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19 May 2017
12:35sheppyfscholz: :(
12:35sheppyI hadn't heard that SIMD was dead.
12:50sheppystandups: Followed up on ongoing conversation on issue 165 of the Intersection Observer spec: Firefox currently doesn't call the callback when a target is newly-observed but is not currently visible; Chrome calls the callback so that non-visibility can be recorded if needed, and I am advocating we change to match.
12:50standupsOk, submitted #46383 for
13:02sheppyGah. Running cached script.
13:53sheppyGetting one weird glitch where a value in one of a newly-created element's attributes isn't 0, even though I expressly set it that way -- instead, it's inheriting the value of another element that it's replacing in the DOM. I don't know why.
14:20rwaldronfscholz I don&#39;t think it was for nothing <3
14:21rwaldronIt&#39;s a good historical record :)
14:22fscholzFor history and for science \o/
14:25rwaldronOriginally I was thinking something similar to the box that says &quot;This is an experimental technology&quot;
14:25rwaldronBut there is also the spec tables at the bottom
14:25rwaldronMaybe both? A new status for the spec table and a banner that says some useful information?
14:26rwaldronLet me know if/how I can help :)
14:28fscholzIf it is dead, it should probably get the red obsolete banner
14:53groovecoderlooks like en-US HTTP/Caching was accidentally translated?
14:56groovecoderI&#39;ve forgotten the process for reverting those accidental translations
14:56groovecoderfscholz: ^
14:56fscholzon it
14:57fscholzreverted, I you like the page. Rewrote that one a while ago.
15:31sheppyHm, for some reason, I&#39;m never getting the notification that my element has exceeded 75% visibility. Hrm.
15:36sheppyIt kind of looks like our implementation of IntersectionObserver only calls the callback for the first threshold crossed by the target element, instead of for all of them if it keeps getting more and more exposed.
15:36sheppyAnd from my reading of the spec, that isn&#39;t correct. Hrm.
15:39* sheppy works on making a simple test case
16:05sheppystandups: Posed a question on #layout about a behavior in Intersection Observer that doesn&#39;t appear to match the spec.
16:05standupsOk, submitted #46386 for
20:26sheppystandups: Have run into some unexpected behavior in Intersection Observer; investigating with dev.
20:26standupsOk, submitted #46395 for
20 May 2017
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