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27 Mar 2017
03:51jagathHi there, does anyone has used Intl.NumberFormat has issue with 'de' locale and 'percent' style?
11:33Topaljwhitlock|ww: or anyone else who might know this: what happens when you change the slug of a localized article? Do we create a redirect in the background and return a 301 for the original?
11:36github[kumascript] Elchi3 opened pull request #143: Use 'mdn' branch when loading data from mdn/data (
11:39TopalI guess I could have checked this myself. Apparently we add a 302. Now I wonder why we use 302 and not 301. Does anyone know? We should use 301 when possible for SEO alone.
12:09fscholzTopal: The only way to change any article's slug should be through a page move.
12:10fscholzThere is UI that is misleading for l10n pages here. See
12:10firebotBug 938662 NEW, Translation edit mode: Don't allow slug change
12:10Topalfscholz: I tried that for a localized article. you change the slug and the redirect is created automatically. There isnt even a label
12:10Topaloh, I didnt know that
12:10Topalthanks for the heads up
12:12Topalfscholz: do you know what breaks when you change the slug that way?
12:14fscholzTopal: I don't recall that it's been a while. Also I don't know if you can actually change it there. I mean if it actually saves.
12:15Topalfscholz: I tried it on the staging site for this article:
12:15Topalchanged the slug to "Operators_auf_deutsch"
12:16Topalnow you get redirected to when you go to the originka
12:16Topalbut there is no label that youve been redirected.
12:16TopalUnfortunately the redirect is a 302, indicating that its a temporary move. Not sure why that is though.
12:20fscholzThere are two things here, I think.
12:21fscholz1) If you provide a slug that is identical to English, and there is a German translation available, Kuma will find it for you. Hence " 302 Found".
12:22fscholz is the English slug but a German locale. Kuma finds the German page
12:22fscholz2) If you change the slug in the l10n editor, there will be no redirect.
12:23fscholzI just changed to and Operators_auf_deutsch is now 404
12:24fscholzSo you've hit 1) and thought there was a redirect happening, but there isn't.
12:25fscholzSo I think to answer "do you know what breaks when you change the slug that way?" -> there is no redirect created. :)
12:27Topalfscholz: ah, tricky behavior indeed. Ill add that to the bug
12:27fscholzTo avoid this, we need to fix bug 938662, in which shobson proposes to have a page move link instead of the input
12:27firebot NEW, Translation edit mode: Don't allow slug change
12:28TopalIll also reply to the email question again
12:28fscholzcool, thank you :)
12:28TopalThank *you* for chiming in!
12:29fscholzTopal: oh, so for this person, we will need to move it then. Page move requires privs
12:29Topalfscholz: ah, alright, Ill do that for him, gives me a chance to give that a try too
12:31TopalI wonder why this was implemented this way. In Kitsune we had very robost redirecting, you could change the slug and a redirect would automatically be created (with a label at the top of the page added to indicate the redirect). 404s could never be created through the UI
12:35* fscholz notices a shiver going through the room when Kuma page move code and design is being talked about.
12:44Topalwow, that page move page is rather confusing. I made a mess at first :/
12:46fscholzIt is more scary when moving (large) _trees_ of pages
12:50fscholzBut hey, at least we are not shipping directory traversal bugs in dishwashers or so. :)
13:58jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:18jwhitlockI sent out a new MDN Weekly Dev Planning invite to get us to SF work week. Add to the agenda as needed:
16:19github[kumascript] jpmedley opened pull request #144: Add AudioTimestamp to GroupData.json. (
16:21github[kumascript] jpmedley closed pull request #144: Add AudioTimestamp to GroupData.json. (
27 Mar 2017
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