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17 May 2017
07:39buovjagaBenB: echoing Mike from 11 years ago: "any reason to leave this old bug open?"
07:39firebotBug 39402 NEW, Use Unicode fonts
08:38nONo|DodObuovjaga: i guess not, it's resolved won't fix now
08:40buovjagasince I started in April, I have closed 50 oldies
08:52nONo|DodOa couple of months ago i also started looking into old unconfirmed tb and malinews core bugs, but it's not going fast
08:53buovjagaI hope the smell of garbage is reduced and devs have a more enjoyable time working in BZ :P
09:58wsmwkanother linux mint issue
09:59buovjagaa couple of days ago I tried installing Mint 18.1 in a VM, but the installer crashed
10:01buovjagait seems the newest gtk3 version available in Mint 17.3 is 3.10.8
10:55Fallenbuovjaga: did you see ?
10:56buovjagaFallen: I think this is the first time I have seen the triage center
10:56FallenI only found out about it recently myself :)
10:56FallenI have calendar down to 44/80/14/2/2
10:58buovjagathinking about the ease of discovering how to contribute.. I guess you should somehow be able to hijack the various navigation elements in to lead users on a clear path to contributing
11:02buovjagaone new idea I have yet to try is to have some sort of "volunteer job board" clearly showing the number of volunteers needed to make some work sustainable
11:03buovjagalike "10 bug triagers needed" and maybe skill levels, ordinary/guru or more shades, if you want to go more detailed
11:03buovjagakey would, of course, be that the thing is updated
12:34Fallenthat is mostly the problem. I wish we had something as extensive as for Thunderbird
12:35Fallenall we have it this:
12:41sousmangoostaFallen : wsmwk : who should I ask to land bug 1362611 ?
12:41firebot NEW, Thunderbird 54.0b1 build2: build step failed on win32
12:42Fallensousmangoosta: as it has r+, you can just push it to mozilla-inbound
12:49sousmangoostaFallen : Do I need to clone inbound before pushing into ? or moz-central is ok ?
12:50Fallensousmangoosta: you need to clone it, but you can hg clone mozilla-central mozilla-inbound; then change the paths in .hgrc, then pull from inbound
12:50sousmangoostahum ok thx u
12:50FallenI can push it for you if you prefer
12:51sousmangoostayes, I do :)
12:51sousmangoostaI don't know if I have access to inbound to
12:51Fallenif you still have l3 then you do :)
12:52sousmangoostanop I have l1
12:52Fallenok, I'll take care
12:55Fallendone. A sheriff will merge it to comm-central once builds are green on inbound
12:55Fallenerr mozilla-central
13:06JoeSFallen: Does that apply to Beta builds as well
13:07FallenJoeS: yes. We'll have to wait until it landed on central before we can request uplifts
13:26wsmwksousmangoosta: Fallen thanks
13:26sousmangoostau welcome
13:26wsmwkFallen: so it will be available tomorrow for building?
13:26Fallenwsmwk: if they approve uplift quick enough, yes :)
18 May 2017
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