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15 Mar 2017
04:05patientplatypusim wondering if there is an easy way to take a websurfer.js file and pull a sample off of it using web audio. Or taking a web audio file and recording a sample from it. (not sampling). If this is not the right place, any redirects would be appreciated.
15:26shobsonfscholz: Do we have the macro JSON data in publicly consumable form yet? Where does that live?
15:27fscholzshobson: "macro JSON data"? Can you give me some context?
15:29shobsonfscholz: Someone on twitter was asking me about "an api for MDN" I'll point them to but I vaguely remember something about trying to make the macro lookup tables into something more API like.
15:30shobsonAnd thought that might be helpful depending on what they want.
15:31fscholzAt the moment, it really depends on what kind of data you want.
15:32fscholzSome json data still lives in and we havent made a plan to put them into a proper repo. We did start for CSS data though:
15:32fscholzExperimental compat data lives in
15:32shobsonCool, thanks :)
17:53Sphinxgood evening mdn
17:57sheppyHi Sphinx
18:00Sphinxhello sheppy
18:56marcohow can I add a subpage on a page that uses LandingPageListSubpages ?
19:02jswishermarco: if you have page-creation permission, there a "New sub-article" item on the "gear" menu
19:02jswisherOnce you've saved the sub-page, the parent needs a hard refresh to update the macro
19:03marcojswisher: I don't know if I have page-creation permissions, so I guess I don't
19:03jswishermarco: what's your MDN username?
19:03marcojswisher: could you do it for me? add in
19:04marcojswisher: marco-c
19:04jswisherAh, you want to move one under the other, not create a new one
19:04jswisherYes, I can move that
19:06jswisherPage move completed:
19:06jswisherAnd refreshed the parent page
19:08jswishermarco: And you are in the "Page Creators" group, so you can create pages
19:08jswisherBut page move is more restricted
19:08marcojswisher: ok, thanks!
20:06jswisherCourt ruling hinges on serial comma:
20:06jswisheror lack thereof
20:06* sheppy-afk reads
20:13sheppyjswisher: That totally made my day. Thanks for sharing it. :)
20:24jswishersheppy: :-)
20:24sheppyThe noble serial comma.
20:25jswisherAlso, parallel structure FTW
20:25jswisher"In an impressively geeky retort, the drivers responded that all the other exempted activities were listed as gerunds, words ending with -ing: Canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing. The word distribution, they argued, was therefore not intended to be one of the items in the list."
20:26sheppyYeah, right? :)
16 Mar 2017
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