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18 May 2017
10:51marcoagpintois anyone there?
11:02* nONo|DodO is there
11:02marcoagpintoEnno Ekker
11:02marcoagpintois there any known issue with TB and Outlook?
11:03marcoagpintoit is the second time I send an e-mail with attachments, and the recipient says there is no attachments
11:41nONo|DodOno that i know
11:42nONo|DodOthe other way round, there's sometimes a problem, depending on outlook version and the way msgs are formatted (rtf), resulting in an winmail.dat attachment that is unreadable for tb
11:43nONo|DodOyou sure you didn't forget to attach the attachments?
12:05marcoagpintoI checked in the SENT folder
12:05marcoagpintothey were sent
12:06marcoagpintoI have to go
12:06marcoagpintotake care
13:17HightekDesignsI was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I have an old addon that I would like to update, but I can't seem to find any documentation on thunderbird development? Are we switching to WebExtension?
13:35sousmangoostawsmwk: it seems to be better in mom-central build
14:03wsmwkHightekDesigns: there is no switching. is it broken now?
14:04HightekDesignsno it is not. is there any documentation on the options?
14:04HightekDesignsI can use this?
14:08wsmwkFallen: ^
14:12HightekDesignsI got the options to show up, yay, but not sure how to call them into the overlay.js file so as execute the option. I think i need a listener. I'll do some trial and error. thanks wsmwk
14:35wsmwkFallen: any more l10n signoffs for 54.0b ?
14:35wsmwkbuild2 coming
14:38sousmangoostawsmwk: Ryan will take a look later today
14:39sousmangoostaon bug 1362611
14:39firebot FIXED, Thunderbird 54.0b1 build2: build step failed on win32
20:19jorgkaceman: Hi. Seems like no one wants to talk to me, so I'm going to wash dishes :-( - I didn't have a good day today with those Mozmill failures :-(
20:20Paenglabjorgk: But you fixed it. \o/
20:20jorgkWell, we'll see.
20:20jorgkIn fact, Marco had suggested the fix earlier on, but I didn't even understand his comment until later.
20:21jorgk!seen rkent
20:21firebotrkent was last seen 11 days and 19 minutes ago, saying 'jorgk: not sure, I have things to do before I leave for the prison. Is this needed for a 52 release?' in #maildev.
20:21acemanwe can't talk to you because you are too fast ;)
20:21jorgkThey incarcerated Kent.
20:22acemanthat can't be correct, I talked to him recently
20:22jorgkMore than 11 days and 19 minutes ago.
20:23acemanI don't think so
20:23jorgkSo you're saying that the computer lies "!seen rkent"?
20:24acemanfirebox may have been absent from the channel and missed kent
20:24acemane.g. I see rkent on the channel on 11th May
20:24acemanin the log
20:25firebotsalut aceman
20:26jcranmerfirebot goes by when people speak, not when they show up in the channel
20:26firebotjcranmer: Sorry, I've no idea what 'goes by when people speak, not when they show up in the channel' might be.
20:27jcranmerwell, also when they change usernames
20:28jorgkaceman: I looked at the log and rkent was last seen on 7th May. 11 days ago.
20:29jorgkaceman: Nothing on 11th May.
20:29acemanjcranmer: that is possible
20:29acemanI talked to him privately
20:30jorgkaceman: What can I say.
20:31jcranmeryou can say that LLVM now has a full-fledged fortran frontend
20:31jcranmerwhich I may or may not have been playing with all day...
20:36acemanjcranmer: we talked about the parsing of mailing list in compose. Can you confirm the fix in bug 1362130 please?
20:36firebot ASSIGNED, Cannot send message to mailing list when mailing list is added via contacts sidebar and contains cer
20:38sancusis rkent dead
20:42jorgkJoshua's doing a review, hey, that's news \o/ !!
20:54JoeS1jorgk: That youtube worked for me on yhe 54 beta and 52.1.1 Funny thing is...I never knowingly installed the plugin on my test system
20:55* JoeS1 self installind on demand :)
21:04jorgkJoeS1: I'm not here ;-)
21:05jorgklet me see again.
21:09jorgkJoeS1: Well, in 52 I get a white square and if I set mailnews.message_display.allow_plugins, I get a grey square. But nothing ever plays.
21:11JoeS1jorgk: Maybe it is a blocked domain for you, it's kinda funny try opening the link in FF
21:11jorgkJoeS1: Oh, now it plays.
21:11JoeS1jorgk: I nominate him to be our spokesperson, what do you think
21:11jorgkSO yes, after removing that option, it won't allow plugins and wont play anymore.
21:13JoeS1jorgk: Not a big audience for that stuff, but can be fun
22:49sousmangoostawsmwk: the new beta build is ok
22:53JoeS1sousmangoosta: are you asking or telling..lgtm
22:54sousmangoostaI'm telling it's ok for sure
22:55JoeS1sousmangoosta: thanks to you
22:57sousmangoostano pb JoeS1
23:00arshadhi i was tryign to add bouncer to my irc client and I am nearly done with all the things but when I try to open then the webadmin panel of znc bouncer doesnn't open.. While setting up conf I bound host with my hostname and chose 6000 as my port.. any idea how to get it working?
23:02arshadip corresponding to my host name is , I am also a bit unsure what exactly server_ip is meant in context of bouncer?
19 May 2017
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