitlockshobson: jenkins is choking on a file promos/devrel-survey-icon.png - was this removed?
19:06shobsonjwhitlock: yes the survey was removed, we must have missed some of the code.
19:06shobsonMaybe from the blue files.
19:07jwhitlockI'm not sure why SCL3 is OK with it
19:08shobsonjwhitlock: Do you want me to remove that CSS quickly?
19:08shobsonI guess it's already in prodution.
19:08jwhitlocksoon, but yeah not hurting prod
19:09shobsonGonna finish this phone call
19:10jwhitlockstandups: merged kumascript master, pushed new strings to Pontoon, pushed to stage and production
19:11jwhitlockwe should test the redesign for anon users on staging
19:11jwhitlockI can flip that switch if no objections
19:12shobsonjwhitlock: Let's wait until 1:00 like planned.
19:12jwhitlockshobson: no, I mean on Haven't tested the redesign for anon users.
19:13shobsonjwhitlock: Oh, I think that's ones been flipped.
19:13jwhitlockok I see redesign=everyone on stage already
19:14jwhitlockhow about redesign_live=everyone?
19:14shobsonThat's the "why is everything different message" go ahead and flip it if you like
19:15jwhitlockflipped, also flipping redesign_beta=noone
19:16shobsonHm. Found a bug :/ Not a show stopper but it'd be nice to fix it this afternoon.
19:17jwhitlockno "everything is different" message
19:18shobsonjwhitlock: You might have to delete redesignNotice from localStorage
19:18jwhitlockthat did it
19:20jwhitlockdoesn't work in private browsing session - redesign, but no notice. Maybe because local storage is disabled
19:21shobsonYes, because localstorge is disabled. It'd never go away otherwise.
19:21jwhitlockdifferent browser private mode does have local storage, does work
19:21jwhitlockok I'm happy, looks like this will work
19:25jwhitlocknice article shobson
19:26jwhitlockwow the hacks blog style looks outdated now :)
19:26jwhitlockafk to walk the dog
19:27sheppyI want to see the Hacks blog have some kind of mode you can get it into where when you mouse over site controls, they move out from under the cursor. :)
19:27sheppySo you have to chase them around. :D
19:42rjohnsonstandups: mdn->aws meeting with metadave
19:43rjohnsongoing out to grab some lunch, should be back in about 30 minutes
19:48* jwhitlock back
19:55shobsonSo..... close enough to 1:00?
19:56* jwhitlock makes redesign tea
19:57* shobson gets out redesign chocolate.
19:58shobsonIn an effort to make me excited instead of terrified Topal reminded me I'm changing the lives of 5.5 Million of my peers today.
19:58shobsonIt... didn't have the intended effect.
19:58shobsonAnyway, here we go.
20:02jwhitlockremove or update the soapbox?
20:02shobsonjwhitlock: remove
20:02shobsonI have soapbox blindness apparently
20:05Topalshobson: awesome!
20:10shobsonYeah, there might be some of that tonight ;)
20:11shobsonRight now there's just
20:11shobsonstandups: Launched redesign
20:13jwhitlockshobson: do you like Open Sans as a body font, or would you prefer something else?
20:13jwhitlockasking for
20:13shobsonjwhitlock: It's good, I like it.
20:14jwhitlockI guess I should do other work before the fun work...
20:15fscholz\o/ congrats everyone
20:21rjohnsonyes, congrats everyone
20:29andrewtruong<3 the redesign. great work! :)
20:42jwhitlockstandups: reviewed PR #4320. The solution seems wrong to me, asking @sheppy for further details.
20:42github[kumascript] Elchi3 closed pull request #252: Add missing overview link. (master...mediastream)
20:42github[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 4 new commits to master:
20:42githubkumascript/master 32883dd Joseph Medley: Add missing overview link.
20:42githubkumascript/master 525088c Joseph Medley: Fix misplaced colon.
20:42githubkumascript/master 63c8476 Joe Medley: Take II. Action!
20:42jwhitlockheaded out, may check in later to read email
20:42jwhitlockgoodnight #mdndev
20:43fscholz(I should have squashed that)
20:43rjohnsongood night jwhitlock
25 Jul 2017
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