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9 Aug 2017
09:00marcoagpintodarktrojan: ping?
09:00marcoagpintowas it you who developed "Tab Badge"?
09:00darktrojanit was
09:01darktrojanit's getting a bit broken these days
09:01marcoagpintojust to tell you that the add-on is useful, but $10 for showing a red number is too expensiv
09:01marcoagpintojust to tell you that the add-on is useful, but $10 for showing a red number is too expensive
09:02marcoagpintoI have near 300K users in my speller and I only ask for $3,99
09:03marcoagpintosome persons donated $1
09:03darktrojanyeah well, fair enough
09:04darktrojanI figure if you're going to donate you might as well make it a decent amount
09:04darktrojanpaypal will take most of a dollar
09:06marcoagpintoI know :(
09:06marcoagpintothey take around 0.50 from the 3.99
09:07marcoagpintoand, if I transfer the $$$ to my bank account they charge some 20 or 30 EUR
09:07darktrojanwhat? seriously?
09:08darktrojanif I transfer > NZ$150 it's free
09:08marcoagpintomaybe because they have to convert from USD to EUR
09:08marcoagpintofee for converting
09:09darktrojannope, that's free too, although the rates are a little off
09:09marcoagpintowell, the last time I transfered, I paid some 30 EUR or so
09:09darktrojanjust buy shit on ebay with it instead :)
09:10darktrojanI wonder if the EU thinks you're money laundering
09:10darktrojanbtw, most of my addons go here when asking for donations:
09:11darktrojantab badge isn't one of them
09:11darktrojan(probably because it is unloved)
12:40clokep_workwsmwk: I am.
12:40clokep_workRe: 4:09:35 PM - wsmwk: anyone using oauth2 gmail on beta?
12:40clokep_workBy which I mean, I'm not cause it isn't working. ;)
12:41WaltS48so am I and it is working. Weird isn't it?
13:31Paenglabclokep_work, WaltS48: The today Daily has a fix for the OAuth issue. Could you try it, if it fixes the issue?
13:32WaltS48Paenglab: I have no issue, but I'll try today's Daily. Are updates working?
13:34PaenglabWaltS48: I know, but to check it's not worse than before. And no, you can download it from
13:34clokep_workPaenglab: It's on my todo list.
13:34clokep_workAlthough I don't love using Daily on my real profile..
13:35WaltS48Okay, I was going to switch back to my Daily when I previously disconnected.
13:36Paenglabclokep_work: For me they are working very good. Could you then comment in bug 1388060?
13:36firebot ASSIGNED, OAuth2 Gmail and Google CalDAV calendars can't co-exist
13:36clokep_workPaenglab: Yes, all on my todo list. :P
13:38PaenglabWaltS48: For the automatic updates we have to wait until Tom has his VPN access to Balrog.
13:40WaltS48okay, downloading now, will backup my profile, and test in a few minutes.
13:59WaltS48Paenglab: Tested in today's Daily on Ubuntu 16.04 and still have no problem. Maybe because I don't have a Google CalDAV calendar? I have Provider for Google Calendar.
14:00WaltS48Darn it! Now Nightly Tester Tools is completely broken. :(
14:02PaenglabWaltS48: But you use OAuth to log in? I need no OAuth for mail because my account is old. But the Provider uses OAuth too, or not?
14:02WaltS48Paenglab: Both use OAuth
14:02PaenglabIs ir broken or disabled? Some developers change the max-version to stop using it on 57.
14:03WaltS48Maybe it is because I don't login every day and have the password saved?
14:04WaltS48NTT is enabled, just doesn't work anymore. No big deal.
14:05PaenglabI'm not a login specialist. :) But it's good it still works and the duplicate OAuth file names don't break something.
14:06PaenglabYesterday "Custom Theme restorer" was disabled on Nightly.
14:07WaltS48I couldn't care less. We have rectangle tabs again. Now I want a CTR for curved tabs. ;)
14:09PaenglabI only used CTR to move the AppButton.
14:19WaltS48I'm going to go test today's Daily on my Windows 10 laptop.
14:55clokep_workPaenglab: So Lightning got disabled for me.
14:55clokep_workDo I need to do something to get lightning to work with Daily?
14:55clokep_workI thought it was distributed with it now...
14:57PaenglabIs it the beta profile? Then remove Lightning and after the restart you should be able to enable the built-in Lightning. You already wrote you made a backup. :)
14:59clokep_workWeird, I don't think I ever installed it manually.
