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21 Apr 2017
09:49marcoagpintojorgk: Hello.
09:49jorgkrkent: Working at 3 AM?
09:49rkentBut not for much longer
09:50jorgkI was asking: Who does Oauth2.
09:50jorgkAnyway, the hash patch. I got it working now by removing some of the ref counting mods.
09:54rkentWell jcranmer did the original oauth2 patch, and I reviewed it.
10:00jorgkmarcoagpinto: Hi. Gotta go, bye ;-)
14:02jorgkaceman: Hi
14:30acemanjorgk: in an hour
18:52jorgkaceman: Hi
19:02jcranmersuch wonderful timing
19:11jcranmeroh hey, Debian finally packaged a newer version of cargo
19:11jcranmermaybe I can actually finally build tip-of-trunk again
19:22jorgkwsmwk: I jumped back on
19:22jorgkwsmwk: Did you want to talk?
19:24jorgkaceman: Hi.
19:25jorgkaceman: Mac is currently broken. Bug 1358444
19:25firebot FIXED, Port bug 1356843 to mailnews: Fix and enable clang's -Wcomma warnings
19:25clokep_workjcranmer: I thought you can install cargo not via apt?
19:25jorgkWould you like to look at the patch before I land it?
19:26acemanjorgk: I can
19:26jorgkIt's a terrible mess eliminating the comma operator in C++.
19:27jorgkRead the Wikepedia article ;-)
19:27acemanso the comma saving a block was supported but now clang is rejecting it?
19:27acemanwarning about it?
19:27jorgkThere were some terrible uses in MIME and Mork, so reshuffled some of it.
19:28acemanI'm all for it ;)
19:28acemanthe comma is a mess
19:29jorgkBut it's more than that. You can evaluate as part of a condition with that construct. if (a && (func(&b), b)) where func() is void. Doesn't always evaluate.
19:29jorgkOnly if a is true.
19:30jorgkPut I got the hash replacement working \o/
19:30acemanyes that's great :
19:30jorgkSo I'd like to land both now. I can land the hash first, but then Mac still doesn't compile.
19:31jorgkSorry about the messy patch. That's as far as I wanted to reformat things.
19:31jorgkSo if you could look within the next hour or so.
19:32acemancan you understand why the function AddFirst was written in that way?
19:32acemanwhy was all the code in () ?
19:32jorgkAnd I got confused. You need to see where the parenthesis ends.
19:33jorgkIf was most likely inline or a macro once, hence the (in). Taken from some other package.
19:33jorgkThat's why I want a test run to make sure I didn't break it.
19:34jorgkPlus: AddFirst isn't used, only AddLast.
19:34jorgkGotta eat something now.
19:34jorgkhold one, you looked at the whole thing in five minutes???
19:34jorgkhold on, you looked at the whole thing in five minutes???
19:35jorgkaceman: ^^^^^
19:35acemanno :)
19:35acemanstill looking
19:35jorgkthat was for the first one that already landed ;-)
19:35acemantook the smaller file first
19:36jorgkOK, I'll be back in 30 min.
19:48jorgkaceman: OK, questions?
19:51jcranmerclokep_work: yeah, but that's work, and I haven't had enough time to figure out how to do it
19:52clokep_workHeh. Time, something we all need more of.
19:53jcranmerI'm still slowly reducing my email backlog
19:53jcranmerI'm down to 1344 unread messages
19:55jorgkaceman: Going to step away from the kb for a little while
19:55jorgkjcranmer: Good news, your hash replacement will land today ;-)
19:55acemanjorgk: sure
19:57clokep_workjcranmer: (o_O) Sadly mine has been rising dramatically.
19:57clokep_workAnd all these other shitty messaging things don't help
19:58* clokep_work looks at Slack and gitter.
19:59jcranmerclokep_work: a month ago, I was at around 10k or so
20:00clokep_workjcranmer: Ctrl+C? ;0
20:00jcranmermass deletions help a lot
20:00jcranmerespecially since 90% of it is bugzilla threads I haven't seen or mailing list messages I can look at the subject and decide to ignore
20:26jorgkaceman: Thanks!
20:32acemanI need to check the Mac addressbook problem now
20:33jorgkright, buy a Mac :-(
20:34jorgkclokep_work: Any sign of Aleth in the last month?
20:34sancusand here I am permanently switching off mac :p
20:35jorgksancus: Perhaps you can help.
20:35jorgkCan you send an e-mail with TB to an address in the Mac address book? Not the TB address book?
20:35jorgkHow is that integrated?
20:36sancusum let me see, I dunno if I've ever actually used the mac address book
20:38sancusIt does show up under "All Address Books" on the left when you open the address book in TB
20:38sancusand yes, it works great with autocomplete
20:38sancuswhen you start a new message
20:39sancusthat was on earlybird 54.0a2 but it's updating now
20:39sancusdid this regress at some point or were you just wondering?
20:39acemancan you create a "group" inside it?
20:39acemansome form of mailinglist
20:39acemanmaybe not from TB , but in the native interface
20:39acemanand then use the group as the recipient
20:42sancusThere does not seem to be any way to use the group as a recipient via autocomplete, you have to go into the TB address book, click on the group and click write
20:42sancusthen it spawns a new compose window with the addresses from the group in the "To" field as a list
20:45acemansee steps in bug 1358411
20:45firebot DUPLICATE, Cannot send mail to OSX Address Book / Contacts group
20:46sancusthat is definitely broken, does not work
20:46sancusI wonder when it broke
20:47acemanso you used a group and Send button didn't enable?
