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17 Mar 2017
15:50sheppyFigured out why I've been having such a hard time getting my sample to work correctly. The sample I based it on doesn't work for me either.
15:50sheppyI'm very close to having it debugged though now.
15:56sheppyWhat's weird is when you're reading code and you see someone do something with promises and you just go... why do you need that promise? It makes no sense.
16:33fscholzstandups: This week, I wrote 17 new MDN pages, attended 10 meetings, and reviewed 1 PR. I will see the MDN team in Toronto starting Sunday night.
16:33standupsOk, submitted #43861 for
16:33fscholzHave a nice (short) weekend all.
16:58safwanfscholz: When you are starting your journey? ;)
16:58fscholzsafwan: Sunday morning
16:59safwanfscholz: Cool!
16:59safwanno sleep sunday morning!
17:01fscholzShould be okay. I can get some sleep in the plane.
23:54sheppystandups: No DTMF samples work on my system for some reason, not even ones known to work elsewhere. Puzzlement ensues.
23:54standupsOk, submitted #43883 for
23:55sheppystandups: Nightly is crashing a lot, and individual tabs are crashing over and over, left and right. No idea why.
23:55standupsOk, submitted #43884 for
23:55sheppyCalling it. Night.
18 Mar 2017
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