15:01PaenglabIt comes together with TB. But beta and release install it in the normal extensions place, Daily in the application's extension place. And the normal place has precedence.
15:03clokep_workI deleted it, but it still isn't enabled.
15:04PaenglabYou have to enable it afterwards. Normally.
15:04clokep_workRight it's saying I can't.
15:04clokep_work"Lightning is incompatible with Daily 57.0a1."
15:05PaenglabWhat version is it (hover over the title)? You removed it before?
15:06PaenglabYeah, that's the TB 56 version
15:08WaltS48 for Lightning for Daily
15:09WaltS48You will also find gdata-provider there
15:11WaltS48I am happy to report I still don't have an OAuth issue using today's Daily on Windows.
15:18clokep_workSweet. It worked.
15:18clokep_workAnd fancy new tabs. :)
15:20Paenglabclokep_work: You're on macOS?
15:20clokep_workPaenglab: Yes.
15:21PaenglabYou think it looks good with the normal titlebar? Firefox uses a black titlebar but I think that looks not so well system integrated.
15:27clokep_workPaenglab: One second. I don't use the normal titlebar.
15:27clokep_work(On Firefox)
15:29clokep_workOh. I'm not running Firefox never mind.
15:29clokep_workPaenglab: I thought they were changing to make it the same color as the system?
15:31WaltS48My titlebar is white in my Windows Nightly and in Daily
15:33PaenglabThey use -moz-mac-vibrancy-dark and on my desktop this looks only like a black bar.
15:33PaenglabBut if you like it like TB is now, I leave it. :)
15:34PaenglabWaltS48: Depending of your Win10 version, you could enable the accent color in titlebars.
15:37stefanhPaenglab: I also don't like that black titlebar in firefox
15:39Paenglabclokep_work: Yes, this is like mine.
15:40WaltS48Ah, put a check mark in Title Bars. Done.
15:41PaenglabWaltS48: It could be you need a restart of TB. Not sure if this is fixed in toolkit.
15:41clokep_workPaenglab: I don't see any black, but I'm notoriously bad with this stuff. ;)
15:41WaltS48But now that Nightly Tester Tools no longer works showing me the version and buildID, do I even need a title bar.
15:42WaltS48no restart was required
15:42Paenglabclokep_work: On TB that's good. It wasn't intended to have a black background.
15:50wsmwkclokep_work: :)
15:54WaltS48awesome! I now have Orchid light tabs in my Nightly.
17:16acemanwhen do I get updated to FF55?
17:16acemanmanually checking offers no update
17:23patclashFF 55 released yesterday, 25% update rate, as usual ;)
17:25patclash100 % Friday , (if no issue)
17:27patclashbut it seem that a FF 55.0.1 is on the way ....
17:32wsmwkdoes seem :)
17:41acemanbut shouldn't the manual check in "about Firefox" always show the update?
17:43acemanso maybe they pulled 55.0.0 and wait for 55.0.1 now?
18:00wsmwkaceman: yes, they pulled it
20:28stefanhPaenglab: where do I see in the ui?
20:29* stefanh can only find one source-list tree in address book
20:29stefanhand it's not that
20:30Paenglabstefanh: It's the tree in composer's contacts sidebar.
20:33stefanhPaenglab: ah, thanks. I'm finally going to fix SM and was confused about those rules in /mail, but the SM sidebar sucks and is impossible to style as a source list :-)
20:37Paenglabstefanh: When you're on fixing things, then probably bug 1387731 affects SM, extensionGeneric-16.png was removed. Sorry I haven't informed earlier.
20:37firebot FIXED, Update Add-ons favicon
20:39stefanhPaenglab: thanks!
20:40stefanhPaenglab: not that there will be many add-ons ;-)
21:02stefanhPaenglab: actually, we don't seem to use that file but we use extensionGeneric.png which I can't fins in m-c anymore...
21:03stefanhoh, well - we probably have that since I can see an icon
21:04Paenglabstefanh: This one was exchanged some time ago to a svg file. Maybe you want to override the tab icon in add-on manager because it's monochrome now.
21:04PaenglabThe extensionGeneric-16.svg.
21:06stefanhPaenglab: ah, now I see - thanks :-)
21:07Paenglabstefanh: shows me some references. The modern theme seems to have it's own icon.
21:13stefanhPaenglab: ah, right. Right now I'm a bit confused since I don't understand what icons we use for what
10 Aug 2017
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