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9 Oct 2017
05:05dietrichhey all! should i report bugs in mdn code samples to bugzilla or on the repo? eg
14:47sheppyHi all!
15:32sheppyHaving trouble with Vidyo.
15:51sheppystandups: Updated docs for OfflineAudioContext to cover the addition of an object based input to the constructor rather than the parameter list. This completes work on media/audio related bugs for 57.
15:51standupsOk, submitted #51782 for
17:02sheppystandups: Transferred Q3 deliverable info from spreadsheet into Workday; thought I did that weeks ago but I guess not. :)
17:02standupsOk, submitted #51787 for
17:05Sphinxgood evening mdn
17:10sheppyHeh - out of the blue on one of the mailing lists I'm on about retro computers, there was a recommendation to use the Observatory to evaluate blog sites' security. :)
18:35sheppystandups: dev bug triage meeting
18:35standupsOk, submitted #51793 for
18:35sheppystandups: content coordination meeting
18:35standupsOk, submitted #51795 for
18:35sheppystandups: Weekly status meeting
18:35standupsOk, submitted #51796 for
20:15jswisherDoes anybody know how often the downloadable tarball of MDN content ( is updated?
20:18Vanillejswisher: I don't know if this information is really reliable but the last modification of this file is from yesterday (
20:19jswisherVanille: OK, thanks. At least it's not ancient and out of date :-)
10 Oct 2017
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