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20 May 2017
13:55nONoNonOi've been feedback?-ed on bug 1365397... what's normal procedure after giving feedback? clearing the flag or changing it into a +?
13:55firebot NEW, Move the Edit SMTP button down and change the text
13:56nONoNonOaceman: ^
13:56acemanyes, you can also give f- if you do not like the proposal
13:57acemanthere are currently 2 variants in images
13:58acemanclearing the flag would mean you do not want to give feedback, or it is not yet a clear + or -
13:58nONoNonOk... i like the last one best, which is what i also commented. not sure if the groupbox is necessary, looks like it adds clutter to me, but maybe it's necessary to keep items together?
14:00acemanit is not needed technically
14:00acemanit is for some visuall effect/grouping
14:00acemanand getting the label out of the row
14:00acemanso the menulist can expand to the left
14:01acemanso what would be other solution? just plain label above the menulist without the groupbox decoration around the block?
14:03nONoNonOmaybe... so that's a bit from the screenshot from patch v1, but then not bold label and no colon and the menulist and button on the same line, with "selected" removed from the button
14:05nONoNonOfrom looking at the screenshot, it's not clear to me, whether you have an outgoing server per identity, or per account
14:07acemanper identity, therefore it is in the "default identity" groupbox
14:07acemanand the Manage identities is outside that box
14:07nONoNonOI thought per account, but the text Outgoing Server (SMTP) isn't aligned with the texts Account Name and Default Identity but with the items under Default Identity
14:07acemaneach identity has its own server
14:07nONoNonOah... my bad
14:09nONoNonOtoo bad i can't view it at the moment, since editSmtp.label isn't defined in my own language pack yet :-(
14:10nONoNonOyellow screen of death
15:26acemanwsmwk: ping
16:26Paenglabaceman: Would you be angry when I attach a patch for the edit SMTP bug?
16:27acemanI have it done, now just rsx11m has some other proposals
16:29PaenglabI have the patch without the groupbox and fixed the label (without colon).
16:29PaenglabBut no problem if you want do it. :)
16:30acemanthen we have the same ;)
16:30acemanI'll upload it and we'll see
18:17* Tonnes apparently doesn't know how to clear feedback flags (either)
18:31JoeS1aceman: Guessing your question to wayne..I want to do a 55b2 next week, early in the week
18:31JoeS154b2 that is
18:31acemanbut thanks :)
19:58GuidoHello, Is there a way to clean up the mail? It seams that it takes in a lot more space after seamonkey crashed
20:17jorgkaceman: Hi, two bustages today.
20:19jorgkaceman: One hopefully fixed by packaging more files, and one left, totally weird, bug 1366517
20:19firebot NEW, TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | C:\slave\test\build\tests\mozmill\composition\test-newmsg-compose-identity.js
20:23jorgkHi, please take a look at that bug, totally weird.
20:31acemanah, the function I still have to finish :)
20:33jorgknow it's gone crazy.
20:34acemanI wonder what the ".value" is in the compWin.e("msgIdentityPopup").value
20:34jorgkaceman: I mean one failing test is better then 100 ;-)
20:35jorgkWell, I'm building now, so I can answer your question in about an hour.
20:35jorgkwhy does it test .label?
20:37acemanit passes for me with yesterday's m-c
20:37jorgkSure, the M-C push that broke it was this afternoon.
20:38jorgkwhy does it test .label?
20:38acemanwhy not?
20:38jorgkand why not .value?
20:38jorgkWhat's the difference?
20:40jorgkrkent: Hi, when is your next review hour? Or NI hour?
20:40rkentjorgk: I could do something today.
20:40rkentWhat do you need?
20:41acemanjorgk: label also shows the 'alias' of the identity
20:41jorgkrkent: Well, there is the thing we broke, the news info page, bug ...
20:42jorgkrkent: Bug 1364723
20:42firebot ASSIGNED, Newsgroups, link: "Click here to remove all expired articles" stopped working since 52.0
20:42jorgkyou weren't happy with the solution, but I don't have a better idea, other then coding up the exact condition.
20:43jorgkAnd then I looked into the Outlook import after two years. I'm not proxying some of the import to the mail tread as Becky import does, but it doesn't work.
20:43jorgkBug 1176748
20:44firebot NEW, Importing from Eudora and Outlook busted in TB 38 and trunk.
20:44jorgkSo one's an r? and the other one an NI.
20:46rkenton bug 1364723 you really need a more specific test than "if (!aRequestPrincipal->GetIsCodebasePrincipal())"
20:46GuidoHello, Is there a way to clean up the mail? It seams that it takes in a lot more space after seamonkey crashed
20:48acemanGuido: what do you mean by clean up?
20:49jorgkrkent: OK, which test would you like to see then?
20:50jorgkcontent URL matches "news://.*?list-ids" ??
20:50Guidoaceman: I was moving mails from one acount to another. during that it crashed. Afterwards I managed to finsch it and removed the dublicates, but the disc is full (running linux). So possibly caused by the crash.
20:50rkentOK, can you describe what it is that you think should be accepted?
20:51jorgkrkent: Well, if we look back, *any* content request for *any* mailnews URL, so mailbox:, nntp:, etc. would just pass.
20:51jorgkSo the attack we fixed was ... private message.
