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15 Apr 2017
08:31marcoagpintoTB 52 IS OUT!!!
08:33acemangood catch :)
08:33marcoagpintowell, last night it was still sating "welcome to daily"
08:33marcoagpintohaven't tested today
08:34jorgkaceman: Hi.
08:34marcoagpinto <- TB link in the top
08:34jorgkaceman: I&#39;m going to have some breakfast. Perhaps we can land the >500KB bug first and then rebase the rest, OK?
08:35marcoagpintojorgk: hi
08:35acemanjorgk: sure
08:35jorgkaceman: I&#39;m going to have some breakfast, can you add the 1) console log 2) #user 3) try/catch at other call sites?
08:36jorgkmarcoagpinto: No time to talk, fixing regressions in TB 52 that you didn&#39;t find :-((
08:36acemanjorgk: yes
08:36jorgkBack in 10 min.
08:36jorgkYou never added a background image: Doesn&#39;t work at all.
08:37jorgkYou never used images >500KB in your composition, also doesn&#39;t work.
08:37marcoagpintono, I never did that
08:37acemanjorgk: marcoagpinto couldn&#39;t catch some of them, his little Win 10 netbook wouldn&#39;t handle such images :-P
08:37jorgkno, Marco is a reasonable guy who doesn&#39;t all big images to e-mails.
08:38jorgkI&#39;ve been using this from whenever this landed and never saw a problem.
08:38acemanyes :)
08:38jorgkBut those user, sigh :-(
08:38marcoagpintoI noticed an issue replying to WeTransfer mails (background)
08:38marcoagpintobut I didn&#39;t think it was a major issue
08:39jorgkyes, that&#39;s part of it
08:39acemanjorgk: I cn imagine sending photos of several MBs, but those would be attachments, not having this problem
08:48marcoagpintoaceman: jorgk: a few days ago I sent an image with ~496K and I saw no issue
08:48marcoagpinto(in the body)
08:49acemanyou were lucky
08:49acemanthe breakage happens at ~550KB
08:54acemanI think you also need to save it as draft first and then reopen
08:54marcoagpintodamn... a couple of days ago I upgraded windows 10 in the 14&#39;&#39; netbook to build 15xxx and it damaged the trayicons :((((((((
08:55marcoagpintonow I have no touchpad icon
08:56marcoagpintoand there is no control panel in the start menu... I have to search for it in Cortana
08:57marcoagpintoand I installed yesterday Ubuntu 17.04 in VirtualBox and the internet doesn&#39; work :(
08:58marcoagpintoit says &quot;connected&quot; but it doesn&#39;t work
09:01acemaneverything must go through Cortana so that MS can spy on you
09:01sancusiimages of >500KB size are pretty common these days since a lot of people just send whatever their smartphone takes
09:01sancuswhich is usually 1.5-3MB
09:02acemansancus: but we mean embedded images as <img> in html email, not attachments
09:03sancushow do you even get those into thunderbird
09:03sancusdoes insert image do that
09:03sancusyeah, looks like it probably does?
09:04sancusThere&#39;s a non-checked by default checkbox for attach image to email
09:07sancusdamn that is weird as hell lol
09:07acemanthere is a button on the HTML formatting toolbar in msg composition
09:08sancusya it brings up the insert image dialogue
09:08sancuswhich lets you insert an embedded image that isn&#39;t an attachment
09:08sancusStill tho, doesn&#39;t change the fact that most images people take these days will be way bigger than 500KB unless they intentionally open them in editors and size them down
09:09sancuswhich most wont bother to do
09:09sancusso when they click that button, yep
09:09sancusthey&#39;re probably adding a big image!
09:11acemanyes, it is a problem
09:11acemansome people would just dump the photos as attachments
09:11acemanbut surely some would insert them into the composition, maybe e.g. to get some specific ordering
09:11marcoagpintoI was lucky with my images
09:22jorgkaceman: I still haven&#39;t eaten my breakfast. We can now move to the other bugs, four to go, I think three with potential for r+ now ;-) (when extension missing, restore background, shorten URI). Which then leaved the file link icons.
09:56jorgkaceman: So I leave the order to proceed in to you. As far as I&#39;m concerned, those four bugs are more or less ready to go.
11:42wsmwkaceman: quite a laundry list you and jorgk are developing
11:44acemanthat&#39;s what you get from security fixes :)
11:47acemanjorgk said there is branching in 3 days. Is it for Firefox or do we also want to make 52.0.1 at that time?
11:49acemanwsmwk: ^
11:49wsmwk52.0.1 is out yesterday - I will be emailing about it shortly
11:50wsmwkI plan to wait for 52.1.0 until we have fixes for the worst bugs - maybe 2-4 weeks (but hopefully ~2)
11:51acemanso what is 52.0.1 then?
11:51wsmwkwhy email? or why 52.0.1?
11:51acemanis that a quick fix release in the middle of the cycle?
