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15 May 2017
09:40marcoagpinto[10:33] <marcoagpinto> 17255) birthdate (+plural)
09:40marcoagpintothis word was missing in the speller
09:40marcoagpintoI became very shocked when I found it
10:20nONo|DodOwhy is bug 599730 Edit SMTP don&#39;t build?
10:20firebot FIXED, SMTP settings should be editable in account settings
10:21nONo|DodOmakes it hard to check localization
10:22Paenglab_worknONo|DodO: It will be in today Daily.
10:22nONo|DodOPaenglab_work: ta
10:23Paenglab_workBut Daily will have some visual issues. Bug 1364787 I&#39;m sure it&#39;s not only Windows.
10:23firebot NEW, Various visual glitches on Windows starting 2017-05-14
14:26wsmwkdoes bug 1364878 impact us?
14:26firebot NEW, All extensions are force enabled and marked as disabled in about:addons & about:support in Mozilla F
14:30WaltS48wsmwk: It appears it does. I just checked Add-ons manager and all of my extensions are disabled, but are working. Troublshooting Information doesn&#39;t load
14:30WaltS48The tab just says Loading...
14:31WaltS48Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:55.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/55.0a1 ID:20170515030207 CSet: b10f2ed8847b56530c57eeea838492aaaf88db51
14:36WaltS48Going to Enable the extensions, restart and see if Troubleshooting Information loads. bbiab
14:40WaltS48Well, that didn&#39;t help Troubleshooting Information, and now I see bug 1364787
14:40firebot NEW, Various visual glitches on Windows starting 2017-05-14
14:42nONo|DodOdrad... do i need to upgrade to latest nightly to get Edit SMTP, but then my add-ons no longer work
14:42nONo|DodOfortunately autoupdate of nighlty always fails for me, lately... not sure why, maybe because of 64bit build
14:43WaltS48nONo|DodO: My add-ons work even though they say disabled.
14:43nONo|DodOWaltS48: k, ta... so maybe i *can* upgrade, as long as i don&#39;t mess with add-on status
14:44WaltS48They disabled updates to Firefox Nightly because of that bug. FYI
14:45WaltS48But if you really need to Edit SMTP. Go for it!
14:46nONo|DodOi think i can find Edit SMTP via Outgoing servers, just need to test the string for localizing
14:46nONo|DodOBut it will prolly fit, because Edit Card is diretcly above it and I can verify that the accesskey isn&#39;t used too
14:47WaltS48IF you update you may have squared tabs. I do. :(
14:47nONo|DodOhmz... did you set xp compatibility mode?
14:48nONo|DodOi did it the other day to verify add-on theming under xp and also got very strange tabs
14:48WaltS48I&#39;m on Linux
14:48WaltS48Hmmm, I noticed the Monterail theme is disabled. Been using that.
14:49WaltS48Restarting again. bbiab
14:49nONo|DodOWaltS48: all your add-ons look disabled, so monterail too
14:49nONo|DodOanyway, time to go home
14:50WaltS48It was the only one not working, ad now I have my curved tabs back. :)
14:52Fallenbug 1364878
14:52firebot NEW, All extensions are force enabled and marked as disabled in about:addons & about:support in Mozilla F
14:52Fallenoops sorry
14:53WaltS48All extensions, but not themes are force enabled and marked as disabled.
14:54WaltS48Troubleshooting Information doesn&#39;t load in my Daily on Linux, and I have square tabs with the Default theme.
14:55WaltS48in summary :)
15:51WaltS48Hey that&#39;s really cool! I removed an extension and it is still enabled and working.
17:11PaenglabBug 1364878 doesn&#39;t fix our issue for me.
17:11firebot NEW, All extensions are force enabled and marked as disabled in about:addons & about:support in Mozilla F
20:22acemanwsmwk: 52.1.1 out?
20:32Paenglabaceman: It updated here to 52.1.1. So it seems out.
20:45wsmwkaceman: yes
21:03nONoNonO is still showing 52.1.0
21:08sancus hasnt changed
21:30acemanyes, it updates to 52.1.1
21:33marcoagpintothere is a 52.1.1?
21:34marcoagpintoit is there
16 May 2017
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