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14 Mar 2017
09:48chrismillsEquinusOcio hello there
13:42sheppyMorning folks
15:06francoisI fixed the indentation in the code samples of$compare?locale=en-US&to=1218591&from=1179503 but it might be good if someone could doublecheck that I did it right.
15:06francoisfscholz: ^^^
15:24sheppyfrancois: looking
15:24sheppyfrancois: looks great, thanks!
15:27francoissheppy: thanks for the review!
18:30AndroUserHello Friends
18:31sheppystandups: Fixed bug 1346281 by updating the Element.setAttribute() page heavily.
18:31standupsOk, submitted #43699 for
18:31firebot FIXED, Contradictory advice in Mozilla developer Web API Element.setAttribute() docs
18:34sheppystandups: Talked to the BMO folks; turns out bug 1346807 is a BMO problem; the page is in fact missing. They're actively working on a fix (see bug 1347237).
18:34standupsOk, submitted #43700 for
18:34firebot NEW [] Bugzilla privilege link not found ("What to do" page)
18:34firebot NEW, dylan get_permissions.html is missing
18:35sheppystandups: Resolved bug 1346973 as a duplicate of bug 1346281.
18:35standupsOk, submitted #43701 for
18:35firebot DUPLICATE, Incorrect information on setting an attibute without a value
19:41sheppystandups: Evaluated bug 1346524 and determined that while the docs don't match Firefox's current behavior, this is because Firefox is doing it wrong. Reassigned the bug to Core, component DOM: Core & HTML.
19:41standupsOk, submitted #43704 for
19:41firebot UNCONFIRMED, Documentation of createHTMLDocument incorrect - No <!DOCTYPE html>
23:48JoeYCBack again, quick question I want to get cleared up (I&#39;m not asking to cheat just a clarification): adding an onlick event for the image gallery assessment goes outside the loop right?
15 Mar 2017
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