11:52wsmwkyes, quick fix. but not security. the goal of 52.0.1 is to pick up the blocklist patch against Mcafee addon which is causing many crashes.
11:52acemanah, ok
11:52acemanso now we do the fixes for the 52.1
11:53wsmwkand we also picked up the only patch we had for a major regression,
12:09wsmwkaceman: it is also possible we could do a 52.1.0 at +1 week and then a 52.1.1 at +3 weeks
12:09wsmwkbecause you are finding some pretty bad bugs
12:10acemanyes, that would be great
12:11acemancan you find some testers next week to hammer on the image composition?
12:11acemanthen we could uplift the fixes and release quickly
12:15wsmwkI think the path there is once you have a try build, unleash it on ishakawa - he&#39;s very good at finding all the dirty edges of things, like you and jorgk
12:16acemanthere will be nightlies with it
12:16acemanwe push it to trunk normally I just discuss when to uplift it and release it
12:17wsmwkafter him, then increase testing using bug reporters who are experiencing such problems, like the guy in bug 1356245) or post in tb-planning for volunteers
12:17firebot ASSIGNED, image restored broken from draft or template when file extension is missing
12:19acemanis update to 52.0 throttled?
12:20wsmwkyes. but users can choose to manually update, or install via DL
12:21wsmwkI wonder if bug 1356780 or others are bad enough that we should disable those too?
12:21firebot ASSIGNED, audit all uses of nsI*InputStream.readBytes(stream.available()) for potentially not reading all data
12:21wsmwki.e. pull 52.x
12:22* wsmwk that would be hard to do
12:23wsmwkaceman: do you know enough about bug 1322155 that you could add a description to user story so we know what that bug is about?
12:23firebot NEW, Meta-bug: The Thunderbird compose window is no longer an (app type) editor
12:24wsmwkwith references to the most important bug(s)
12:24acemanI don&#39;t know what it is about, seems to be Jorg&#39;s baby
12:25acemanbut I would guess it is about the fact that we started to process some of the data in the HTML message, e.g. the images stuff (change src from mailbox:// URIs, to data:, to cids: whenever TB feels like it)
12:25acemanso it is no longer a HTML editor in the sense that you have complete control over the HTML source
12:26acemanwhat you could e.g. expect from a real HTML editor app (like Composer, Kompozer, Nvu)
13:12acemanwsmwk: I&#39;ll see how severe 1356780 is when I start working on it. Depends on what kind of data we read and how bad a short read would be.
13:18wsmwkaceman: if a solid fix is near, it&#39;s severity could be a reason to NOT wait to do 52.1.0 and ship the fix asap
14:25jorgkaceman: Hi, I&#39;m back.
14:25jorgkaceman: Re the URL shortening, I sent v7.
14:25jorgkaceman: Would to like me to do part 2, tooltips, or will you do it?
14:30jorgkaceman: I&#39;ll do it.
15:16jorgkaceman: hi
15:16jorgkYou could still set aDialogField.value as the last line in shortenImageData(), ...
15:18jorgksee last comment of the bug.
15:18jorgkaDialogField.value = aImageData.replace(/^(data:.+;base64,)(.*)/i, ...
15:18jorgkand don&#39;t return anything. Do we need the return value?
15:21acemanI wondered if we need it
15:22acemanin my version the return value wasn&#39;t used but I left it in for future :)
15:22jorgklet me do yet another version ;-)
15:23acemanso what you propose should work too
15:27wsmwkjorgk: so, earlier I mentioned to aceman that I&#39;m essentially flexible about how we roll out 52.1.0 - if we have high value patches for things like dataloss bug 1356245 that can be quickly tested, I&#39;m open to doing 52.1.0 sooner rather than later
15:27firebot ASSIGNED, image restored broken from draft or template when file extension is missing
15:27acemanjorgk: you&#39;d be happy to know that for bug 1356780 I have already found another copy of bug 1356306, at
15:27firebot ASSIGNED, acelists audit all uses of nsI*InputStream.readBytes(stream.available()) for potentially not reading all data
15:27firebot FIXED, jorgk Large images (>500KB) inserted into draft get truncated when re-opeing draft
15:28wsmwkand we can still do lesser value patches in a follow up to 52.1.0
15:32jorgkaceman: I have a problem with the tooltip now.
15:32jorgkIt&#39;s set unconditionally even if nothing is shortened, in the TB 52 version.
15:33acemanI see
15:34acemanok, then drop setting it and I only add it in the other patch
15:35jorgkaceman: I don&#39;t get it.
15:35jorgkThe other patch doesn&#39;t work for TB 52.
15:36jorgksince the background strings don&#39;t have that string.
15:36jorgkThe function can return whether it was shortened or not. I&#39;ll do it.
15:55jorgkaceman: ready, can you look that over again. I&#39;m happy to land it and trigger a build.
15:58acemanwould you mind checking if dataPart.length is at least 35 bytes?
