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13 Aug 2017
01:40mike5w3coh wow whats up with the Nightly logo? :)
05:32circ-user-STEGUI have created a website template for my Blog. How do I populate the template with arrticles/content stored in my database?
05:34circ-user-STEGUIs this the right place to be asking questions?
12:36Sphinxhello mdn
13:18anthonyHi Sphinx
13:18Sphinxanthony: bonjour :)
13:18anthonyI had a question for you :p Did you get the webextension update ? We pushed an update but since I hooked you up with a "custom" version, I don't know if you got the update
13:21Sphinxanthony: 1.0.1 in about:addons, sthg else to test/check?
13:21Sphinxlast update date 11th
13:22anthonyIt should be ok then :)
13:22Sphinxanthony: new killer feature ? ;)
13:23anthonyNope, fixing the bug you reported for everyone and update the rule package to add a check on internal links + anchors and fixing a bug with pre tag with the eval class
13:25anthonyThe next big thing I would love to see is a remote linter to generate a dashboard with the page status
13:25Sphinxsounds like old fscholz' dream :)
13:26anthonyI have a "Proof of Concept" up on github ( but it require some work on documentation and on code.
13:28Sphinxhaving the linter rules enforced little by little but *surely* across the existing docs would be awesome (in a maintainer's view :))
13:30anthonyMy "dream" would be to have a hook on "save" to call the linters and generate the data from the linter suite. But I can only imagine how complicated it would be to implement. It would be interesting to see how kumascript is hooked to Kuma.
13:31Sphinxanthony: well there is this diagram I never took the time to study/understand :D
13:32anthonyWhen my remote linter will be a bit more advanced, it would be worth annoying John or Ryan with this :p
14:21Sphinxanthony: if, by any chance, you've done everything you wanted on the linter side and you feel bored during a Sunday and that you have no idea what to do: bug 1389934 :p
14:21firebot NEW, "hidden" class styles should not be applied to the English panel while localizing
14:21Sphinx(I hope this condition of mine evaluates to a falsy value)
17:20Mutter_01:18 Mutter_: Im translating some articles in MDN, Im thinking if theres any local community that talk about translations,articles ,etc.
17:43safwanMutter_: Which locale?
17:48safwanMutter_: There are community there
17:48Mutter_How may I join them, about translating.
17:52jwhitlock|awayMutter_: that may be a good Discourse thread:
17:52jwhitlockjust to see who else reaches out
17:53jwhitlockMDN doesn't have a platform for collaboration, so it would need to be organized outside of MDN
17:53jwhitlockanother possible resource is the Pontoon translation communities -,, etc
17:56jwhitlockasking again during the California work week (same time tomorrow) is also a good idea
17:57Mutter_OK,got your point
17:57Mutter_Thanks for your links
14 Aug 2017
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