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16 Mar 2017
15:49sheppystandups: Filed issue on JSFiddle suggestin a search feature --
15:49standupsOk, submitted #43810 for
20:08sheppyAfter this hack job demo at some point I want to take my big WebRTC sample and prune it down to just a skeleton on which future samples can be hung for WebRTC code.
20:11sheppyWhere it would create two iframes, one for each peer, and use postMessage() to do "signaling".
20:11sheppyThat would let the code be much more like real-world than the quick-and-dirty examples tend to be but simpler than the bigger examples.
20:23* sheppy thinks it's another day for 80s pop.
22:36sheppyThe only thing that makes me feel better about the ongoing frustration with getting WebRTC code to work is that I'm still running into examples that don't seem to work at first blush.
17 Mar 2017
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