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20 Mar 2017
10:04gastonso where are we at for 52.0 ? i see there's a 53.0b1 build ...
10:06gastoni dont see activity on :/
10:06firebotBug 1346129 NEW, Thunderbird 52.0 source step bustage
13:02* wsmwk mulls we should disable ability of users to report message compose bugs
13:14clokep_workwsmwk: Or just disable the ability of users to compose messages? No bugs that way...
14:33WaltS48Happy 1st day of Spring!
14:33marcoagpintonot yet
14:33marcoagpintoit is tomorrow
14:33marcoagpinto21st of March
14:36WaltS48Nope today. "The 2017 vernal or spring (or fall) equinox occurred on March 20 at 10:29 UTC. Spring for the north fall for the south of Earths globe."
14:36marcoagpintothe equinox
14:36marcoagpintobut the calendar date is always 21
14:37WaltS48Tomorrow is my 69th birthday.
14:38* WaltS48 plans to file some composition bugs to celebrate ;)
14:51WaltS48Someone is determined to know how to hide joins/quits in Thunderbird IRC, with at least 2 posts on different forums and asking on IRC in #thunderbird yesterday. Also wants to know if they can have multiple chat tabs and other stuff.
14:52gastonFallen: thanks for taking care of the source step fix :)
14:52Fallengaston: sure thing. I didn't do anything other than close the bug though, fix and push was from :)
14:53gastonhappy to see this resolved so i can resume real testing for 52.0rcs..
14:53Fallenhope we can start the build today!
14:53gastonso 52.0rc2 ?
15:03wsmwkgaston: 52.0 build 2
18:11Tonnesany idea when tb aurora builds will start to update again?
18:11Tonnesl10n builds that is
19:59wsmwkanyone use same TB profile on both Windows and linux using Lightning?
20:07patclashwsmwk: Hi
20:08wsmwkpatclash: hi
20:08patclashwhen I install Ubuntu on dual boot with Windows XP, I just copy the same profil
20:09wsmwkpatclash: well, this user thinks he is going to flip flop between win and linux using the same profile (no copy)
20:09patclashbut not used on with both
20:11patclashI have the two OS on two separated drive
20:19Paenglabwsmwk: The problem is Lightning. it's still per platform. So it works either on Windows or Linux.
20:19PaenglabWith 52 there is no binary in Lightning and it could work on both platforms.
20:20wsmwkright, the binary
20:20wsmwk52 has no binary?
20:21PaenglabNo, binaries aren't allowed in extensions since 52.
20:24PaenglabIn Lightning XPI in file install.rdf the line <em:targetPlatform>...</em:targetPlatform> needs to be removed and then it could work on all platforms. I made a quick test and a Windows Lightning worked on Linux.
20:24PaenglabBut no deep test, which would be needed to remove the line officially.
20:29FallenPaenglab: I did a diff recently, there are still some things that need to be unified
20:29Fallenmostly toolbars and keyboard modifiers
20:29Fallenbasically everything that is preprocessed
20:31wsmwkso bottom line - unsupported xplatform with same profile
20:36patclashOn Linux the profile is in the home folder (normally on an other partition) and Windows can&#39;t access to this folder;
20:37patclashbut Linux can access to the Windows profil folder
21:06jorgkwsmwk: Hi.
21:22jorgkaceman: hi, what can I do for you ;-)
21:22acemandon&#39;t let get facts into our way :)
21:23jorgkAll Pigs Fed And Ready to Fly
21:23jorgkHuh, let facts get in my way??
21:23acemanour way :)
21:23acemanrwt the GSOC email :)
21:26jorgkwhich facts? Explain yourself.
21:26acemanthat the previous project isn&#39;t done
21:27jorgkit&#39;s not. But since you have 100 open bugs and I have five, we have different personalities ;-)
21:48acemanyes, I&#39;m buggy
21:59wsmwkjorgk: hi jorg. 52.0 build in progress
21:59jorgkI read that. I returned early from the beach just for you ;-)
21:59jorgkto do the uplifts and merge.
22:13acemanhow is the beach at night? :)
22:18jorgkdon&#39;t know, I go there in the afternoon.
22:27acemanok, then probably the reference of &quot;returned early&quot; was meant to some other time, not 11pm :)
22:28jorgkyes. At 17:30.
22:30acemanwsmwk: the real 52 for release? When is the planned time of release?
22:31acemanit will probably be discussed on the meeting tomorrow
22:31wsmwkwe have plans? times? HTH do you think we are? :)
22:32* wsmwk just kidding
22:40acemanI though the only thing we have are plans :)
22:42wsmwkjorgk is our planner
22:46acemanactually he is our executor :)
22:46acemanwe others montly just plan :)
22:47jorgkmontly? mostly? monthly?
22:47jorgkexecutor, right, but some people resist execution.
22:47acemanmy hands need to wake up
22:55wsmwkmy i key needs a finger guard
23:07acemanI love typos in variable names in JS and you only find it at runtime
23:13acemanjorgk: up for a quick review of something for 52? :)
23:13jorgkI did the uplifts today.
23:16jorgkaceman: Where is it? I want to sleep &quot;early&quot; (that is before 1 AM) today.
23:18jorgkOK, that what&#39;s the consequence of that?
23:20acemanyou get some junk that wasn&#39;t run through .splitRecipients() pasted into the recipient field
23:22jorgkBut only if newCc != prevCc
23:22jorgkand what are those?
23:23acemanit is when you have predefined CC, BCC in your identity set
23:23acemanin the identity manager
23:23jorgkHuh? Predefined CC??
23:24aceman&quot;CC these email addresses&quot;
23:24acemanyou get that filled in for each msg composed
23:24acemanthen when you switch identities in From, this predefined stuff needs to be replaced for the new identity
23:24acemanso that is when newCC !=prevCC
23:25jorgksure, but where is &quot;CC these email addresses&quot;
23:25acemanaccount manager->account->manage identities->edit
23:26acemanyou put comman separated addresses in there
23:26acemanit is in Copies&folders too
23:26jorgknow I see it.
23:26acemanso this then needs some parsing to be placed in the recipient fields
23:26jorgkNever use that.
23:27jorgkNever used that.
23:27acemanalso the broken code removes duplicate recipients
23:27acemanso that part is skipped as the newCC is then ignored
23:35jorgkno, the whole function exits early on that, right?
23:35jorgkno, the whole function exits early on that error, right?
23:36jorgkLet&#39;s just hope not too many people use that feature.
23:36jorgkI can uplift this, but Wayne won&#39;t be impressed to start the build again with different parameters.
23:37jorgkI&#39;m going to bed, early, before 1 AM ;-)
23:37jorgkGood night.
21 Mar 2017
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