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16 Apr 2017
15:34acemanjcranmer: can you please check bug 1356245
15:34firebot ASSIGNED, image restored broken from draft or template when file extension is missing
15:41marcoagpintoaceman: :)
15:58jcranmerugh, people who hard code ccache into their makefiles
19:08acemanwsmwk: hi, do youtube videos work for you fullscreen?
19:54acemanjcranmer: that's is a very strange answer to me :)
21:20JoeSaceman: are you talking about youtube in TB No clicking on the fullsceen icon does nothing for me
21:25acemanJoeS: no, Firefox
21:26acemanJoeS: Firefox 52 with multi-process enabled
21:26JoeSOh don't have multi process but regular ff fullscreen is fine
21:27acemanJoeS: how do you know?
21:30JoeSaceman: I don't have anything special on my FF and facebook stuff goes fullscreen w no prob
21:31acemanif you don't have anything special, you should now get multi-process tabs by default. You can check in about:troubleshooting
22:14acemananybody alive and speaking French please?
17 Apr 2017
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