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16 Mar 2017
15:17nONo|Workhow's 52 going? i don't see a rc yet, so is there a planned date for the release?
15:24marcoagpintoHow is 52 going? I haven't seen a RC yet, is there any planned date for the release?
15:27nONo|Worki c that u understood what i said :-P
15:40wsmwkno date
16:40Fallen|ptoI got WebExtensions to run in Thunderbird. Now we can start making cool things.
16:40Fallen|ptobackground page is loading fine and can do simple API calls. Need to write some wrapper code for browser actions and friends
17:22wsmwkFallen|pto: i'm planning to do 53.0b1 this afternoon. I'll run with the current l10n unless you have an urgent need to update it?
17:29* wsmwk bbiab
17:50Fallen|ptowsmwk: i can do signoffs in about 30 if that wfy
18:00wsmwkFallen|pto: wfm
18:01wsmwkis there a linux module listed in a crash dump whose name I could use to determine if user is running 32bit or 64bit?
18:03wsmwkeg debian
18:05wsmwkperhaps nm. platform version facet shows all none release crashes being x86_64
18:15wsmwklooks like not a single 32bit linux crash dump in a one month period
18:19Fallen|ptowsmwk: sign-offs are done
18:22wsmwkFallen|pto: thanks. no other steps needed like we had for 52.0?
18:23* wsmwk sorry for dumb queestions
18:23Fallen|ptowsmwk: no worries. You mean those post-merge issues with changesets missing?
18:23wsmwkFallen|pto: yes exactly
18:24wsmwkI'd imagine there is no such issue with beta
18:24Fallen|ptoyeah, no such issues, this will only potentially be the case for a release build
18:25* wsmwk onward!
18:26wsmwkFallen|pto: fwiw ship-it now fills it in automatically. (but I still check it against
18:27Fallen|ptoawesome! If ship-it has been doing a good job you should be fine relying on that :)
20:56jorgkPaenglab: Richard, I have a patch to land now, OK?
20:56Paenglabjorgk: Okay
20:57jorgkwe keep your preference removal for later.
20:58PaenglabNp, it's not a important patch.
21:17JoeS1jorgk: Would you mind addressing the rabble rousers here, as I think your paragraph mode changes and others has alleviated that problem Bug 677046
21:17firebot DUPLICATE, Thunderbird Changes Font Size While Typing
21:17jorgkJoeS1: one sec.
21:24jorgkJoeS1: Sorry, I have no time right now. This is an old problem. Also, paragraph mode has been around for years, only it wasn't the default.
21:25JoeS1jorgk: Ok I'll see what I can do with them
21:25jorgkYou can't do anything, it's an old editor bug.
21:25jorgkI haven't noticed it, so I haven't fixed it either.
21:26jorgkI just saw that reported today.
21:27JoeS1jorgk: It's a matter of avoiding certain behaviors. Workaround abound
21:32jorgkJoeS1: I commented. Please move discussion to bug 1347847
21:32firebot NEW, Font size and style changes without request
21:33jorgkNo point in discussing in a closed bug.
21:33JoeS1jorgk: OK
21:33jorgkThere is a problem, but Core::Editor don't fix many problems these days and I have other fires to look after. The biggest one right now is to get packed since I'm travelling tomorrow.
21:34jorgkAlso, when you follow the chain of duplicates, you come to bug 250539
21:34firebot FIXED, New paragraph (e.g. list) clears formatting, does not respect font prefs for HTML messages
21:34jorgkand there you want to read the last comment referring to bug 756984.
21:34firebot FIXED, Changing location in editor doesn't preserve the font when returning to end of text/line
21:35JoeS1jorgk: the problem at hand is allways the biggest problem..Good luck
21:35jorgkAnd that bug I fixed two years ago, since it really annoyed me.
21:35jorgkLosing font at the end of the line. My first M-C bug.
21:35jorgkBut the new complaints are about cut/paste.
21:36jorgkThat's not such a frequent operation as positioning.
21:36jorgkAnyway, gotta go.
21:37jorgkBye. Tomorrow I'll be in Spain.
21:42acemanPaenglab: hi, I think my status bar is still broken with the LW theme
21:42acemanon current trunk
21:43PaenglabHow is it broken?
21:45* JoeS1 Man do I wish i was packing for Spain, I loved barcelona :)
21:45acemanPaenglab: it is a single color
21:45acemanI would expect the background image from the theme
21:45acemanPaenglab: is there a known-good theme on AMO I could test on?
21:47Fallen|ptofirebot: seen aleth
21:47firebotaleth was last seen 8 days and 6 hours ago, saying 'osarrat: You could try asking rkent or mconley who (unlike me) know the contact code' in #maildev.
21:47Fallen|pto(sorry for the unintended pinging)
21:49Paenglabaceman: This LW-theme adds also a image in statusbar:
21:49PaenglabNot that I say it's a good LW-theme.
21:50rkentFallen|pto: SInce you got my attention, do you have any idea where xpcshell.exe comes from in builds done by automation? If I build locally I have it, but there must be some way to download it from stock builds
21:50Fallen|ptorkent: yes, it is in one of the packaged tests zips
21:50Fallen|ptolet me check
21:51Fallen|ptorkent: should have it
21:51* rkent is hoping to setup an offline environment so that my prison students can do test development
21:52acemanPaenglab: playing with the theme almost always crashes TB
21:52Paenglabaceman: this theme?
21:53acemanI clicked Add and it crashes
21:53acemanI'll see if it even got installed
21:54rkentFallen|pto: OK thanks. I'd tried about 5 other candidate files and could not find it!
21:54acemanPaenglab: ok, it did install, but addon manager shows it is not enabled, but the UI shows a mix of the new and old theme
21:55acemanPaenglab: ok, now I enabled it and restarted. The toolbars have the new theme, the status bar lost the color of the old theme and is now complete white
21:57Paenglabaceman: That's strange. Bug 1344570 is applied?
21:57firebot FIXED, Port bug 1344307 to TB [Clean up lightweight theme footer handling]
21:57PaenglabNaturally the m-c bug too?
21:58acemanit should, I am updated
21:59acemanyes, the code is there, no lines lightweightthemesfooter="status-bar"
22:00PaenglabChecked now on Linux. Yes, the image isn't applied.
22:05nONoNonOhmz... my chat doesn't work in tb54
22:08Paenglabaceman: m-c has no rule on Linux for lw-themes:
22:08acemanthose ...
22:10acemandid they remove it by mistake? It worked in the past
22:10acemanI still see statusbar correctly in Tb45
22:15PaenglabYep, I could add it in messenger.css. FX has no statusbar. Maybe they don't care.
22:16Paenglabaceman: Do you want to file a bug? I'll go to bed now.
22:17acemanbut they have the rule for Win/OSX so those ones are leftovers?
22:17acemanyes I can file the bug
22:18PaenglabYou can file it on toolkit.
17 Mar 2017
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