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16 May 2017
09:15wsmwk!seen glandium
09:15firebotglandium was last seen 14 minutes and 8 seconds ago, saying '... except there is no -D_GNU_SOURCE on the command line, moron' in #memshrink.
09:54marcoagpintobuovjaga: !!!!!
09:54marcoagpintonow I see you in two places
09:54* buovjaga is ektoplazmik
12:28Fallenpro-tip of the day: mach show-log
13:54nONo|DodOTonnes: ik heb Edit SMTP vertaald met SMTP bewerken. maar Server bewerken zou misschien beter zijn?
13:55nONo|DodOOops... sorry, was meant for :-)
13:57Tonneswould prefer to see Edit SMTP Server there ;)
14:06Tonneswhy does the button need to be put on the right instead of below the drop-down, like the Edit Card button? This is causing l10n issues...
14:15Tonnesfrankly there is 2 issues IMO. 1 is the l10n - "Edit SMTP" is typically American, isn't really valid for other locales (compare with "Sync all" - the Sync word takes up more space in other locales, as well as locales taking up +30% space on average))
14:15Tonnes2 is that this would be the first occurrence in any moz program where a button is placed to a drop-down, I think
14:15Tonness/ next to a drop-down
14:16wsmwkaceman: ^
14:16wsmwkTonnes: ^
14:23Tonnes3) as this is about editng serverS, "SMTP" is confusing
14:29nONo|DodOit is only about editing the configured outgoing server (SMTP) for that account, so not plural
14:31TonnesOK, that leaves 2 :)
15:33acemanTonnes: gimme the bug :)
15:33Tonnesaceman: bug 599730 :)
15:33firebot FIXED, SMTP settings should be editable in account settings
15:34Tonnesmust admit, Jorg's screenshot is pretty narrow so the drop-down may be wider for most users, but still..
15:34WaltS48Did I make a mistake testing step 3? 3. Inability to load POP messages later (2): Configure a POP account to only receive messages under 50KB. Receive a message into the account which is larger, click onto the link in the message.
15:34acemanno, the new one with proposals how to make it localizer-happy ;)
15:34TonnesI don;t know of a new one
15:35Tonnes(it's not about l10n only)
15:36JoeSWaltS48: Sounds correct to me
15:36WaltS48I clicked the link and the message downloaded and completely displayed. David Ross is asking if bug 1361020 is really fixed in m.s.thunderbird
15:36firebot FIXED, Download rest of message not working after fetch headers only or partial download (do not download m
15:38WaltS48I'm about to respond and demand he become a tester. ;)
15:38acemanTonnes: so I count on you to create one and I implement it :)
15:40Tonnesaceman: not again please... I'd like to focus on things I'm working on and just report about bugs and lingering issues or ones caused by it in order to let their owners fix things
15:40Tonnesso I report here
15:41TonnesI'm getting al little tired of the mozilla way of handling bugs lately, which has been like "you report, so you fix yourself" for the past few years
15:41acemanso how is that relevant, when I offere you "you report, I fix" ?
15:42acemanI can't report it as I do not have a translated nightly to see the badness
15:42TonnesI filed enough bugs that could be handled within 10 minutes by their owners but are sitll unifixed and exist for 2 years, never getting fixed
15:42Tonnesok, me or onno will follow up in the bug
15:43Tonnes(pse don;t take this personal)
15:45acemanare any of those in TB?
15:50acemanin that case the owners may be long away
15:57acemanapart from 1195026 I see no trivial bug in TB/MN unless I've picked up a different Tonnes
15:59Tonnesbug 1193688is one
16:02acemanI bug with 3 items does not look to be a 10-minute fix. But I'm not the owner of that part so I abstain here. It falls into the 1st category (owner gone).
16:02Tonnesthat's not one that should take up 10 minutes allright :)
16:03Tonnesbut the lack of action for some bugs is somethimes annoying
16:03acemanthat;s surely true
16:03TonnesInstant folks refuse to change a simple font causing issues on the majority of OSes for instance
16:04Tonnes..bird ^
16:04Tonnes10 minutes and I should fork ad debug myslef and all
16:04Tonnessame for some otehr fonts for FF
16:05Tonnesbut now I;m drifting
16:20acemando you have a SMTP server where you could test the 5.7.0/1 error codes?
17:22PaenglabTonnes: When you file the "Edit SMTP" bug, I'll promise to fix it. :)
17:39TonnesPaenglab: will see, either me or Onno will do, thanks
17:40PaenglabTonnes: CC me so I don't miss the bug.
18:15acemanTonnes: yes
18:34Tonnesaceman: err... for the Watch Thread bug or..?
18:35acemanTonnes: the error message when gettin 5.7.1 error from SMTP
18:35Tonneswhat bug/issue?
18:39TonnesI think the issue is, they get the line in while nothing is wrong with the recipient;s address. Instead it's their SMTP set up wrong or i.o.w. the SMTP server doesn't accept the sender address - probably familiar to you
18:40Tonnes(either because of some identity or SMTP server issue that the user is responsible for, or some changes at their ISP)
18:40acemanyes, I understand that
18:40acemanI ask if you have a setup to test that
18:40Tonnesno I haven;t
18:41Tonnesi think this came from a support question on a local forum
18:41Tonnesnever experienced it myself
18:42Tonnesnot sure if I actually can test/reproduce since my SMTP server accepts e.g. a gmail address
18:43Tonnes(a drawback of not running into issues when things are just working :) )
18:48Tonnes - "554 5.7.1" has 4 causes...
18:53acemanit seems each server has its own texts for those error codes, but mostly they are around the same reason
18:53acemanI think about adding a new TB string, not modifying the "check recipient" string
18:58Tonneswhatever is required.. :) my experience is that users only check the recipient and don't get the issue, and it;s a bit weird to explain that TB isn't quite right, so to speak
19:15Fallenwhere are the notes?
19:18aceman ?
17 May 2017
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