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13 Sep 2017
11:12AlexiosanIt's my first time on IRC ever.
11:13AlexiosanAre you here?
11:13HavvyCongrats on making it onto IRC. This channel is a bit slow, so there's going to be high amount of waiting for answers to any questions.
11:14HavvyUnless you can catch somebody into a conversation.
13:03jswisherAlexiosan: Most of the MDN staff in Europe are at a conference at the moment, and the ones in North America are just coming online (9 am for me)
16:06sheppystandups: Attended 1:1 with Kadir
16:06standupsOk, submitted #50866 for
16:06sheppystandups: Attended mid-sprint review meeting
16:06standupsOk, submitted #50867 for
16:22jktDo extension API changes go onto MDN when they become stable or is it a time issue. (I can make the changes if before)
16:23sheppyjkt: Time issue, mostly.
16:23jktsheppy: cool, thanks :)
16:24sheppyjkt: I mean, ideally they're at least hopefully mostly stable when they get written up, but time is the bigger factor I think wbamberg can tell you more; he's the head Mozilla staffer on that
16:25jktsheppy: ah ok well they should be going into beta soon, anyway no rush just wanted to ask for an article I am writing
16:25wbambergjkt I would like to have them documented at the time Firefox enters beta, but dont always manage that
16:25wbambergwas there anything in particular?
16:25jktwbamberg: ok cool
16:26jktwbamberg: containers changes for events, api rejections rather than returning false, color/icon names for containers too
16:26wbambergdo you have a bug number for this work?
16:26jktwbamberg: let me find em
16:31jktBug 1395659, 1354602, 1339610, 1344519
16:31firebot FIXED, Reinstate containers enabled checks on contextual identity apis
16:34wbambergjkt, so all for 57, yes?
16:35wbambergI wont start looking at 57 for another week or two, but they should get done quite soon after that
17:46sheppyjswisher: The autoformatting thing alone has me excited about the transition to CKEditor 5 when it comes out... someday. :)
17:48sheppyEditor expands with the height of the content by default now, which is hopefully a sign that their redesign fixes certain problems.
17:52sheppyGets rid of direct control over things like the style attribute, image borders and sizes, etc. Instead you add classes to a list that the user can select among.
17:57jktwbamberg: sorry was afk, yeah all in 57 :)
18:10sheppyjswisher: Just saw your retweet, Twitter was scrolled to the past on me.
18:10sheppyThings are cooking now. :)
18:11sheppyOh, it was just a couple minutes ago. I picked a good time to notice Twitter was behind. :)
19:00sheppystandups: Added some missing stuff to to handle some things the <tr> page needs to refer to.
19:00standupsOk, submitted #50887 for
19:34sheppyTrello just announced a desktop app. Fun. :)
20:58sheppyIt&#39;s weird going back to older HTML specs and not having the WebIDL to refer to. It makes getting things right way harder when referring back to older stuff.
20:59safwanIs that true?
20:59sheppysafwan: yes
21:00safwanThats really a big news actually. I have not listened anything from MDN side
21:00sheppyMicrosoft is contributing to MDN.
21:00sheppyWe have not been talking about it since discussions were kept quiet for typical reasons of quietness.
21:01safwanYap. I have seen some contributors from microsoft but I did not know MDN and Microsoft are teaming up
21:02safwanSo whats the result of this? They will just contribute in documentation? why dont give some hands in development?
21:02sheppysafwan: One thing at a time. :)
21:03jwhitlockyes let&#39;s finish the AWS transition before starting the Azure transition
21:04safwanha ha ha! we use kubernetes and it is platform independent! ;)
21:04jwhitlockyes just like Java
21:05sheppyNext up: MDN built in Flash. :D
21:05sheppyTalk about a funny twist of irony that would be to announce.
21:05sheppyThat would have been a great April Fools Day gag. :D
21:05safwansheppy: Do they appoint any dedicated staff from Microsoft to contribute in MDN?
21:06sheppysafwan: I don&#39;t know that I can speak to that.
21:06safwanOk. no problem
21:06sheppyI would assume that if they&#39;re going collaborate on a single doc site, that would be implied, but I cannot at this time comment for sure.
21:07jwhitlockI&#39;d expect something like Joe Medley&#39;s work as a Google employee -
21:08jwhitlockI&#39;m not as aware of any MDN profiles for MS employees
21:09safwanMe too
21:12sheppyThey exist.
21:12sheppyThey&#39;ve been contributing quietly for some time now.
21:12sheppyNow, most of their work is just compat tables and presumably is gradually more and more on GitHub.
21:12sheppyBut I hope this will lead to more general contributions going forward. Time will tell.
21:20sheppyNo matter how much they do, this is a big deal and I&#39;m very very happy.
21:20sheppyI&#39;ve wanted to see more collaboration between us and Microsoft for a long time on this stuff.
21:21sheppyThat the Microsoft guy used &quot;Woot!&quot; in his tweet makes me giddy.
21:24HavvyMDN built in flash? That sounds like somebody is blackmailing you...
21:24sheppyHavvy: lol
21:24safwanMDN only for Chrome would be better idea! ;)
21:25HavvyToo bad April is so far away
21:27sheppysafwan: :)
21:28HavvyI hope y&#39;all have an April Fools folder to document these ideas into.
21:29sheppyHavvy: If only! :)
21:29HavvyNever too late to start one.
21:30sheppyNot even sure which of the half-million places we put things to use for that. :)
21:30sheppyWe have way too many places to put stuff now.
21:33HavvyStart an etherpad?
21:55sheppystandups: Sent invitations to relevant people about meeting tomorrow morning to talk about the &quot;fix onsite 404s&quot; SEO project component.
21:55standupsOk, submitted #50894 for
21:56sheppyWait, how&#39;d that wind up on Friday? That&#39;s not right.
21:57sheppyOh, because one of us is socked in that day. :)
21:58HavvyBut tomorrow is Thursday?
21:59sheppyYeah, it&#39;s actually set up on Friday.
21:59sheppy&quot;that day&quot; meant Thursday.
22:00sheppyI&#39;m reserving all my &quot;making sense&quot; for docs. :D
22:01jwhitlocksheppy: I&#39;ll have to decline a Friday meeting
22:02sheppyjwhitlock: you should just flag that entire day as off limits :)
22:02jwhitlocknot a bad idea
22:02sheppyGuess we meet next week then. Kadir&#39;s socked in Thursday.
22:02sheppyHavvy: Full from beginning to end, top-to-bottom.
22:02jwhitlockcan it wait for post-sprint planning?
22:03HavvyInteresting word.
22:03sheppyjwhitlock: this meeting is part of a goal for this sprint, but the goal is already on the threatened species list.
22:04sheppyHavvy: Usually used when referring to fog that&#39;s so thick and all-encompassing that you can&#39;t see a thing. &quot;San Francisco was socked in today, so my flight was late.&quot;
22:05* sheppy looks at next week
22:05HavvyDarn you Karl the Fog! But yeah, still interesting word. Would not have thought it used like that.
22:05sheppyHavvy: English is weird. :)
22:07sheppystandups: Rescheduled previous meeting for the 21st because busy people are busy.
22:07standupsOk, submitted #50896 for
22:41sheppystandups: Finished more work on the <tr> page with a bit of text left to do, but now into adding a couple of examples to cover specific points and get more keyword usage.
22:41standupsOk, submitted #50897 for
22:41sheppy-offlineGotta go, can&#39;t do more right now
14 Sep 2017
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