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19 Apr 2017
08:10buovjagare: Community manager - guys, after you hire the person, please do not micromanage them. &quot;If we put everything together, we need a social-media-brand-marketing-sales-participation-onboarding-documentation manager&quot; <- instead of that, just let them do their thing as the expert they are
13:39marcoagpintoheya guys
14:23wsmwkNote - we&#39;re officially back at the old SUMO, temporarily
14:26marcoagpintowsmwk: Wayne Merry
14:26wsmwkmarcoagpinto: one R please :)
14:26* WaltS48 spots a cola demon
14:27marcoagpintoI have been discovered
14:27marcoagpintoI only had
14:27jcranmerthe only demons I see on a regular basis are those demons that decide to rearrange LLVM headers and not clean up /usr/local/include afterwards
14:27marcoagpintoI only had one glass of cola :((((((
14:27marcoagpintomy stock is out
14:29marcoagpintohopefully dad will buy a bottle later
15:10clokep_workjcranmer: Not making good progress on the thesis then?
15:11jcranmerclokep_work: just more surprise that my code is simultaneously using multiple different versions of LLVM
15:12clokep_workHeh, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. :)
15:14buovjagaFallen: re: micromanagement - good to hear :) I just had a gut reaction as I recently witnessed just such a case in another FOSS project. Meaning firing a person who was supposed to be a leader because of clashing views on how to improve things.
15:15jcranmerclokep_work: although I do have a chance to work with Rust for research finally :-P
15:15Fallenbuovjaga: thanks :) I read your comment but you left before I could answer so I thought I&#39;d mention!
15:15buovjagaI just thought &quot;man, why didn&#39;t they let him prove his ideas work..&quot; and it was too late to do anything
15:16buovjagayeah I&#39;m using web IRC like a total n00b but somehow I like it :P
15:16* buovjaga first used IRC in the 1990s
15:17buovjagaaha you edited it
15:17marcoagpintoYou came here
15:18buovjagawsmwk: I thought to myself that the wiki needed improvements, but did not dare to pile on suggestions :)
15:18wsmwkbuovjaga: suggest :)
15:18wsmwkit&#39;s a few years old
15:18buovjagamarcoagpinto: yes, I came :) It is TB&#39;s turn to get QA workforce help
15:19buovjagawsmwk: I guess MozTrap could be dropped from
15:19wsmwkthe reason I&#39;m editting is I was having onther look at
15:19clokep_workjcranmer: Interesting! I&#39;d be curious what you think of it...I&#39;ve wanted to try it but have no reason to write Rust code...
15:20jcranmerclokep_work: the hard part is actually getting any useful LLVM APIs into Rust
15:20jcranmerother than it, it&#39;s quite a nice language
15:20jcranmerit has very sane thoughts on how to handle strings, for example
15:23clokep_workThat&#39;s a nice change. :)
15:23clokep_workUnlike...say JavaScript? ;)
15:24jcranmerJavaScript, python, C/C++, Java, Swift...
15:26jcranmerthis is an example of some code I&#39;ve written:
15:27jcranmer(I&#39;m translating from bindgen-generated APIs to Rust APIs)
15:27jcranmer(which is why it&#39;s all in an unsafe block, calling any method on llvm::MCInst ends up being unsafe since it&#39;s bindgen)
15:28buovjagawsmwk: here is our QA wiki
15:30jcranmeralso, rust&#39;s debug println stuff is amazing
15:33* wsmwk vpns are tangling with each other
15:37clokep_workSounds like I should play with it...
15:39jcranmerthe hard part is finding something useful to do
16:03realraven2000Hi guys , quick question on Tb52 - is the Threads Column broken? No symbols in it
16:22wsmwkrealraven2000: ntf here
16:23wsmwkno trouble found
16:23realraven2000ah ok. probably another addon then - possibly Columnswizard
16:24realraven2000the breakagee of XUL addons wasn&#39;t too bad. Contactphoto broke the To: From: headers in composer
16:26wsmwkrealraven2000: please add issues you find to
16:27realraven2000Ok, will do. Even when they are Addons related?
16:28realraven2000Ah found the section, will do
20:25marcoagpinto[21:23] <marcoagpinto> Buaaaaaaaaaaa.... I uninstalled Autocad 2015 and all dates vanished from the uninstall programs window
20:25marcoagpinto[21:23] <marcoagpinto> :((((((
20:40marcoagpintocompany name+install date
20:40marcoagpintonow I only have names+sizes
20:41acemanyou shouldn&#39;t touch the malware of big companies :)
20:43marcoagpintoI had a 3-year student licence... but it was not really needed because of Google Maps
20:54nONoNonOis it expected that mozilla/mach configure for tb55.0a1 fails with an error about target.kernel SunOS?
21:31jorgkrkent: Hi, surprised to see you online, aren&#39;t you at the prison?
21:31rkentjorgk: they cancelled for today and tomorrow.
21:32jorgkrkent: That means you can do my reviews ;-)
21:32wsmwkrealraven2000: thx for adding to the list
21:32rkentWell it means that I *could*
21:32jorgkThat IMAP part caching didn&#39;t quite work when under stress, so it needed a few tweaks.
21:33* wsmwk rkent being ornery :)
21:33realraven2000@wsmwk: yw, will add more if I find any
21:33rkentBoth arguing against and for BenB sort of keeps my adrenaline high.
21:34wsmwkjust don&#39;t OD
21:34rkentjorgk: I do feel bad about those reviews, and I will try to take advantage of my reprieve to look at them.
21:35jorgkrkent: We&#39;ll while you&#39;re arguing about the future, I have 600.000 users with potentially broken attachments. The reporter said: Very annoying.
21:36jorgkrkent: Turn the negative energy into positive energy ;-)
21:36rkentjorgk: Ah, the tyranny of the urgent. Do you realize that the exact same dynamic played out when we tried to do research at pulp mills?
21:36jorgkAnd let me know if you want more information on how to test this stuff.
21:36jorgkpulp mills?
21:37rkent&quot;Why are you researching how to make this boiler work better, when the damn boiler is working at all *today*!&quot;
21:37rkentI am a PhD in mechanical engineering with a history in boiler research.
21:38jorgkI knew the first part.
21:38jorgkWhich boiler?
21:38jorgkHot water?
21:38rkentWell pulp mill recovery boilers, mostly. Nasty, smelly beasts that blow up if you don&#39;t watch them carefully.
21:39rkentOr at least they used to 40 years ago
21:39jorgkrkent: Is there a &quot;not&quot; missing in the sentence above?
21:39jorgkwhen the damn boiler is NOT working at all today?
21:39rkentRight , is NOT working at all
21:42jorgkrkent: Can you answer my question over in the other tab?
22:39Falleninteresting, I just learned about triage center
22:41Fallenjust 155 bugs to look at for calendar, Thunderbird has marginally more :)
20 Apr 2017
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