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8 Sep 2017
18:05jorgkPaenglab: Hello
18:06Paenglabjorgk: Hey
18:07jorgkthanks for those e-mails (encrypted, etc.)
18:07jorgkWhat do you mean by "Registrieren des Nicknamens beim IRC Server
18:07jorgkI can't remember registering anything
18:09PaenglabMy nick is registered on the server and it checks if it's me who want to use the nick.
18:09jorgkHow is it registered? Where?
18:09jorgkI can see that I have SSL ticked.
18:13jorgkInteresting, I've never seen or done that. I'll switch off the SSL and see whether that makes a difference.
18:13Paenglabrereading it doesn't look like it's the problem.
18:14jorgkI'm going to close TB now and rejoin.
18:55squibis autoupdate working for daily? i don't seem to be getting updates
18:55squib(on linux)
18:56squiboh, it's in the /topic but was scrolled out of view
18:56squibignore me
20:25wsmwksquib: not since mid aug
20:25wsmwk(at least)
21:22* wsmwk the last dog days of summer
21:25acemandog days?
21:33wsmwkwell, technically we're officially past it -
21:34wsmwkbut it still feels like mid-summer since it flew by
9 Sep 2017
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