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7 Aug 2017
14:40araiis it possible to display UI in english while editing non-english page?
14:40arailike, "Publish" button
14:46sheppyarai: I wish it were, but currently no.
14:47araiokay, thanks
16:00sheppystandups: Attended Developer Content Coordination Meeting
16:00standupsOk, submitted #49216 for
16:02sheppystandups: Merged PR 278 to add navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia() link to Media Capture & Streams sidebar.
16:02standupsOk, submitted #49217 for
16:31Sphinxhello mdn
16:34sheppyHi Sphinx
16:35Sphinxhi sheppy
16:35Sphinxwait what when a hundred pages of JS touched this afternoon :)
16:42* sheppy wonders briefly if he really *needs* a 1000-watt surround sound speaker system on his iMac.
16:42sheppy"Briefly" because come on, of course I do. It sounds great.
16:43Sphinxof course, you'll need at least that to test the WebAudio API
16:45jwhitlockfscholz: did you find those tag notes?
16:45jwhitlockand also, do you have URLs for error codes that end up on MDN?
16:46* fscholz looks for the tagging document
16:48anthonyHi Sphinx
16:49Sphinxanthony: o/
16:50fscholzjwhitlock: This is 2 years old,
16:50jwhitlockso are the tagging bugs
16:50fscholzIt has pointers to some bugs, so yeah
16:52sheppyI think sometimes about the idea of having some sort of a metadata API for Kuma, to let macros set and read metadata on pages, separately from the tags and such. It would likely solve a lot of problems.
16:54jwhitlockI think write macros are a dangerous idea
16:54sheppyjwhitlock: Probably.
16:54sheppyIn fact, yes, they are. :)
16:55sheppyWhat I actually meant was a way to establish metadata field names and types that can be set on pages that would result in appropriate UI being available for the user to set them, but then macro support for reading them.
16:56sheppyCould be used for things like draft mode support, setting things like API status (obsolete, etc)
16:56* sheppy like I said, just something I think about sometimes. Not any kind of serious proposal :)
17:01sheppywhee! we come up first when I search on "media queries" :)
17:05sheppyHm... is all our documentation that talks about responsive design under apps?
17:05sheppyLooks like it. That's not fantastic.
17:36sheppyDoes anyone have examples of places where stack overflow is using nofollow on links to MDN?
17:37Sphinxfscholz: do you wait a bit to flag SIMD pages as obsolete? or will they move under archive to avoid confusion?
17:37fscholzSphinx: I'll wait until we can re-use them for wasm
17:38fscholzThe concepts should be the same, the API might be similar
17:38Sphinxfscholz: fair enough :)
18:16sheppystandups: Enhanced for the SEO project's "Thin pages" experiment.
18:16standupsOk, submitted #49228 for
18:54wedrHello, I've just filed a new bug related to 2 other bugs filed 2 years ago.
18:54firebotBug 1388139 UNCONFIRMED, The methods for the XPathResult are all missing.
18:57wedrI don't know if we're allowed to copy/paste doc articles from elsewhere, but I did find a nice resource for XPathResult.
19:06jswisherwedr: In general, no, unless the article has a license that is compatible with MDN's CC-BY-SA license
19:06jswisherAnd even then, we prefer original content
19:07jswisherBut you could link to that article
19:08wedrjswisher: Ok, so what format do I need to write when linking to external sources?
19:34jswisherwedr: If there's an appropriate article to link it from, you could add a See Also heading, and link it under that
19:35jswisherThis one, I guess, which already has a See Also section:
19:43wedrjswisher: thanks
19:47jswisherI see that that article links back to "Mozilla Developer Center" :-)
19:54wedrjswisher: Done
19:55jswisherwedr: Cool, thanks!
19:57jswisherstandups: Finished updates to the MDN editor UI guide
19:57standupsOk, submitted #49230 for
19:57* jswisher is looking for reviewers for the Editor guide
19:58wedrI don't recall seeing a vertical scroll bar while I was editing the MDN article. Maybe it's just me.
20:00jswisherwedr: It may depend on your OS and browser; sometimes I have 2 -- one for the page, and one for the editor pane
20:02sheppyPain break. AFK.
20:54jwhitlockis SebastianZ on IRC?
20:55jswisherjwhitlock: rarely
20:55jswisherHis username is Sebo
20:55jwhitlockok. He's having some merge issues on, was hoping to help him
20:55jwhitlockand he figured it out
8 Aug 2017
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