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9 Aug 2017
03:40timse201hello, im a new translator. i just started translating hsts into german but i cant save my initial edit. are there some restrictions for new people?
03:43timse201 Sorry! We weren't able to save your contribution. Please copy and paste your changes into a safe place and contact the site administrators. We'll try to resolve the problem, and after that you will be able to resubmit your contribution.
12:51sheppy-offlineGood morning
15:25sheppystandups: SEO project thin page experiment: finished, with new description text, a full live sample, compat and spec tables, element list, and see also section.
15:25standupsOk, submitted #49345 for
16:40sheppystandups: Updated for the thin pages SEO project experiment. Original length: 51 words. New length: 477 words.
16:40standupsOk, submitted #49348 for
17:14Sphinxgood evening mdn
17:34sheppyHi Sphinx.
19:47sheppystandups: Emailed fscholz and teoli about the status of "Protocol upgrade mechanism" in the HTTP docs, which is a page on the list for the thin pages SEO experiment.
19:47standupsOk, submitted #49356 for
19:52sheppyI think the next big thing that could be done to improve layout in CSS is addition of support for break-before, break-inside, and break-after to the mainstream browsers.
19:58sheppyIf we don't have one already, we probably need to have a good article on picking the right layout technology for your task.
20:32sheppystandups: A few minor tweaks to to help further route people to CSS columns.
20:32standupsOk, submitted #49357 for
22:53sheppystandups: Finished revamping for the SEO project's thin page experiment. Original length: 57 words; new length: 708 words.
22:53standupsOk, submitted #49366 for
22:53sheppyAnd that's a wrap for tonight.
10 Aug 2017
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