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8 Sep 2017
00:09sheppystandups: Administrivia (workday etc)
00:09standupsOk, submitted #50667 for
15:32* sheppy finishes adjusting things in CSS and returns to working on tasks for the dayl.
15:53* sheppy looks to see if we have any pages left tagged "junk"
15:53sheppyI don't think we do...
15:55sheppyI was wrong. We have a bunch of them :)
15:59jswishersheppy: I looked at those recently. I think some of them should be archived, not deleted
15:59jswishere.g. old DevEdge articles
15:59sheppyjswisher: Yeah, I think so too, looking at the names at least.
15:59sheppyYes, those.
16:00sheppyWe should try to sort through them and finish clearing them out -- once we do, macros that currently have to filter out pages tagged "junk" can stop doing so and be slightly more efficient.
16:04jswisherIt's one of the things on the "periodic maintenance" checklist
19:21nicholasdipiazzaIs there any way to build a Windows zip file based portable Firefox? Even distributes an installer. I want to be able to build a zip file that i can send with my product so that it can use firefox.exe to do certain things on the backend (now that we have headless firefox)
19:51jwhitlocknicholasdipiazza: that sounds like a feature request (bugzilla) or a question for #firefox or #headless
19:56nicholasdipiazzajwhitlock|away: thanks
21:37sheppyGah! I lost my work!
21:38sheppyHad a page not yet saved after creating it new get lost in the shuffle and my login timed out. :(
21:39sheppyHeh, it's the page I was working on when I realized there was an issue with these macros and wound up spending all this time fixing them and dealing with the ensuing git mayhem :)
22:33sheppystandups: Submitted bug 1398372 suggesting the addition of a guide page on HTML templates
22:33standupsOk, submitted #50706 for
22:34firebot NEW, Need a guide to HTML templates
22:41sheppystandups: Created to support work on the SEO updates around <tr> (believe it or not)
22:41standupsOk, submitted #50707 for
9 Sep 2017
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