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20 Apr 2017
00:00wsmwkFallen: could be handy. how'd you learn about it
06:01Fallenwsmwk: emma posted it on some newsgroup
09:07nONo|DodOnow that aurora is dropped, what will happen to the tb-icon? will central keep the closed egg or will it change in broken egg with bird popping out?
09:07nONo|DodOcola daemon!
09:35FallennONo|DodO: we haven't thought about that, but I suspect central will keep the closed egg
11:22nONo|DodOnew string forceSelect.accesskey should be lowercase "f", but it's a duplicate accesskey anyway, so it prolly should be changed anyway
11:29Paenglab_worknONo|DodO: Best is when you file a bug.
11:30nONo|DodOPaenglab_work: will do that this evening when I'm home and I'm able to verify in tb55.0a1
18:15* wsmwk quiet days
20:15marcoagpinto"with a rebel yell, more, more, more"
21:26thundernigger!!! fast
21:27thunderniggerI NEED HELP ASAP
21:27thunderniggerFallen jcranmer wsmwk
21:28wsmwkhmm, that may have been premature
21:29wsmwkor maybe not
21:29Fallenyou could remove the ban if you want to find out
21:30wsmwkhe's in #thunderbird hit us here at the same time
21:57jorgkaceman: Hi
21:58jorgkaceman: Do you know how that "flat build" works? I unpacked mu omni.ja, renamed it, changed newmailalert.js and it doesn't work.
21:59jorgkaceman: I added Services.console.logStringMessage(), I removed the whole code block that reads the pref and it still doesn't work.
21:59jorgkSO it gets the damn file form elsewhere.
21:59acemandid you remove xul cache?
21:59jorgkSO it gets the damn file from elsewhere.
21:59jorgkwhat's that?
22:00jorgkdoes it cache JS as well?
22:01jorgkand where?
22:01jorgkand how does it know that a new version has arrived and it must drop the cache?
22:02acemanyou delete it manually
22:04jorgkand how does it know that a new version has arrived and it must drop the cache?
22:04jorgkaceman: now it works.
22:04acemanit doesn't, you must delete it
22:05jorgkIf I install a new Daily, someone must delete this file.
22:05acemanok, but then at least the build number changes
22:05acemanbut with your edit nothing changes, only the one file in omni.jar
22:05acemanit probabbly doesn't detect that change
22:05jorgkOK. Thanks. I'm going to bed.
22:06acemanwhile it could, e.g. the time on the whole archive changes
22:06jorgkI don't know what you want to do with this alert.
22:06jorgkthe thing is purely cosmetic.
22:06jorgkShow it or fade in/out.
22:07jorgkSo as far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't bother.
22:09jorgkaceman: Good night and thanks again.
22:09acemanno problem
22:09acemanthe migration would be a oneliner
22:10jorgkOK, you write the one line then ;-)
22:10jorgkI think it's more. You need to increase the funny GUI version number, etc., right?
22:11acemanI just noted that for completeness
22:11acemanmaybe nobody uses the obscure pref ;)
22:13jorgkaceman: Well, I'll leave the bug open, if no one is interested, I'll close it.
22:13acemanyes, thanks
22:13acemanyou can even write it into the whiteboard
22:13jorgkGood night, M-C just merged so I'll land something an go to bed.
22:14acemanin the proper format and somebody will close it :)
22:14jorgkYou write it on the whiteboard since you seem to know better ;-)
22:14acemanok :)
22:53acemanand bustage is ready for tomorrow
21 Apr 2017
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