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10 Aug 2017
16:35sheppystandups: Updated spreadsheets showing progress in sprint 2, and docs showing plans for sprint 3 (in rough, at least)
16:35standupsOk, submitted #49401 for
16:36sheppystandups: Attended Q3 S2 retrospective and Q3 S3 planning meetings.
16:36standupsOk, submitted #49402 for
16:38sheppystandups: Finished doc updates for Fx 56 media changes as of now.
16:38standupsOk, submitted #49404 for
16:38sheppystandups: Toyed with making the "effect of changes to display width" demonstration in the CSS Columns page visible but decided it's not interesting enough code-wise and that this detracts from the point of the demo.
16:38standupsOk, submitted #49405 for
16:39sheppyOK, I have my appointment coming up and need to snag lunch and whatnot before I go, so I'm off for a bit. I'm pingable though.
21:19sheppyIt's been an absurdly quiet day.
21:24sheppystandups: Tweaked to filter properly in search.
21:24standupsOk, submitted #49412 for
21:30sheppyHm. Anyone else seeing this?
21:30sheppyThose icons are meant to be on the same row as the titles, no?
21:38jwhitlockyeah, looks like a bug in the h4 margins on search
21:39sheppyMy dev tools seem to be glitching; I can't see the CSS for the element I'm inspecting. :)
21:39* sheppy files a bug for this
21:44sheppystandups: Filed bug 1389278 for icon/text alignment issue on search results page
21:44standupsOk, submitted #49413 for
21:44firebot NEW, On the search results page, the page names and icons don't line up
22:55sheppystandups: Finished updates to for the SEO thin page project; it didn't get much bigger since it's a special case, so the numbers will be particularly interesting to watch for.
22:55standupsOk, submitted #49417 for
11 Aug 2017
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