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15 May 2017
09:28jktHey chrismills looks way better than how I had it before!
09:28jktCan we make the parent page link to this page though?
09:29chrismillsjkt hi here - I was just wonrking on that ;-)
09:29chrismillsI was gonna add a link soon, so I can sort that out fi you like
09:30jktchrismills: ah cool thank you. I just checked my mail and had bugzilla and mdn alerts for the page
09:30chrismillsjkt ah ha, good stuff ;-) I'll make an annoucement soon, just to let everyone know the page is available, and what to do with it
09:30jktYeah just something in see also perhaps? However a sentence describing each browser is different would be useful
09:31jktchrismills: thanks!
09:31chrismillsI'm also in the process of making some headers/inline markers so you can mark a particular page or listed feature as secure-context only
09:32chrismillsjkt when you say "However a sentence describing each browser is different would be useful" - where would you put this? I mean, in the tables on the new page, you could put extra info in the table cells if needed
09:32jktchrismills: ooh the markers thing sounds great
09:33jktchrismills: I just meant on the parent page to link to the support table
09:35chrismillsjkt, oh, I getcha
12:16nONo|DodOHi... What can I do if I spot a tpyo in a macro on mdn?
13:09chrismillsnONo|DodO a good way to report it would be to file a github issue against
13:09chrismillsor a pull request
13:09nONo|DodOchrismills: tganks for the pointer
13:09chrismillsor you could just mention it on IRC, or the mailing list
13:15nONo|DodOin this case it's not an error in the macro itself, but in
16:48safwanzucchini: Hey
20:48jswisher_conffscholz: wondering if this change is correct:$compare?from=1239431&to=1242013
16 May 2017
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