20:53acemanGuido: so is the disk still full?
20:56Guidoaceman: yes.
20:57acemanGuido: and what do you want to cleanup now? What is wrong inside TB? are the copied messages still taking double the space? In old and new folder?
20:58Guidoaceman: my gues is that there are some mails on the drive which are not showing up, but still taking in space
20:59acemanwhy do you thikn that?
21:00sancusyou should probably look at the file sizes of the actual mail files in your profile to determine what's taking up so much space...
21:00Guidobecause after the crash there is more space used on the drive
21:01Guidosancus: where is that on linux?
21:01acemanGuido: did the usage increase by the size of the copied messages?
21:02sancusGuido: according to this
21:02sancusI dunno if it's accurate, I don't use Linux
21:02sancus(for desktop stuff)
21:05Guidosancus: seamokey uses 15 GB
21:05sancuswell, if you look in the Imapmail folder under the profile, you should be able to see a bunch of files that correspond directly to your mail accounts and folders.
21:05sancusI guess see if there's anything t hat sticks out
21:06Guidosancus: and the mail part uses 13 gb
21:06sancusIf you had a backup of the profile folder, you could compare to that, but I guess you probably don't.
21:08Guidosancus: found what you mean. moste mail accounts are arround 3 GB
21:08sancusthe numbers of space used arent really useful
21:08sancusI dont know how much mail you have or how much space it should be taking
21:09Guidosancus: but one account sshould be empty and contains 1,2 GB. This mails couldd be in a second account as well
21:09sancusBut since those files correspond to your actual mail folders, you should be able to figure out if any of them are orphans that aren't showing up in Thunderbird or whatever
21:09sancusWell, you could try deleting stuff that is taking up space but shows up as empty in Thunderbird
21:09sancusI strongly recommend you backup your profile before you do anything like that though
21:11sancusit might help to right click on folders taht shoudl be empty and click "Compact" too
21:11sancusor just run File -> Compact Folders, even, forgot that was there
21:11Guidosancus: There is one mailacount I'm emptying. In seamonkey all mails are removed - no drafts left, no templaits, no trash, ... still contains 1.2GB.
21:12sancuseven after you run compact?
21:14Guidosancus: missed a few mails in that folder. not compacted jet.
21:35acemannONoNonO: are we done in 1365397 ?
21:53jorgkrkent: The Outlook bug is bug 1176748
21:53firebot NEW, Importing from Eudora and Outlook busted in TB 38 and trunk.
22:08Fallenjorgk: have you seen this in a recent build by chance? Error during startup file checks: ReferenceError: aomStartup is not defined
22:09jorgkI'm just fighting with the compiler, as soon as it compiles I'll start it an see.
22:09Fallenok cool, thanks :)
22:20jorgkFallen: My build on latest M-C and C-C doesn't show that error: ReferenceError: aomStartup ...
22:20Fallenok, maybe I just need to clobber *gasp*
22:21Fallentoo late at night for a full build, the fan would wake up my wife :D
22:22sancusguess compacting fixed that guy's space problems LOL
22:32acemansancus: or it halted his whole machine by filling the disk
22:32acemanas compating also needs some space unless the folder is empty (with only deleted messages)
22:32sancuswell it sounded like the folder WAS empty
22:33sancusbut yes, sure, that's also one solution to his IRC messages ;)
22:34acemanhe uses Seamonkey and Instantbird?
22:35acemanis 1.5 the current version?
22:36acemanyeah, from 2014
22:50acemanjorgk: my build is finishing
22:50jorgkaceman: Good, I'm going to bed.
22:50jorgk1 AM. Bedtime.
22:51acemanstarting test
22:52jorgkrkent: I did what you wanted, but it doesn't work since somehow the port gets in the way :-(
22:53rkentthen you need to fix the port
22:53acemangreat, totally hosed
22:53jorgkwell, the port is not in the URL we prepare.
22:53acemanjorgk: mozmill opens the main TB window and then dies
22:53acemanjorgk: Exception("Sorry, cannot connect to jsbridge extension, port %s" % port)
22:53jorgkGecko inserts it somehow.
22:54jorgkaceman: Let me check the test.
22:56acemanjorgk: something is wrong there, all addons are disabled
22:56acemanjorgk: lightning and also the jsbridge extension that is needed for mozmill
22:57jorgknot for me
22:57acemanhappens for all test
22:57jorgkI started the test now
22:57jorgkI saw it, it types ustom and not custom.
22:58acemanso the 'c' goes to somewhere else
22:58acemancan you try 'compWin.eid("msgIdentityPopup")' ?
22:59acemancompWin.type(compWin.eid("msgIdentityPopup"), identityCustom);
23:00acemanline 155
23:00jorgklose the .value
23:01acemanand change to eid
23:02acemanit worked for me before the update
23:04jorgknope, it still only types ustom
23:04jorgksame failure.
23:05acemanok, I'll play with it more
23:05Fallenwe had this in calendar I think
23:05acemanmaybe we should wait a bit until the menulist changes to editable
23:06jorgkOK, and I'll sleep. Good night.
23:06Fallenyeah, that. On mac at least some of the form operations were async
23:06acemanjust need to find out why my mozmill is dead
23:56tfernandezanyone online?
21 May 2017
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