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17 Jul 2017
14:37nONo|DodOwsmwk: what's wrong with the regressionwindow in bug 1380797?
14:37firebot NEW, "Copy text to clipboard" in Troubleshooting Info does not honor "Include account names" checkbox
16:34timelesshello jcranmer
16:41tomprinceGood morning.
16:46wsmwktomprince: morning
16:46* wsmwk oh
16:49wsmwktomprince: I was trying to remember what I wanted to mention ... and unbelievably I remembered ... not your area exactly but since your are often in touch with these people, if you could help shepherd bug 1366893 to completion that would be great.
16:49firebot NEW, Migrate aurora users to Beta channel for Thunderbird
16:50wsmwktimeless: how can we help regarding ?
16:51timelesswsmwk: the `if on 10.5` bit doesn't make sense
16:51timelesswhat's it trying to say?
16:51timelessi think if you added a `:` after `line to`, that'd have helped me figure out what you were trying to say
16:54tomprincewsmwk: How high of a priority is that partial.mar thing? I think waiting for TC is probably the best bet there.
16:54timelessbeyond that. i can't figure out how to get nspr logging to work
16:54timelessi tried a couple of times and didn't actually get anything :-(
16:54wsmwktomprince: it's been forever :) so not high
16:54tomprincewsmwk: Feel free to CC me on any build/release stuff.
16:55timelessthankfully i eventually got things fixed (my dovecot server config upgraded and blew away all the important bits, which is what i was trying to debug)
16:56wsmwktimeless: the usual mac suspects are not here
16:56timelesswsmwk: i won't have any time to talk to people about it this week
16:56timelessbut maybe next week i can give a dump of all the pain i hit
16:57wsmwkarai: ^^ regarding logging
16:58wsmwkthat wording is strange
17:00wsmwkphlixi: are you Mac?
17:07zeeHey Mozilla getting a cross over custom installer image which shouldn't be thr...i changed the firefox.icns and got this... any ideas how to fix it?
17:12phlixiwsmwk win10 and sailfish
17:12wsmwkphlixi: thanks. i'm surprised you are not in my addressbook
17:13phlixiwsmwk i asume you confuise me with someone else... i am just lurking here and on #thunderbird, and every few months i rant a bit
17:14wsmwkphlixi: ISTR you helping ppl in #thunderbird
17:14wsmwkso yes
17:26timelessphlixi: sailfish? wow
17:26phlixiof course not with tunderbird :D
18:16* WaltS48 thinks he found the cause of his crashes using Daily. Still testing my production profile. A new install and profile works perfectly in my test user account.
18:18WaltS48Running my production profile from a terminal. I noticed these messages.
18:18WaltS481500313723072 addons.xpi WARN Add-on is not compatible with application version.
18:18WaltS481500313723096 addons.xpi WARN Add-on is not compatible with application version.
18:19WaltS48It was disabled. I removed it and haven't had a crash since. Keeping my fingers crossed.
18:22PaenglabWaltS48: When it was disabled it shouldn't cause a crash. Here is a updated version with new icons (not finished):
18:26WaltS48Paenglab: I'll try it with the test user account version I have been experimenting with. From the crash signature I suspect an extension being the cause.
18:33wsmwkWaltS48: Paenglab that is currently #2 crash for nightly
18:33WaltS48I only have Lightning, Nightly Tester Tools and Emoji installed in my test versions profile.
18:34WaltS48Same in this profile now.
18:35WaltS48I have started and quit this profile twice since removing the extension without the crash reporter deploying.
18:36PaenglabIs this today Daily? I thought I saw a check-in for a shutdown crash recently. It affected FX and TB.
18:36WaltS48and now I've probably jinxed it.
18:36WaltS48It been a few dailies for me.
18:37PaenglabAh, the check-in was Windows.
18:57WaltS48I'm going to install Monterail in my test profile and see what happens. If it doesn't crash Daily. I'll try my production profile.
19:10Tonnesshould the changes (remove 3 entries in from bug 1313659 be applied by localizers in beta too?
19:10firebot FIXED, Replace nsIScriptableDateFormat in editor/ and chat/
18 Jul 2017
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