20:47sancusthe group doesn't even autocomplete
20:47sancuslike if I type the name of the group, nothing happens, it stays red
20:48sancusit doesn't offer the autocomplete dropdown or anything at all, just doesn't recognize it
20:50acemanso Send stays disabled?
20:50sancusyep, cause theres no valid addresses
20:52sancuseven having a mac contact group seems to completely break autocomplete for all addresses in the mac address book
20:52sancusthat's wild
20:52acemanis there something in error console?
20:53sancusyes lots
20:54jorgkbest to clear them and do it again.
20:54clokep_workjorgk: No.
20:54jorgkclokep_work: And you don't worry about him?
20:55jorgkI mean, he's a nice guy ;-)
20:55sancusaceman: Error running addressbook query '?(and(or(DisplayName,c,grou)(FirstName,c,grou)(LastName,c,grou)(NickName,c,grou)(PrimaryEmail,c,grou)(SecondEmail,c,grou)(and(IsMailList,=,TRUE)(Notes,c,grou))))': [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIAbManager.getDirectory]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: resource://gre/components/nsAbAutoCompleteSearch.js :: _searchCards :: line 190"
20:55sancus data: no] nsAbAutoCompleteSearch.js:192
20:55sancusit's just repeated for every character you type
20:56acemanthat's interesting
20:56sancusThese errors do *not* occur if you have no Mac contact groups
20:57jorgksancus: Interesting, indeed. So perhaps Aceman and I didn't break it after all ;-)
20:58acemanI'd think that's for the autocomplete only
20:58sancusautocomplete is the only thing that seems to be broken, manually using the UI to send to groups and stuff works fine after all
20:58sancusBut the fact that it completely breaks autocomplete to even have a contacts group seems bad
20:58sancusthat breaks it even for addresses outside of the group
20:58acemansancus: but if you type he group and ignore autocomplete, can you send to it?
20:59clokep_workjorgk: I do, but I don't have any other way of contacting him.
20:59clokep_workAnd we've reached out.
20:59clokep_workI'm not really sure what else to do. :(
21:00jorgkBy a ticked to Italy ;-) Get ready to eat lots of pizza and pasta and hunt him down ;-)
21:00sancusaceman: Nope.. I'm not even sure how that would work? I don't think you can send to a group, Thunderbird has to break the group into the individual addresses
21:00sancusit doesn't do that at all
21:00acemansancus: no, it does that ater after Send is clicked
21:01sancusWell if it does, it's not working either because Send is still greyed out even with the exact group name typed
21:01acemanyes and that is the problem
21:01acemanyou can check that with a normal mailinglist in the TB addressbook
21:02sancusahha, I see
21:02sancusYeah, that's not working with mac contact groups, confirm
21:04acemanwhat is the syntax of that Mac group
21:04acemanis it just a normal name string?
21:05sancusif I try to trick it by adding a good email along with the group I get: &quot;mysticals <> is not a valid e-mail address because it is not of the form user@host. You must correct it before sending the e-mail.&quot;
21:05sancusand I think so?
21:07sancusjorgk: how do all of our active devs not have mac minis to debug this stuff on, anyway? :p
21:08acemanI think this broke in TB23 so I wonder why this only comes up now
21:08acemanmaybe nobody uses Mac AB
21:09sancusThat could be. I have literally never used it before today, because I have the Thunderbird AB.
21:09acemancan you please file a bug for the autocomplete error?
21:09sancusIt would not surprise me if people who use TB don&#39;t use the Mac AB, only people who use mac mail use the AB
21:09sancusyeah sec
21:10acemanwe have the bug for the disabled Send
21:10acemanbut if you see that even with enabled Send sending does not work, please make that another bug :)
21:13firebotBug 1358625 NEW, Creating a Mac contact group breaks autocomplete
21:14acemannow to find some Mac dev to debug it ;)
21:14acemanas the MacOS Ab code is not compiled on other platforms
21:17JoeSsancus: &quot;how do all of our active devs not have mac minis to debug this stuff on, anyway?&quot; because then, they would actually have to learn to use them ? :)
21:17sancusI don&#39;t think it really takes long to learn to use osx to find bugs in the osx version :)
21:17sancusdon&#39;t have to use it for your day to day work!
21:19JoeSsancus: Yes, I have questioned this before, I think they should have them
21:19* JoeS but nobody wants to get out of their eliment
21:21sancusI think people should be more agnostic about OSes, they are all fine really. I use osx, linux, and windows at various times, they all have their uses.
21:22sancusjorgk: yeah I&#39;m not sure we need 3 bugs for this, feel free to close/duplicate/make whatever dependencies among those bugs.. I dunno anything about what goes on in that component :P
21:23JoeSsancus: yes, but the learning curve...would feel foolish asking Clokep how to install TB :)
21:23acemansancus: they seem to be different issues to me so I&#39;m for 3 bugs
21:23jorgksancus: NP, usually the best bug with the most details survives, or at time we leave both open and then close them together. With 10.000 open bugs 1 more or less is not a problem.
21:23sancusaceman: Yeah, up to you and jorgk, I don&#39;t know anything about TB internals, whatever you guys think is best.
22 Apr 2017
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