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20 Apr 2017
04:14dietrichhi all. how can i link to a domxref with an alternate label?
04:14dietricheg, {{domxref("Request.Request()")}}
04:14dietrichI want the visible text of the link to be "new Request()" or something like that, since the reading of Request.Request() makes it appear as if that's a thing you can do. But you can't.
09:34sw1ayfeSeems quite the standard, throughout the recent editorial review push I've done, for syntax boxes to specify, via the SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTER, the code language therein. e.g:
09:34sw1ayfeBUT - When running the 'MDN Doc Tests' add-on, any highlighted code (using the MDN editor tools) flags as disallowed. Helping clarify for the reader what they are looking at if navigating to the page in isolation, but causing mdn-doc-tests to flag it as an error.
09:35sw1ayfeI can only find [syntax styling guide reference]( which **encourages** highlighting Bash code. Doing so also flags an error, leaving me confused as to the standard expected, and purpose of this particular test.
09:37sw1ayfe*so I'm wondering again the nuance of tables yesterday, and syntax highlighting today. There's no real line drawn in the sand?
10:44sw1ayfeIssues 233 & 234 filed
13:50stoyanWho can I ask about the updating schedule for the translation of the UI?
13:52stoyanschedule for updating the translation of the UI*
14:50sheppymeeeeeh. :)
16:34sheppystandups: Attended Q2 sprint 2 planning pre-meeting. Because you have to have pre-meetings before having the meetings.
16:34standupsOk, submitted #45008 for
16:34sheppystandups: !delete 45008
16:34standupsOk, status #45008 is no more!
16:34sheppystandups: Attended Q2 sprint 1 retrospective
16:34standupsOk, submitted #45009 for
16:34sheppywrong day - lol
16:35sheppystandups: Attended sprint 2 planning meeting
16:35standupsOk, submitted #45010 for
16:35sheppystandups: atended MDN opportunity meting
16:35standupsOk, submitted #45011 for
18:03rwaldronjswisher ping
18:03rwaldronI'm reading my MDN notifications and just came to this one...$compare?locale=en-US&to=1234367&from=1179239
18:04rwaldronI don
18:04rwaldron(Whoops) I don't recall seeing additions like this before, where a specific runtime and version is called out (outside of a support table)
18:10jswisherLooks like a brand new contributor made that change; feel free to revert it
18:10rwaldronOk, I think I'll just clean up the examples instead of a complete revert. Thanks for your advice :)
18:11jswisherrwaldron: Great, thanks
18:19rwaldronjswisher I've made the update and reduced the example to only the exact expected (per spec) behavior
18:27jswisherrwaldron: excellent!
20:11sheppyI think after the new browser compat tables go live, we should add node.js to them.
20:11sheppyI pretty strongly feel that way.
20:33madalynnHello, will someone please share the Fundamental CSS comprehension marking guide with me?
20:35sheppyAnyone have that to share? I don't have it.
20:40madalynnfound it searching github, cheers!
21 Apr 2017
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