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11 Jul 2017
13:49SphinxHello mdn
16:39anthonyHi Sphinx1
16:45bsmedbergIs there a way to get a list of all articles starting with en-US/docs/Plugins ?
16:46jwhitlockbsmedberg:$children is a start
16:46bsmedbergclose enough, thanks
16:47jwhitlockI think it is limited to a depth of 5, but this topic looks shallow enough that it shouldn't matter
17:40Sphinxanthony: hi, sorry for the delay :$
17:41Sphinxanthony: how 's gsoc going?
17:41anthonyI was late too :)
17:41anthonyIt's a really good experience, I'm learning a lot and having a lot of fun
17:42anthonyI'm finding what I lost at school, having fun with what I do
12 Jul 2017
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