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14 Jul 2017
12:28Sphinxhello mdn
13:25jswisherhi Sphinx
13:30sheppystandups: Attended "Promote MDN" plugin meeting. Sometime in the nearish future I need to review the list of terms it looks for and update it to have current URLs and any new/missing technologies.
13:30standupsOk, submitted #48220 for
13:39Sphinxanthony: nice one on Discourse :D
13:39anthonyThanks :)
19:07sheppystandups: Submitted 1H wellness expenses
19:07standupsOk, submitted #48232 for
21:33sheppyHm. I need to look at how to install the doc linter web extension.
21:37sheppyOh, there are release builds. You just don't know this because is empty :)
21:53shobsonCan someone please point me at how we call a macro from a macro?
22:22anthonysheppy sorry about that, the release is not totally up to date but it's working. We are working to release it on AMO with Florian.
22:22anthonyAnd we have a PR for the Readme which I'll finish tomorrow
22:22sheppyshobson: I can tell you that, sec
22:22sheppyanthony: woot
22:25sheppyshobson: Just do template("templatename") or template("templatename", [list, of, parameters])
22:37shobsonsheppy: thanks :)
15 Jul 2017
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