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19 May 2017
01:20JoeS1clokep_work: Hi, you awake..I noticed that when I go to about:config using trunk (a couple months old) that I lose my irc that a known issue
01:21clokep_workJoeS1: No, not a known issue.
01:21clokep_workOnly on trunk?
01:22* clokep_work is on beta...
01:22JoeS1clokep_work: Doesn't happen with currently tested build 52.x and the current beta
01:22clokep_workMeh OK.
01:22clokep_workI'll try to reproduce it tomorrow.
11:34Fallenfirebot: seen jorgk
11:34firebotjorgk was last seen 14 hours and 23 minutes ago, saying 'SO yes, after removing that option, it won't allow plugins and wont play anymore.' in #maildev.
12:18wsmwk!seen buovjaga
12:18firebotbuovjaga was last seen 2 days and 1 hour ago, saying 'key would, of course, be that the thing is updated' in #maildev.
12:35wsmwkif anyone can test 54.0b1 release candidates today that would be super-awesome so we can get it out the door
12:36* WaltS48 is almost done with his morning routine. Next up is testing
12:37WaltS48or breakfast
12:37gastonwasnt it made public ?
12:37gastonive seen it on
12:38gaston(thats what im building here anyway)
12:44wsmwkgaston: no, it is not released
12:47gastonwell it's on the mirrors so...
12:47wsmwkgaston: betas are done differently than releases - beta goes to releases directory automatically because it is assumed to be likely to be released. But that is not the end of release process. And being in releases directory in the case of betas does NOT mean that the beta was or will be released
12:47wsmwkin addition, we do not yet have release notes
12:48gastonrelnotes and pushing things to end users via updates are different things, i get it :)
12:48gastonbut for distributors, we only see what's on the ftp...
12:48gastonif its under releases/, it's a release, be it beta or final :)
12:48gastonbut i get your pov - anyway im probalbly the only one using them on openbsd
12:49wsmwkwell, I can only tell it is not released and could be withdrawn
12:50wsmwkand getting ahead of other channels who also do releases can cause confusion - and perhaps even problems
12:50* wsmwk should probably write something up about release process and going live, etc
12:51wsmwkgaston "if its under releases/, it's a release, be it beta or final" you could interpret it that way, but it's not necessarily true
12:51gastonsure, sure
12:51gastonbefore, we were able to visit the mirror via ftp and see if the release was a dir or a symlink to
12:51gastonbut now with the cdn.....
12:52* wsmwk travel time
13:19WaltS48I was afraid of that. 54.0b1 Chat shows no Topic and no text in the channel. :(
13:20WaltS48TypeError: this.imAccount is null[Learn More] imIncomingServer.js:145:5
13:20WaltS48ReferenceError: requestIdleCallback is not defined[Learn More] convbrowser.xml:402:13
13:20WaltS48Unused mode parameters: 5:3, 10:5 irc.js:526
13:20WaltS482017-05-19 09:19:26 gloda.NS WARN new proc ignoring attrib: id
13:22clokep_workWaltS48: Seriously?
13:22clokep_workWhen the fuck are they going to enable that feature?
13:32nONo|DodOwasn't that the feature that didn't go to aurora?
13:34nONo|DodObug 1355907 ?
13:34firebot DUPLICATE, Chat shows blank in Earlybird
13:37nONo|DodObug 1348907 was backed out, relanded and don't builded etc...
13:37firebot DUPLICATE, IRC cannot connect due to error
13:40nONo|DodOso i guess upstream bug 1314959 needs to be uplifted to tb54
13:40firebot FIXED, Turn on pref for requestIdleCallback
13:52WaltS48clopek_work: Yep, seriously.
13:53WaltS48So do I need tp file a bug or does 1314959 cover it?
13:55WaltS48About ready to hit Submit on the bug I'm filing.
14:01WaltS48Submitted and going back to my test account on Linux.
14:09jonasbitsSearching and not finding a way to try multi line JS code in Thunderbird, any way to enable Scratchpad in TB?
14:15jonasbitsusing remote debug, have hopes
16:33wsmwkwe need a Mac tester for 54.0b1
16:37JoeSwsmwk: You understand that chat is non functional in the beta
16:38nONoNonOi think he must have gotten that
16:40nONoNonOWaltS file bug 1366255 for it, prolly related to bug 1314959, bug 1348907 and bug 1355907
16:40firebot UNCONFIRMED No Topic or text in Chat channels
16:40firebot FIXED, afarre Turn on pref for requestIdleCallback
16:40firebot DUPLICATE IRC cannot connect due to error
16:40firebot DUPLICATE Chat shows blank in Earlybird
16:42wsmwkJoeS: so I heard
16:42wsmwkI think we ship regardless
16:43* wsmwk testing windows now
17:39* wsmwk no walt :(
17:57wsmwkclokep I'm thinking to ship the beta with broken chat as is.
