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18 Apr 2017
02:28sheppystandups: Work is underway on updating browsercompat JSON for the WebExtensions privacy API.
02:28standupsOk, submitted #44867 for
11:11sheppyYawn. :)
15:13* sheppy gets back to work on this JSON update.
16:35sheppyIs it just me or did all the links on the bug numbers vanish from the DocTracker spreadsheet?
16:37Sphinxhello mdn
16:38wbamberghi Sphinx!
16:38SphinxHello wbamberg
16:48sheppychrismills: Do you recall why you did this? I don't immediately see why this page got turned into a redirect to the HTML Learning area page.
16:48chrismillssheppy oops, I wasn't listening ;-)
16:48sheppychrismills: Hm?
16:49sheppyIt hasn't come up in the meeting yet, just looking ahead.
16:49chrismillsok, I'll take a look and think about it
16:49sheppyIt's bug 1357073 fwiw
16:49firebot UNCONFIRMED, I should be on
16:56chrismillssheppy this was during the updating of the HTML tutorials, to try to reduce repetition between /HTML and /Learn
16:56chrismillsbut this was a mistake
16:56chrismillsI will try cancelling redirect
16:57sheppychrismills: Yeah, this is what I figured. I can undo the redirect if you like, whatever works.
16:58chrismillssheppy I've already done it, but I need to wait until the page updates so it starts working
17:46sheppystandups: Attended content standup, documentation coordination meeting, and bug triage meeting.
17:46standupsOk, submitted #44911 for
17:47sheppystandups: Fixed bug 1355685.
17:47standupsOk, submitted #44912 for
17:47firebot FIXED, Incorrect fragment identifier
17:47sheppystandups: Fixed bug 1356901 by deleting the specified page.
17:47standupsOk, submitted #44913 for
17:47firebot UNCONFIRMED, Article for deletion
21:02sheppystandups: Fixed bug 1355682 after much discussion with freddyb and dveditz by removing the dubious note in question.
21:02standupsOk, submitted #44918 for
21:02firebot FIXED, A typo(?)
21:29sw1ayfeHey folks I'm getting an 'invalid macro' on {{CompatEdge("12.10240")}} in an editorial review. What should it be?
21:30sheppysw1ayfe: page?
21:31sheppyWait... in an editorial review? How so?
21:33sw1ayfeI'm doing basic editorial review but last night started using add-on 'MDN document tester'. It's flagging basic dead html spans & stuff mostly. Never seen an EDGE compat before so thought ask incase it was an error naming convention
21:34sheppysw1ayfe: Oh! The tester must need an update. It checks to be sure only appropriate macros are used in the compatibility table.
21:34sheppyJust ignore that message.
21:34* sheppy goes to file a bug on the tester.
21:35sw1ayfeace lol.. thanks matey
21:35sheppyyou bet
21:35sheppyThanks for your work on the compat tables btw -- I'm pleased as punch that we're starting to have some usable Edge information in them.
21:38sw1ayfewell I've not really touched them so much. Just been stuff from that addon. Think I've reviewed ~220 articles now. Nice to see it only stuff from within last month now. Well apart from the first 30 which have a bug ;)
21:38sheppyWell, that's true. But still, it's great that you're checking things out.
21:38sheppyHm. CompatEdge is already in the list.
21:39sw1ayfecharacter limit in the string?
21:39sheppyHm. I don't... think so... checking though.
21:39sw1ayfe*where is this comprehensive list?
21:40sheppyI think this is it here:
22:05sheppystandups: Added the "MDN Search" add-on to
22:05standupsOk, submitted #44921 for
22:07sheppystandups: Fixed multiple grammar errors, and updated style and details, on
22:07standupsOk, submitted #44922 for
22:09sheppyHm. Are there really no web dev facing HTML changes in Firefox 54? Huh.
22:45safwansheppy: Do have any idea who make priority to implement html5 in Firerox?
22:46safwanyesterday my friends punched me and said Firefox does not support input type date
19 Apr 2017
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