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9 Oct 2017
18:32wsmwkdoesn't take long for the crash reports to start flowing in
21:16jorgkPaenglab: Hi, one question.
21:18Paenglabjorgk: Hi. Yes?
21:18jorgkOK, the thread pane patch.
21:19jorgkbackground: url("chrome://messenger/skin/icons/attach.svg") for Gloda, that's unrelated, right?
21:19jorgksomething that was forgotten?
21:21PaenglabIt's related as I deleted on Mac the icon...and also forgotten. Gloda is something I almost never use.
21:21PaenglabAnd thanks to this icon I saw the missing toolbar.
21:22jorgkOK, I use Gloda to search my "Mozilla" folder. That's useful.
21:26jorgkPaenglab: I'll get to the last patch tomorrow.
21:27Paenglabjorgk: Fine.
21:29jorgkI have to check it on the laptop. BTW, I asked in the bug whether I can reproduce the "shadow".
21:33PaenglabI've never seen it on FX. Maybe it also depends on the scaling. Then the FX drawn buttons don't fit well on the native buttons.
21:46jorgkPaenglab: I'm going to bed, tomorrow early again to the Kita. Cold!!!
21:46jorgkI'll push the lot in the next half hour after the merge.
21:48Paenglabjorgk: Good night!
10 Oct 2017
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