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14 May 2017
19:02salty-horseany canvas experts around? I think the docs for width/height should mention that setting these values will clear the canvas.
21:29jswishersalty-horse: Probably no canvas experts around on a Sunday
21:29jswisherYou could make the change and flag the article for technical review
21:33salty-horsejswisher, I don't feel comfortable doing that
21:34jswishersalty-horse: Or file a bug, which I think you did before, right?
21:34salty-horseyeah, I don't want to spam the bug tracker too much :)
21:34jswishersalty-horse: Don't worry about that; otherwise, things get lost
21:35salty-horseok :) I'll file tomorrow if it's not somehow magically fixed by then
15 May 2017
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