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18 Mar 2017
00:26ewongwith 1346129 fixed, is the TB's 52.0 source step good to go?
01:10JoeS1ewong: Don't know. Our last shot at a 52 build was March 9th without a source folder. For now we are blocked by l10n problems
01:10ewongJoeS1: l10n problems? do you have a bug?
01:11JoeS1 Bug 1346020
01:11firebot ASSIGNED, Thunderbird 52.0 repacks failing
01:13ewongah.. will have a look at it
02:20ewongFallen|pto: re: ?
02:20firebotBug 1346020 ASSIGNED, Thunderbird 52.0 repacks failing
02:24Fallen|ptoewong: Can you elaborate why in the bug? I'm about to crash
02:38ewongFallen|pto: ok
12:17wsmwkewong|away: yeah, 1346020 blocks
12:18wsmwkccing callek
17:21Fallen|ptobug of the day to follow: bug 1347507
17:21firebot NEW, Stuff we can remove when XPCOM extensions are no longer supported
18:00PaenglabFallen|pto: Only as info. I have webExtension themes working in TB.
18:01Fallen|ptoPaenglab: ooh nice
18:01Fallen|ptoeverything is working without bugs?
18:01Fallen|ptowe have a content policy that blocks moz-extension:// so I thought there may be issues with themes if that protocol is used there.
18:04PaenglabIt need to be loaded over about:debugging like in FX. But then it works.
18:08Fallen|ptoPaenglab: awesome. Do you have a test theme for me?
18:11PaenglabFallen|pto: In bug 1345958 is a theme which works in FX and TB. It's only a quickly made one with PNG icons instead SVG, but for tests it works.
18:11firebot ASSIGNED, Port bug 1343921 to TB [Implement support for custom icons through the Theming API]
18:11PaenglabIn future they want only allow SVG.
18:15jorgkaceman: hi
18:15jorgkdo you have anything to land, otherwise I'll land that .h removal.
18:16acemannothing I know of
18:16jorgkOK, I'll land that since there's been an M-C merge with 106 changeset.
18:21jorgkI gotta reboot. I built TB before and everything was running, and now it doesn't start any more with the weirdest of errors.
19:58jorgkaceman: Hi again, thanks for CC'ing me on bug 1347507. They're ripping out a whole lot of stuff. That's worrying.
19:58firebot NEW, Stuff we can remove when XPCOM extensions are no longer supported
19:59acemanFallen found out
20:00Fallen|ptothey will be, given 57 throws out a whole category of extension points where Firefox does not need to be backwards compatible. I think we've kind of known this would happen since WebExtensions were announced, but this meta bug is certainly making it more real.
20:27jorgkaceman: Fallen|pto: Well, TB is just a gigantic add-on, so if they kill some of the interfaces we use, we're in trouble.
20:28acemanbut there may be replacement APIs
20:28acemanor we have to drop some features :(
20:29jorgklike sending e-mail?
20:30jorgkusually, if they drop something, we need to fork that code. Just a little hard if it sits, say, in netwerk or so.
20:31jorgkaceman: Did you look at all the stuff they're going to remove?
20:31jorgkSo how much of that do we use?
20:38acemanyes, there are multiple hits
20:39acemanbut I didn't check what features those are
20:40jorgkmultiple hits, but on which of the things they're going to remove.
20:41jorgkI got CC'ed on three bugs.
20:41jorgkbug 1347877
20:41firebot NEW, Remove nsIScriptableUnicodeConverter
20:41jorgkbug 1347887
20:41firebot NEW, Remove nsIConverterInputStream
20:41jorgkbug 1348485
20:41firebot NEW, Deprecate nsIScriptableInputStream and nsIStringInputStream
20:42jorgkin the last two you commented that we use that stuff.
20:42jorgkIn the first one you didn't.
20:42jorgksorry, you commented on all three.
20:43jorgkwe use these three.
20:43jorgkWhat about the others they're going to remove?
20:43jorgkWe don't use them?
20:49acemanI think we don't
20:49acemanI skipped the ConverterOutputStream so I'll check it now
19 Mar 2017
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