17:58wsmwk - anyone successfully updated to today's daily? -
18:14Paenglabwsmwk: Yes, I. Why?
18:15wsmwkPaenglab: i thought i had seen someone say their nightly update failed. walt maybe?
18:19nONoNonOmy 64bit nightly update had filed a couple of times, i switched back to 32bit mostly because of lightning plug-in and that one also failed once or twice, but just now it worked ok
18:19wsmwkPaenglab: ^
18:23nONoNonObut i don't think i mentioned it here :-)
18:23PaenglabnONoNonO: Today Daily? I'm using 64bit on Windows. Lightning has no binaries and is the same for 32bit and 64bit. And since around two weeks (or when had I broken the locales?) there is only one for all platforms.
18:25nONoNonOa couple of days ago... i downloaded lightning with nightly test tool , but it kept saying that it was incompatible, even though 55.0a1 was in install.rdf
18:26nONoNonOafter switching to 32bit thunderbird, it installed without problems
18:26nONoNonOsame downloaded lightning
18:27PaenglabAt begin of this week where was a big bustage with add-ons, on FX too.
18:28nONoNonOyeah, i read that... maybe that was causing it then
18:29* JoeS1 I had a little problem updating a 3 month old Daily today..Update failed, but a restart completed it
18:31nONoNonOi don't know how i even got the 64bit tb... i've been using 32bit as long as i can remember
19:03Fallenrkent/all: be there in 2 mins
19:03rkentMeeting eh?
19:47nONoNonOthere's a problem in aurora with my local add-on, it can't load it's chrome.manifest
19:48nONoNonOit's probably because of the add-on problem from last week, and prolly also in firefox, but that's hard to test, since i don;t have local add-ons for fx
19:49nONoNonOwhat was the bug no for add-on probs?
19:50nONoNonOah... found it again: bug 1364878
19:50firebot FIXED, All extensions are force enabled and marked as disabled in about:addons & about:support in Mozilla F
19:50PaenglabAurora isn't updated since weeks. And the add-on problem was nightly only.
19:52nONoNonOit's not working in nightly
19:53nONoNonObut then for thunderbird...
19:59PaenglabnONoNonO: Bug 1365134 ?
19:59firebot NEW, 2017-05-15 nightly Thunderbird build won't read extensions from directories
19:59nONoNonOPaenglab: ta
19:59nONoNonOthat must be it
20:01nONoNonOnow to see if it also fails in fx... looks like a regression to me and not on purpose, since it reads the proxy file and finds the directory, just cannot open chrome.manifest
20:03nONoNonObut then again... with all the changes they make in add-ons switching to webextensions, you never know
20:04nONoNonOdo you have plans on creating vast amounts of apis for webextensions? i don' think so
20:05nONoNonOi'll change a simple fx add-on and see if i can load it via a proxy file
20:10nONoNonOpart one worked...
20:18nONoNonOpart two failed... the add-on is diabled because it's not e10s compatible :-(
20:19nONoNonOhmz... after toggling extensions.allow-non-mpc-extensions the add-on works in firefox, but it was a restartless add-on
20:20nONoNonOmaybe i should try and find a classic legacy add-on
20:26nONoNonOsigh... now it won't load the add-on locally, since it's not signed by mozilla
20:26nONoNonOin firefox nightly
20:28nONoNonOtoggling xpinstall.signatures.required helps there...
20:28nONoNonOand voila... the add-on can't be loaded in firefox either
20:38nONoNonOPaenglab: I updated the bug, but I prolly also need to change the description
20:39nONoNonOSummary: 2017-05-15 nightly Thunderbird build won't read extensions from directories
20:40PaenglabnONoNonO: Do it.
20:40nONoNonOi didn't check when it first failed. is it ok to just strip the date and fix up the rest?
20:41PaenglabnONoNonO: Kris duped it to bug 1365568.
20:41firebot UNCONFIRMED, chrome is not registered non-bootstrapped proxy file add-ons
20:42nONoNonOah well...
20:43nONoNonOonly bad thing is that that bug is unconfirmed
20:44nONoNonOand the summary isn't english, is it... maybe it should s/registered/registering/ ?
20:46PaenglabI think it's meant as: "chrome is not registered" on non-bootstrapped proxy file add-ons
20:48nONoNonOah well... i just changed it to: chrome is not registered for non-bootstrapped proxy file add-ons
20:48nONoNonObut it`s a bit strange, since Kris removed the "for" when he changed the summary
20:53nONoNonOwell... i can always make my add-on bootstrapped... but that's a major effort and it won't do any good for tb59 i'm afraid
21:47FallenWe need to get jorgk a bouncer, whenever I want to ping him he is not around
21:48PaenglabFallen: Write him an email. He is very responsive.
21:49Fallensometimes I prefer more ad-hoc communication, but of course, if it becomes important enought I'll email him
20 May 2017
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