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17 Apr 2017
03:35jcranmeraceman: je parle un peu de franais si vous avez besoin d'aide
11:03patclashaceman: 22:14 anybody alive and speaking French please?
11:03patclashyes I'm French and I see your request in the log ;)
11:11acemanhi, thanks
13:05wsmwkclokep_work: the big day is here!
13:06clokep_workwsmwk: Which day is that?
13:10wsmwkshoot - I wonder if all this nonsense involving new balrog update rules is going to make it harder to get 54 beta out the door.
13:10wsmwkreleng might be fighting fires
13:21mkaplyDo we have any contact at dropbox?
13:21mkaplySomething is going wrong with their CSP and it's breaking the dropbox filelink
13:37clokep_workmkaply: I don't recall having one, no. :(
16:14wsmwkclokep_work: oh, forgot it's tomorrow :(
16:15wsmwkno wonder i see no chatter
16:17acemanare they doing infra changes right on merge day?
16:24clokep_workwsmwk: btw
16:33acemaninteresting, I didn't know
16:39wsmwkclokep_work: yeah. we have a bunch of stuff to sort out
16:40wsmwkincluding, we need to sort it out enough to state something publicly ourselves
18 Apr 2017
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