16:00jorgkOh, I see.
16:00jorgkWhat happens if it doesn&#39;t?
16:01acemanyou get negative length in the substr()
16:02acemansorry, it just occured to me
16:03* wsmwk run time
16:05acemanI think just check the length as first line of function(match, nonDataPart, dataPart) {
16:05acemanif it is smaller return dataPart and do nothing
16:06acemanI&#39;m now testing it in Gimp and I could create a 49 BYTE gif that could be used as a background pattern
16:07jorgk49 > 35 ;-)
16:07acemanyes :)
16:07acemanit is still 12x10px so some crazy soul could go lower ;)
16:07jorgkwhat does negative length in substr() do?
16:08acemanI don&#39;t know but I think we do not want to shorten anyway
16:22jorgkaceman: Can you check the patches now. Thanks.
16:22jorgkrkent: Hi, from what I gathered yesterday you won&#39;t have any time for reviews, right?
16:22rkentjorgk: Not this weekend.
16:25acemanjorgk: yes
16:33acemanjorgk: do you know that drag and drop of the shortened URL drops the shortened version?
16:33acemanthere could be a &#39;drag&#39; event you could catch, but of course for another bug ;)
16:34jorgkwell, at v9 + v5 it looks like another bug to me, too.
16:35jorgkso is this ready to land. I&#39;ve just backed out the latest T/D bug, the control+K thing with Gloda.
16:42jorgkaceman: ^^^^^ - please look at the patches. Do you know that there is another onCopyOrCut() function for inserting HMTL?
16:43jorgkIt&#39;s a bit different
16:43jorgkanyway, I&#39;m going to measure the kitchen now, so that will give you time to try v9/v5 and approve ... or disapprove :-(
16:44acemanI have approved already
16:44acemanbut if you need to rename your function, go for it :)
16:45acemanthe duplicate function names may clash
16:58jorgkwell, do they clash?
16:58jorgkwhere is that editorUtilities.js included?
16:59acemanin EdInsSrc.xul
17:02jorgkso therefore that clashes, right?
17:02wsmwkjorgk: someone in #thunderbird pointted out tiny typo in Background images not working an(d)
17:04jorgkwsmwk: Fixed.
17:04jorgkaceman: so therefore that clashes, right?
17:04acemanI haven&#39;t tried but I would guess so
17:04aceman2 file define the same function
17:04jorgkit works.
17:04acemanit may not report it but I think one of them wins
17:05jorgkI tried the HTML edit and that works, too.
17:05jorgkSo last one wins?
17:05acemanI think so
17:05acemanI think we should rename ours ot onCopyOrCutShortened
17:07jorgkOK, v10 + v6 :-(
17:08acemanchange it while pushing ;)
17:13jorgkOK, I&#39;ll do your if <= 35 return, too.
17:13jorgkare you looking into the file link icons now?
17:17acemanno, I need to run again
17:17acemanbut I&#39;ll do those next
17:18jorgkI thought you were at my disposition for 3 entire days ;-)
17:19acemanyou didn&#39;t read the email precisely ;)
17:22acemanyou can look at the IMAP stuff and I&#39;m with you tomorrow again :)
17:22jorgkaceman: I simply ignore the parts I don&#39;t like ;-)
17:22jorgkBye and thanks
17:22jorgkWhen will you be back?
17:24jorgkOK. We&#39;re down to 2 bugs, so I&#39;ll leave the icons to you and focus on IMAP now.
17:26acemanyes, thanks
22:04jorgkPaenglab: Hi, I&#39;m going to land your bug now.
22:04jorgkPort bug 1354020 to ZB [Use per-monitor v2 on Creators Update]
22:04firebot FIXED, Use per-monitor v2 on Creators Update
22:05jorgkWhy port to ZB??
22:06jorgkPaenglab: Is that a typo?
22:06Paenglabjorgk: TB is boring. ZB is new, fresh. :) a typo
22:11Paenglabjorgk: Thanks. I have a port of bug 1348069 and bug 1354785. What do you think, should we do this?
22:11firebot FIXED, aklotz Robustness against third-party tampering with MSAA registry settings
22:11firebot FIXED, VYV03354 Changing manifest files do not update embedded manifest in binary files
22:13jorgkPaenglab: Sorry, I don&#39;t really feel like looking at this now, I&#39;m working on something else and it&#39;s late.
22:13jorgkCan you remind me in an e-mail, and CC to FRG.
22:14Paenglabjorgk: Okay, I&#39;ll file a bug. Then we can decide in it.
22:16jorgkPaenglab: Good night.
22:17Paenglabjorgk: Good night!
23:00marcoagpintoFallen: ping
23:01marcoagpintojcranmer: ping
23:01marcoagpintowsmwk: ping
23:01marcoagpintocould someone update the topic?
23:02marcoagpinto|| 52.0.1/52.0b4 ||
16 Apr 2017
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