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17 May 2017
18:02sfosterhey I had a brain fart and created instead of
18:03sfosterI've corrected the single link to this page from so I just need to delete the -moz-context-fill page. Which I'm not sure how to do.
19:43sheppysfoster: I can do that
19:44sheppystandups: Deleted on request; created by mistake by author.
19:44standupsOk, submitted #46284 for
19:48sheppystandups: Filed bug 1365724 about long-standing page creation quirk with slugs allowing parentheses.
19:48standupsOk, submitted #46285 for
19:48firebot NEW, Create/move page: don't allow parentheses in slug
20:11sfostersheppy: thanks
21:16sheppystandups: Working on a second example for Intersection Observer showing multiple targets on an observer and other features not covered in first example
21:16standupsOk, submitted #46288 for
23:35sheppystandups: IntersectionObserver example that observes multiple targets and records the cumulative time visible for each target element is working. Final touches coming up tomorrow and then I can integrate it into content
23:35standupsOk, submitted #46290 for
23:55sheppystandups: Cleanup of multiple targets IntersectionObserver example done; I want to finish adding code to show unobserve() and a couple of other features tomorrow.
23:55standupsOk, submitted #46293 for
23:55sheppyI like this example... creates a web page with a few lorem ipsum blocks with fake "ads" interspersed. Tracks how much time each ad spends at least 75% visible. :)
23:57sheppyStuff is generated on the fly... I'd like to get to a point of adding in a demonstration of how to use it for infinite scrolling, but that is likely more than I need to spend time on here. :)
23:59sheppyAds are just randomly picked from an array where each ad is a background color, title, and body text. With ads like "3.14 Shades of Gray: A Novel - Love really does make the world go round" and "Flexbox Florist - When life's layout gets complicated, send flowers."
23:59* sheppy is maybe having too much fun.
18 May 2017
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