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19 Mar 2017
20:06jorgkaceman: Good evening, I'm here, just for you. Just answered your e-mail.
20:09acemanso only the internal identity is chosen, not the From address displayed/used
20:10jorgkI think so, otherwise it would overwrite the customised address. Let me play with it, just building with the patch.
20:59jorgkaceman: hi again.
20:59jorgkaceman: I commented in the bug, the identity thing.
21:00jorgkI tested a few cases and they worked. Editing the From "heavily" is a problem.
21:00jorgkI'm interested in your PM: case 1.
21:00jorgkA draft where I have "From: aceman"
21:00acemanno email
21:01jorgklet me try that.
21:01acemanno address, just user name
21:03jorgkhmm, does nothing, as you said.
21:13jorgkaceman: I commented again on the bug. I think all is well, apart from editing From "heavily".
21:47acemanso I add that case into the test
21:49jorgkaceman: Hi again, how are you going to do the tests? Load pre-canned files and then reply?
21:57acemanI think so
21:57acemanbut do we need a reply?
21:57acemanjust opening the drafts in compose is not enough?
22:05acemanjorgk: I think I can check what identity is chosen in the identity picker
22:06jorgksorry, yes, no reply needed.
23:05acemansending promises my way? :)
23:10jorgkaceman: Well, Magnus had this huge patch and he wanted me to review it. Impossible. So I've just split it up and directed it to the right people.
23:10jorgkThere are also promises coming my way, sadly.
23:15jorgkaceman: I'm going to sleep. Good night.
23:16acemanme too
23:16acemanbut the test is progressing
23:16acemanI have the infrastructure up
23:18jorgkgreat! Thanks.
23:18jorgkGood night.
20 Mar 2017
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