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8 Aug 2017
08:19mike5w3cAnson: howdy
08:24KittyMeowMeowhey... can I ask some basic/simple questions in here?
13:31jwhitlockKittyMeowMeow: yes. For this channel (all mozilla channels?) you'll get best results by asking your question rather than asking permission to ask a question.
13:32jwhitlockif a channel has different rules or standards, I'd expect them in the channel topic that is displayed when you join a channel.
14:36sheppyJust watch -- UPS will show up during one of my meetings today.
14:37sheppyPackage requiring a signature coming today.
15:26safwansheppy: Whats in the package? UPS give time schedule?
15:29sheppysafwan: No time schedule other than "by 3:15 PM".
15:29sheppyIt's a phone for my daughter. Her first iPhone. *sniffle*
15:29safwanOh! thats really awesome! Iphone7?
15:30safwanIphone 8 is coming. let he wait some more days!
15:31sheppyBest Buy had a crazy sale on the iPhone SE; more than 50% off. Given it's her first iPhone and she doesn't need anything super-powerful, it was a great opportunity.
15:31sheppyOtherwise she'd have waited for a while.
15:32sheppyWe weren't planning to get her a phone for a little bit longer, but the price couldn't be ignored.
15:37* safwan wish I were in US!
15:37sheppyI dunno, it's a weird time to be here. :)
15:41safwanOnce my cousin was coming from US and I tried to order something from Bestbuy and they said me that they accept only US cards! :/
15:41* safwan thinking sheppy is correct most probably!
15:42sheppyYeah, it's a security precaution. Too many times they've been ripped off by people using bogus cards or something.
15:58sheppystandups: Attended content team standup meeting
15:58standupsOk, submitted #49292 for
16:13sheppyMan, being able to pull content into my local wiki is handy.
16:24sheppystandups: Fixed my cssxref() PR to use mdn.escapeQuotes again instead of escaping HTML, so that tooltips get the HTML removed as before. Changes submitted.
16:24standupsOk, submitted #49293 for
16:25sheppyfscholz: I also added to the PR a tweak to the comment on mdn.escapeQuotes() to clarify that it also strips HTML tags.
16:25fscholzcool, will re-review tomorrow
16:26sheppysounds good
16:30jwhitlocksorry, will be late / miss doc request triage
16:41whoisxyI belive I'm having an issue with range requests from what I've verified I'm sending the correct number of bytes at the correct offset however firefox refuses to play ball i.e with this video presumably trying to get some metadata from the contianer format stored at the end of a file using they range header
16:42whoisxyand seeking to a point in a video file which hasn't yet been loaded from a previous request by creating a new request with a range header, as can be seen in
16:44jwhitlockwhoisxy: does it work in other browsers? I think .mov files need to customized for streaming by moving the indexes to the front of the file.
16:44whoisxyjwhitlock: possibly but it attempts to get the metadata regarless if you see the request so it should work?
16:44whoisxyjwhitlock: yes it works with VLC
16:46jwhitlockwhoisxy: you may want to check in a different browser, and file a bug vs Firefox with your results
16:47whoisxyjwhitlock: works in VLC not exactly a browser but it it has no issue seeking using range requests
16:49whoisxychromium wont attempt to make a range request
16:49whoisxychromium also wont even attempt to display the mov files in browser
16:50jwhitlockwhoisxy: that sounds like a bug. Filing a bug vs Firefox:Untriaged is the fastest way to get in touch w/ the engineers working on this.
16:58whoisxyOkay thanks for your help
17:05sheppystandups: Attended the doc request bug & PR triage meeting
17:05standupsOk, submitted #49298 for
17:09sheppylol - the bug in cssxref we came upon in the meeting makes me sad.
17:09* sheppy works on fixing.
17:09sheppyfscholz: I'm going to merge this work into the same PR, since it's semi-related, although not the same.
17:09sheppyfscholz: Unless you object.
17:10fscholzSounds good to me
17:24sheppyHm, the change to "lazy evaluate" thisPage = wiki.getPage(urlWithoutAnchor) in cssxref seems to something I need to undo -- fixing this bug means no cases in which that isn't needed anymore.
17:42sheppyFWIW, I really want to thank the dev team but jwhitlock in particular for a *lot* of hard work done over a solid stretch of time to make Kuma finally reasonably easy and convenient to set up and maintain locally. Makes all our lives better.
17:43jwhitlockthanks sheppy!
17:44sheppyI mean, the fact that *I've* been able to keep it working for months now is really saying something ;0
17:53sheppystandups: Pushed another update to the PR for cssxref() to also fix bug 1384573.
17:53standupsOk, submitted #49302 for
17:53firebot UNCONFIRMED, Tooltips are broken for macros that use custom link text
18:25sheppystandups: Finished updates to the API/LocalMediaStream pages for the API project; also updated some other pages to help improve this situation further.
18:25standupsOk, submitted #49305 for
18:35sheppystandups: Updated <image> for the SEO project; includes making it just how extremely obsolete and non-standard this is, adding compat and spec sections, some added details, and updated tags.
18:35standupsOk, submitted #49307 for
18:37jswishersheppy: When you have some time, I&#39;d appreciate a review of
18:38jswisherAll the docs I updated are linked here:
20:00sheppySquee! Word count! :)
20:00sheppyMy word/paragraph count plugin addition to the editor is on production, which is gonna make the SEO stuff much easier.
21:27sheppystandups: Working with SVG textLength to get some information down before working on its page for the SEO project.
21:27standupsOk, submitted #49318 for
9 Aug 2017
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