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8 Aug 2017
14:14clokep_workJust updated to beta and I'm getting "The selected IMAP server does not support the selected authentica..." on Gmail...
14:14clokep_workI assume this is known already?
14:14* clokep_work goes to check Bugzilla.
14:27clokep_workSeems to be bug 1388060?
14:27firebot NEW, OAuth2 Gmail and Google CalDAV calendars can't co-exist
14:28WaltS48Ugh. Rectangular tabs and can't customize the titlebar with Nightly Tester Tools, just like Fx Nightly.
14:37WaltS48clokep_work: I had no problem with my Gmail account when testing the 56.0b1 release candidate on Linux or Windows. I even went back and tested Provider for Google Calendar after seeing ChrisR's post in the m.test newsgroup.
14:38clokep_workWaltS48: I don't know who ChrisR is but I'm seeing the exact behavior in that bug ^
14:39WaltS48clokep_work: He is another Linux tester. Let me update my betas and see what happens with my production profile.
14:40WaltS48be back later
15:00WaltS48I don't see any problem with gmail and Google calendar using the Provider for Google Calendar version 3.7b1 on Linux. Can't test CalDAV
15:02WaltS48Looks like I'll be using Beta version for awhile. Lightning is totally hosed in today's Daily.
15:40wsmwkgaston: i think you already know the answer
16:04choiceHello! Thunderbird constantly uses 100% of my CPU. Is it a bug?
16:04clokep_workWaltS48: Are you using OAuth for both?
16:05clokep_workchoice: It's not good. :)
16:05choiceclokep_work: You as a pro, what would you do about it?
16:05clokep_workI'm not sure I'm a pro...but the first thing I'd do is restart it.
16:05clokep_workUsually lots of CPU is caused by the indexing least that's what it was like *years* ago.
16:05clokep_workBut I'm unsure if that's a problem or not.
16:06choiceclokep_work: I restarted it like 10 times already. Always keeps eating my CPU.
16:06choiceI don't want it to index anything!
16:07gastonwsmwk: guess that's a no then :)
16:07clokep_workWaltS48: Are you using OAuth for both?
16:07clokep_workchoice: What version of TB?
16:07wsmwkgaston: your answer suggests you don't understsand the release process
16:07WaltS48clokep_work: Yes
16:08choiceclokep_work: 52.2.1
16:08gastonwsmwk: well i didnt see any mails about it on tb-drivers, only 56.0b1 (which i'm using now)
16:09choiceLooks like it stopped!
16:09choiceIt happened after I deleted a few thousand emails from IMAP folders.
16:09wsmwkgaston: there is always a next version. The real question is "when". and for 52.3.0, when is going to be about two weeks after 56 beta
16:09choiceI wonder what it was.
16:10gastonit's just not 'in sync with ff esr'
16:10WaltS48clokep_work: No problem on Windows either after updating Provider for Google Calendar.
16:10wsmwkgaston: for the past few years you know it hasn't corresponded directly to what fx does
16:10clokep_workWaltS48: How'd you update? I had no updates available?
16:10clokep_workchoice: Oh, well that will do it. :)
16:11choiceclokep_work: What will do what?
16:11clokep_workDeleting a few thousand IMAP messages.
16:11choiceclokep_work: Will do what?
16:11clokep_workI shouldn't take 100% CPU, but it makes sense that it was doing more work.
16:11wsmwkgaston: when you have a question is probably best to ask in tb-drivers so everyone gets the info/question
16:11choiceclokep_work: Even after it looked like everything was done and I closed and restarted TB already?
16:12WaltS48clokep_work: I downloaded it from for Linux
16:13WaltS48and for Windows
16:13WaltS48and Installed from file
16:18clokep_workWaltS48: Wow I was on an old version....
16:18clokep_workSame thing after updating though...
16:24WaltS48clokep_work: Sorry. Unfortunately I have no idea how to set up a Google CalDAV and Provider for Google calendar.
16:25clokep_workI'm not usint CalDAV, I'm using provider for calendar...
16:28WaltS48The bug reporters are reporting CalDAV and Provider. Bug 1387887 and 1388060
16:28firebot NEW, Cannot set up network calendar
16:32WaltS48clokep_work: and I don't have any unrelated accounts. Sorry if I wasted your time
16:33clokep_work"2. Add a CalDAV calendar (Google; OAuth2; 2FA enabled)." makes no sense to me, but OK.
16:33clokep_workCan you use OAuth2 with CalDAV?
16:35WaltS48Might be a better question for #calendar.
20:09wsmwkanyone using oauth2 gmail on beta?
9 Aug 2017
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