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17 Mar 2017
10:39marcoagpintohey hey
10:39marcoagpintocongratulations to the winners!
13:13nONo|Workcongratulations to the new board members
14:37WaltS48adding my congratulations to the new board members!
16:37Tonneswhen can we expect tb 53a builds to update to 54a (mar issue?) by itself?
16:38Tonnesand, anyone planning to pick up the SM build issue reported in bug 1322344 ?
16:38firebot NEW, comm-central-l10n and comm-aurora-l10n builds are not updated after the s3 migration: 'configure don
17:20wsmwkhi kkus:
17:21kkushi ws
17:21kkushow're you?
17:36wsmwkkkus: it's friday !
17:36kkusso it is
17:37kkusit is 6:36PM UTC, do you know where your money is?
17:37kkusactually it is 5:37
17:37kkusmy cock's all messed up
17:37kkussigh clock
18:28wsmwkFallen|pto: if I bother glandium about the buildbot patch review are u available to do the checkin?
18:31* wsmwk didn't realize he's a tokyo guy
18:40Fallen|ptowsmwk: not instantly, but I should be able to find time in the evening
21:05wsmwkFallen|pto: I gently pinged him so he understands we are blocked
21:05wsmwkto build
21:05wsmwkperhaps we'll know monday :)
22:03acemancan anybody run mozmill locally on OS X?
22:27* JoeS1 Thinks Aceman needs a Council (donation) provided Mac Mini
22:29JoeS1rkent: Hopefully these thing may happen sometime
22:30rkentJoeS1: the plan is in place. aceman are you waiting for anything?
22:31acemanJoeS1: no, I don't want a Mac ;)
22:33JoeS1aceman: Yeah, would be hard for me to change as well, might be necessary
22:34JoeS1aceman: But would give you a look from the other side, and a means of testing
22:35acemanrkent: I know there is a plan, but I haven't received any official reply to my email, stating the implementation of the plan. Anyway, I'm not in a hurry so I am waiting ;)
22:38rkentaceman: I've been working the last couple of days of making the core contributors more visible, as a prelude to a clearer description of the plan. You could proceed if you want, but it might be better to wait. Actually I would love to have a test case that is low urgency that I could put before MoFo to make sure there are no glitches.
22:39acemanthanks, no problem
18 Mar 2017
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