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19 Apr 2017
12:52* sheppy starts settling in to go over Firefox 54 for developers to do a tidy pass.
12:56safwansheppy: Do have any idea who make priority to implement html5 in Firerox?
12:56safwan4:46 AM yesterday my friends punched me and said Firefox does not support input type date
12:56safwan4:46 AM :(
12:57chrismillssafwan it really sucks...I'd love to see it implemented too
12:57sheppyIIRC it's being worked on.
12:57safwanchrismills: I was proudly saying about Firefox
12:57safwanThen it happened! :(
13:00chrismillssafwan we do pretty well in terms of feature parity with other browsers in general
13:01chrismillsI think possibly the date input is slightly lower priority than other stuff because it is pretty useless unless all browsers support it
13:01chrismillsI did quite a lot of thinking about it when I wrote
13:02safwanchrismills: Thats cool! Thanks a lot for writing the awesome article
13:02safwanchrismills: But do you know who sets the priority?
13:03chrismillssafwan such decisions are made by a bunch of product manager folk in the platform engineering team
13:04chrismillsThe dev-platform list might be a good place to ask about priority and start a discussion
13:04safwanchrismills: Yeah. That will be a good place to start the discussion
13:05safwanchrismills: bug 888320 seems ery old
13:05firebot NEW, [meta] implement all time and date related input types
13:06chrismillsI've seen even older ones closed recently
13:06chrismillsI think with input date, it's a combination of lower priority compared to other stuff, plus working out the UX being quite complex
13:07sheppyI recently got to close a four-digit bug number. :)
13:07sheppyIt was exciting :)
13:08sheppyAnd the other day, I documented something for which the bug had been open since 2004. :)
13:26safwanchrismills: Do you think its blocked by stylo?
13:26chrismillssafwan I'm really not sure
13:36sheppyIt might be blocked by the UI refresh.
13:47* sheppy accidentally quits Nightly.
13:47sheppyGah. Now I get to wait through the painfully long startup process. :)
13:50sheppyMore to the point, I get to wait through the painfully long shutdown process.
13:52* sheppy gets tired of waiting and force-quits it
14:16* sheppy saves a few bits of changes then wanders off for a bit
15:48sheppystandups: Finished edit/cleanup pass on
15:48standupsOk, submitted #44958 for
16:47sw1ayfeI'm trying to find style guidelines on tables, and can only locate class:"standard-table" within 'CSS Guide'. So I'm editorial reviewing and which use class:"properties"
16:48sw1ayfewhich look nice but columns are less defined.. just wondering if there's a guide to tables I'm missing?
16:49shobsonsw1ayfe: give me one minute to update some documentation...
16:50sw1ayfeno probs - hey thanks!
16:51shobsonsw1ayfe: Okay, added other table examples to this page: It's a bit messy. I'm going through and tidying it up now, but you can find the class names in the headings and view the example formatting.
17:00shobsonTidying done.
17:01sw1ayfeshobson: hmm so this suggests .properties is legacy?
17:02shobsonOh, hm. I focused on 'tables' and missed the '.properties' part of your question.
17:03shobsonThe '.properties' class is used in that way very commonly.
17:04shobsonI wonder if we have a 'canonical' example....
17:04shobsonWho is around who would know that....
17:06shobsonMaybe sheppy-appt can answer when he gets back.
17:07shobsonsw1ayfe: I can say, that looks perfectly normal to me and if that is the only thing left for you to review you can okay those pages :)
17:08shobsonI think you will find that type of table at the top of all the element pages (like for example)
17:14sw1ayfeYeah some of these pages are years in the making so presumed it would have already been flagged. Thanks for your help hey!
17:16shobsonAny time :)
17:53sheppyI don't know anything about .properties. Probably something done automatically.
17:53sheppyOr I've been doing something wrong since.... always. :)
19:19jwhitlockwbamberg: I'm looking at the Array pages, the new page looks a lot like the old page
19:19jwhitlocknew -
19:19jwhitlockold -
19:19jwhitlocksorry w/o document_saved
19:21jwhitlockI guess Array.from() is a bit more different
19:24wbambergjwhitlock, yes, the root Array page is probably the same, but the sub-pages should be different
19:25wbambergprobably we should exclude the root page from the tests
19:26jwhitlockwbamberg: which way do you want to go? exclude it, or recreate an older version?
19:27jwhitlockA/B test on staging -
19:28wbambergno, we should exclude it IMO. The root Array page has had examples on top for years
19:29jwhitlockOK will do
19:38sheppyHm. I&#39;m thinking that once <input> stuff is done, if there&#39;s any time left in the upcoming sprint, I&#39;ll try to get a little more work done on the WebRTC reference.
19:44sheppyHuh. Firefox 53 drops 32-bit Mac OS X support. I thought we did that, like, two years ago. :)
19:44sheppy&quot;Updates for Mac OS X are smaller...&quot; Well yeah, we got rid of the 32-bit binary. :D
19:48* sheppy removes &quot;?document_saved=true&quot; from Firefox 53 for developers.
21:37sheppystandups: Fixed doc bug 1354631 by improving the information about the options parameter, and by adding a whole new section showing how to check for support of given options and falling back if necessary.
21:37standupsOk, submitted #44971 for
21:37firebot FIXED, removeEventListener could better explain how options is used to match an addEventListener to remove
22:21sheppyTomorrow I believe I will resume work on <input> stuff.
20 Apr 2017
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