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11 Sep 2017
03:20mike5w3cstandups: Changed *Permitted contents* in the <template> article to just state, No restrictions
03:20standupsOk, submitted #50726 for
21:12KurtC0ba1nhello, I have an I have an issue on MDN could you help me ?
21:13jwhitlockwhat&#39;s your issue
21:16KurtC0ba1nI tried to translate a MDN page from english to french, it takes me 2 days and I&#39;ve tried to publish it but it doesn&#39;t work
21:16KurtC0ba1nit is write &quot; Sorry! We weren&#39;t able to save your contribution. Please copy and paste your changes in
21:19jwhitlocksorry, your change was mis-identified as spam by our spam detector
21:21jwhitlocka moderator has marked it as not-spam. I need to get the document ready for translation again...
21:22KurtC0ba1ndo you mean I should reload the page and set the HTML code I saved on my computer ?
21:24jwhitlockyes in a minute
21:24KurtC0ba1nokay, tell me when it&#39;s done
21:25jwhitlockKurtC0ba1n: ok, please give it another try
21:30KurtC0ba1nIt works, thanks a lot !
21:30jwhitlockI&#39;m glad it worked. Thanks for your contribution!
22:04jwhitlockwow 2013 feels like a long time ago -
22:05jwhitlockand also
22:05jwhitlocksheppy: seems like there should be 1 or 0 of that page, not 2
22:06jwhitlockalso this guy
22:08* sheppy turned the &quot;Unicode File Error&quot; page into a redirect to the proper location
22:19sheppyThinking eventually I want to add a &quot;selection size&quot; counter to the info bar space in the editor; would be handy to select some text to see how long your summary is, for instance, sine we have a length limit we want to keep under.
22:27* sheppy sees the word &quot;trousers&quot; on MDN and giggles.
22:27sheppyThat word is funny.
23:30sheppystandups: Made substantial updates to; primarily for the SEO project but some of that SEO involved adding missing material, including multiple missing attributes and methods, and moving the deprecated stuff to the end.
23:30standupsOk, submitted #50761 for
23:31sheppystandups: A few little tweaks to pages along the way
23:31standupsOk, submitted #50762 for
12 Sep 2017
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