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7 Sep 2017
10:54Shidigital@learner Hello!
11:11learnerWhich editor should I preferably use for large JavaScript projects?
11:12Havvylearner: In no specific order: vim, emacs, sublime, vscode, webstorm
11:13HavvyOr perhaps something else. There's not really a concrete answer to that as it depends on you as a person.
11:13learnerI guess WebStorm is a paid product, so probably I can't try that
11:14learnerI don't know how good Vim and Emacs are on Windows, so they are also not an option
11:14learnerI guess
11:17HavvyEmacs is about as good on Windows as it is on non-Windows.
11:29smallfoot- says "Successful response has body: No" but the RFC says "The response payload, if any, might also describe the communication
11:29smallfoot- options in a machine or human-readable representation."
11:35learnerOh, I see. Emacs is available for Windows?
11:41smallfoot-learner, looks so:
11:56learnerThank you both. Is it easy to set it up?
11:58smallfoot-No idea
13:50jswishersmallfoot-: Thanks for pointing that out about OPTIONS
13:51jswisherIt would be great if you could fix it in the wiki, or file a bug for someone else to do it:
13:56smallfoot-Yeah, I am not 100% sure about it though
13:56smallfoot-I just spotted it, but it might be wrong or something, I don't know
14:11jwhitlockmy reading of RFC 7231 is that a body is allowed
14:11jwhitlockA client that generates an OPTIONS request containing a payload body MUST send a valid Content-Type header field describing the representation media type.
14:11jwhitlockAlthough this specification does not define any use for such a payload, future extensions to HTTP might use the OPTIONS body to make more detailed queries about the target resource.
14:13jwhitlockit is currently being used by Django REST Framework to create a self-describing API -
14:13jwhitlockso smallfoot- - feel free to change that page, you are correct
14:17smallfoot-You don't have any account?
14:20jwhitlockthe point of a wiki is that people make changes when they see something wrong, not that they present their ideas to an inner circle of editors
14:20jwhitlockit is easy to change something, and equally as easy to change it back if it was wrong
14:20jwhitlockso no, I'm not fixing the page :)
14:22smallfoot-Yeah, but I don't have any account
15:42sheppyI want to think of a way for link-generating macros to know whether or not the name of the page should be wrapped in <code>. Like when building subpage lists and there are subpages that are the names of API terms.
15:42sheppy(or the names of HTML elements)
15:51* sheppy is deep in the foulest depths of the swampy jungle that is debugging KumaScripts that generate unhelpful error messages. :)
15:53* sheppy wishes there were a way to see the output generated up until the point of the error.
15:54sheppyWould help figure out what went wrong.
15:57* sheppy finishes fixing that one.
16:43sheppyOne thing we could do when we do the compatibility bar feature is to do something that suggests how usable something is overall, using the data we&#39;re talking about now to say &quot;this has been supported long enough by enough browsers to be used in real life&quot; and such.
16:43sheppyColor gradients or scale bars or whatever. The exact UX would be TBA.
16:43sheppyBut having the data for releases and dates would be a huge start.
16:59sheppyKumaScript errors suck to debug :/
17:03jwhitlockconsole.log() is useful
17:05sheppyjwhitlock: log.debug() you mean? :)
17:05sheppyI think we ought to alias console.log() to log.debug() somehow. So easy to mis-remember :)
17:08jwhitlocknah I use console.log to debug KS
17:33sheppyjwhitlock: Oh
17:33sheppyWell, I&#39;m not trying to debug KS; I&#39;m trying to debug a macro written in it :D
17:33sheppy&quot;SyntaxError: Missing catch or finally after try while compiling ejs&quot; -- there is no &quot;try&quot; in my code. :)
17:35* sheppy comments out all the code and then proceeds to test, then uncomment some, then test again.
17:39sheppyOK - time for my weekly appointment. Back in 2 hours or so; maybe a tad longer since I&#39;ve not had lunch yet.
18:40jswisherI see the OPTIONS page was updated. Was that smallfoot-? Anyway, thanks, vanillajonathan!
23:38sheppystandups: Finished refactor of macro SubpagesWithTags to be cleaner and to handle escaping correctly.
23:38standupsOk, submitted #50665 for
8 Sep 2017
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