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7 Aug 2017
13:27WaltS48Are Daily updates broken? I haven't had an update on Windows since 07/30, and not getting an update notification for the Linux Daily (Build 20170804030207) I installed manually.
13:33WaltS48A Check for updates indicates I am up to date.
13:39WaltS48and the logs are down. ;(
14:25tomprinceWaltS48: I'm waiting on balrog access to reenable updates. There was a change in the updater, that needs a watershed update to update across.
14:26WaltS48tomprince: Thanks for the update. No pun intended.
14:56acemanwatershed update?
15:02wsmwkaceman: see Bug 1386230
15:02firebot NEW, Daily fails to apply automatic updates
15:02acemanbut what does watershed update mean?
15:03wsmwkthat you need to pass through a specific build to get to the newest build
15:04wsmwkthe watershed build bridges older builds with older methods of doing <something> to newer builds that only know how to do the newer method of doing <something>
15:04tomprinceThe update format changed, so we have one update with the new updater but packed for the old. So everybody needs to update to that before updating to later versions.
15:27acemanok, thanks
15:39wsmwkc/the watershed/a watershed/
19:07clokep_worksancus: Hi. :)
19:07clokep_workAre you on tb-drivers mailing list?
19:07sancusclokep_work: nope
19:08clokep_workI&#39;ll CC you then. HOpefully you can answer my question!
19:10sancusclokep_work: thunderbird-version.json is updated automatically by ship-it isn&#39;t it
19:11sancusanyway it&#39;s absolutely still necessary, we still need a source of truth for what versions we are shipping, is using the repo at
19:12clokep_workAlright so it&#39;s still using the same repo? Cool.
19:12clokep_worksancus: And yes, thudnerbird-json is updated automatically by ship-it.
19:12clokep_workBut ship-it isn&#39;t updated automatically. ;)
19:12clokep_workI keep meaning to script that...
19:14clokep_worksancus: Any idea if / when we can get rid of the `LATEST_THUNDERBIRD_ALPHA_VERSION` var in there?
19:14sancusclokep_work: oh I know, I meant that the .json file is updated automatically by ship-it which is a web app isn&#39;t it?
19:14sancusI dunno I&#39;ve never seen what goes on behind the .json files
19:15clokep_workHeh. OK.
19:15sancuswhen we do the final switchover to we can get rid of that variable, I&#39;m not using it on the new site
19:16sancusit is still used by and I don&#39;t think its worth a pull request to remove right now
19:18sancusyou have to PR to update ship it?
19:18sancusthat seems horrible LOL
19:20tomprinceGithub doesn&#39;t have a horrible review interface, so if it something that should be reviewed, doing at a PR doesn&#39;t seem entirely horrible.
19:21sancusyeah I saw that
19:21clokep_worktomprince: The only horrible aspect is doing things manually that seem like they could be automated. :(
19:21clokep_workBut I&#39;m on GitHub all day, so easy enough to do.
19:21clokep_workI just missed it in my steps.
19:21sancustomprince: I&#39;m just surprised it&#39;s not more automated than that
19:21tomprinceYeah. The PR could definitely be automated.
19:22clokep_workI just need to add it to the drivertools repo.
19:24clokep_workI&#39;ll do it for the next cycle.
19:29clokep_worktomprince, sancus: Btw if there&#39;s anything we need to change about the merge process at any point, let me know. It&#39;s pretty much running some scripts and hand validating, so if there&#39;s &quot;manual&quot; fixes we&#39;re doing afterward we can just add it to the scripts.
19:29clokep_workThat goes for jorgk too...but he&#39;s not online. :)
19:30sancushe never is ;)
19:33acemanhe sometimes is
19:33acemanwhen hunting for Kent :) But maybe he&#39;ll see you in the logs and come after you :)
19:33sancuslol yeah I know I was exaggerating
19:33sancushe responds to email quickly so it&#39;s no big deal
19:34PaenglabIf the logs would work. :(
19:44acemananother feature removal? :-P
20:10jcranmeryou sound surprised by that
20:19acemanno, feature removal is the trend now. But I&#39;m surprised they would remove something on :)
23:07WaltS48Make tabs rectangle! :(
23:30acemanwhat beauty :)
23:33WaltS48Thunderbird is becoming a Firefox clone.
23:33* WaltS48 starts working on a CTR for curved tabs :)
23:36WaltS48Glad I&#39;m subscribed to the comm-central Changelog feed and saw that bug, or I&#39;d go buggy when my tabs suddenly became rectangular in my Daily
8 Aug 2017
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